Mysticsense Review 2022 - Best Features and Prices?

Has unique search parameters that allow members to search for psychics by specialty, reading method and style.

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Mysticsense Full Pricing

  • Price ranges from $.99-$9.99/minute
  • Special offer: first 5 minutes free

Top Features

  • Call and chat psychics available
  • Browse by reading method
  • Choose by reading style
  • Refunds available

Mysticsense is a relatively new online psychic service for phone calls, text chat, and video calls with psychics.

Mysticsense employs hundreds of full time and part time psychics across the globe.

What sets Mysticsense apart is it allows members to find the perfect psychic through unique search parameters. Members can search for psychics by reading method, specialty, and reading style.

No matter what challenge you are currently facing, Mysticsense can connect you with a psychic to guide you through it.

  • Psychics available 24/7
  • Easy to sort by specialty
  • Wide variety of reading methods
  • Select a psychic by reading style
  • No mobile app
  • Can’t search for video chat
  • Not many psychics offer video chat
  • No option to leave messages for psychics

How Much Does Mysticsense Cost?

Mysticsense psychics are paid per minute. Rates are set by the psychics and range from $0.99-$9.99. Often psychics will charge more for video and phone calls than online chat. The minimum deposit value is $10.

Mysticsense Pricing

Mysticsense offers 5 minutes free after your first phone call or chat with a psychic. After you have completed your first phone call, chat, or video call with a psychic advisor of your choice, you will immediately have the first 5 minutes of that re-credited to your account. You will also receive an email confirming the recreditation. This promo is good for up to $10 credit on deposits of $10, and up to $15 credit on deposits of $15 or more.

Top Payment Methods

Mysticsense accepts all major debit/credit cards and PayPal.


If you are not satisfied with your psychic reading, Mysticsense offers time re-credited to the accounts of users. While it is rare, if your psychic reading is not up to standard, you are eligible to have up to 10 minutes re-credited to your account so you may speak with a different psychic. Re-credits must be requested within 48 hours. You may only ask for a re-credit for your last paid psychic reading. Users can only request one re-credit per month. After a re-credit, users may not go back to see the same psychic.

Mysticsense also offers users cash refunds on unused deposits within 48 hours of initial deposit. The deposit must be requested within 48 hours of deposit and entirely unused. Users may only request a cash refund once.

The Most Popular Readings Mysticsense Offers

  • Love psychics: No psychic reading service is complete without some excellent love psychics. Love psychics can help you find out if your partner is cheating, heal a broken heart, and help you find your soulmate. Mysticsense also has love psychics who specialize in LGBTQ relationships
  • Medium psychics: If a loved one has recently passed, you may desire the services of a psychic medium. A psychic medium is able to make contact with the dead. If you’re looking for a medium who can help you through grief, Mysticsense allows users to search for psychics who specialize in grief counseling
  • Career Psychics: Figuring out your career can be tough. A career psychic can help you know when to stick with your job, and when to make a big move. You can ask an astrologer to analyse your birth chart to see which careers would be best. You can even have a Mysticsense sense psychic gaze into their crystal ball to see your best career path
  • Energy Healers: Do you feel tired and you don’t know why? Do you feel unable to speak your truth? Are you just feeling in a general funk for no apparent reason? These could be indications of an energy blockage. An energy healer can feel your aura and chakras, and help you re-align them
  • Intuitive Psychics: Let’s say you have a burning desire to go to psychic, but you have no idea what to ask. An intuitive psychic is perfect for you. An intuitive psychic can give you a general reading and often pinpoint the reason you have come, even if it’s a mystery to you
Choose The Best Reading For You

