Casey Luft-Runner

Kathlyn Chua

Interview: Psychic Mediums Myths and Facts with Kathlyn Chua

When it comes to mediums, what's real and what’s a myth? We've interviewed a real medium to clear all of the misconceptions regarding mediums. Read what she had to say inside.
Many Tarot Cards

The Same Tarot Card Keeps Coming Up In My Readings. What Does It Mean?

Seeing the same Tarot card appearing time after time might seem like a a coincidence, but it's not! You are actually getting a sign. But what does that sign mean? Read this article and find out!
Love Crystal Ball with Tarot Cards

Can A Love Psychic Help You Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship?

It’s perfectly normal for a long-term relationship to begin to feel dull. Here’s how a love psychic can help.
Hand With Crystal Ball

Can Psychics Give Good Readings Over The Phone?

Are you wondering if a psychic can actually establish an energetic connection over the phone? Here’s how they do it!
Psychic Witch with a crystal ball

Psychic Readings: How Accurate Are They?

You may think that the accuracy of your psychic reading depends solely on your psychic reader. But you would be surprised to discover that it is also highly dependent on you. Read our full guide to learn how to do your psychic reading right!
Spiritual Advisors VS Psychics

Psychic Vs Spiritual Advisor: What’s the Difference?

Ever wondered what's the difference between a psychic reader and a spiritual advisor? Well, we've got the answer inside. Find out the difference between the two and choose the one that suits you best.
Tarot Cards VS Oracle Cards

The Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards

Oracle and Tarot Cards are often used by psychic readers. But what is the difference between them and which best suit your psychic reading?
Crystal Ball with A Question Mark Inside

Can I Go To A Psychic Just For Fun?

Some people go to a psychic when they’re having a dark night of the soul. Others go just for funsies. There’s room for all sorts.
Dreams - Magic Hands

What Do I Say To My Friends Who Are Skeptics About Psychic Reading?

You don’t have to cut people out just because they don’t believe the same things as you. Here’s how to keep your skeptic friends.
Moon Signs to Succeed In Love

Want To Succeed in Love? Check The Moon Signs!

Sometimes we second guess people because they don’t have a compatible sun sign. But moon signs tend to indicate real long term compatibility.
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