Cool Tools and Features with Mysticsense

  • Access Psychics 24/7 - Mysticsense has qualified full time and part time psychics located all over the world. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can access a  psychic through Mysticsense
  • Search by specialty - you don’t just want any psychic, you want to find a psychic who’s familiar with your issue. Mysticsense provided users with an extensive list of specialties to browse. Specialties range from common topics such as “breakups and divorce,” to more quirky topics like “lost objects” and “pet psychics”
  • Search by reading style - are you looking for a psychic who’s more direct or more compassionate? With Mysticsense, you can search psychics by reading style. Mysticsense gives users options for reading style like compassionate, direct, wise, and more
  • Free daily horoscope - in addition to access to the hundreds of great psychics working with Mysticsense, users also get a free daily horoscope. What do the stars have to say about your day? Is it a good day to start something new or stick with the routine? Find out with Mysticsense’s free daily horoscope
  • Free articles - for those who wish to learn more or even develop their own psychic intuition, Mysticsense has articles all about the psychic arts. If you’re curious about any of the tools used by the psychics on Mysticsense, check out their blog for more information

How to Get Started with Mysticsense

  • Click the orange button in the top right corner labeled “Sign Up”.
  • Fill out the initial information of name, birthday, gender, and email.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with a four-digit code. Enter the 4-digit code.
  • Once you’ve entered the code to confirm your email, you will see an image that says “Thank you for Registering.” There will be a link that says “deposit.” Click the link.
  • Before you can make your first deposit, a window will pop up to verify your phone number. Enter your phone number and you will receive an SMS with a four digit code.
  • Once your phone number is verified, the screen will show you different amounts of credit to deposit.
  • Choose your deposit amount and method of payment. Minimum deposits are $10.
  • Select your preferred method of payment, debit/credit card or PayPal.
  • Choose a psychic and get started!
  • Automatically receive your 5 free minutes after your first amazing psychic reading.

Mysticsense Signup Form

How to Book a Reading?

Getting a reading on Mysticsense is simple. Once you verify your email, phone, and deposit funds, you can easily begin chatting with a psychic of your choice. There is no need to book anything in advance, Mysticsense makes it easy to search for psychics that are currently online.

Booking A Chat Reading

Search for a psychic that is currently online. If they offer chat readings, their profile will have a little orange icon with a chat bubble. The psychic’s rate for chat reading is listed under the icon. Please be aware that your account must be funded before you can make the call. If the chat bubble is grey, it means they are currently offline. If the psychic’s profile has a red dot, it means they are currently with a client.

Booking A Call Reading

After you have created and funded your account, you may now call a psychic. First, search for a psychic that is online. If they offer phone calls, you’ll see a green icon with a phone. The psychic’s rates for phone calls will be listed under the icon. If the icon is grey, it means the psychic is unavailable. If there is no phone icon, they do not take phone calls.

Booking A Video Reading

First, create and fund your account. You cannot contact a psychic without first funding your account. Search for psychics who are currently online. If a psychic offers video calls, you’ll see a little blue icon on their profile with a video camera. Their rates for video calls will appear under the icon. Please be aware that psychics often charge more for video calls than phone or chat.

How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic

Finding a Mysticsense psychic is almost too easy. There are so many psychics, it can cause a bit of analysis paralysis. For this reason, Mysticsense created extensive specialty filters.

Mysticsense Psychics & Filters

Let’s say you’re looking for a psychic to talk to you about a recently deceased pet. You can easily click “status,” and then tick the box that says “online.” Then click the little plus sign next to “Specialties,” there you can select certain topics like “pet psychics,” “grief counseling,” and “psychic medium.” This way, finding the perfect psychic on Mysticsense is easy!

Get to Know The Readers

Ok so finding a reader in your specialty is easy, but what if you have a preferred reading style? You can search for that too. Mysticsense users can search by reading style in addition to specialty. The makers of Mysticsense noticed that many users of psychic services were frustrated by their psychic’s reading style. Some people want a compassionate reading, while others want direct answers. To help members find a perfect psychic, all Mysticsense psychics list their reading style. Reading styles are compassionate, thoughtful, expressive, direct, and wise.

Once you’ve selected your preferred search terms, you can look at the psychics online and available for readings. Psychics List their main specialty, topics also covered, and reading methods, and reading style at the top of their profile. Under, you can read their “About Me,” to get a vibe for this psychic. If you want to check their reviews, click the tab next to “about me.”

How to Connect with a Reader

Connect with a reader instantly by phone call, chat, or video call. Please note that you must have at least $10 deposited in your account to be able to make a call. Your call will automatically end when the amount runs out so you do not get overcharged. If you wish to continue the call, you will get a little pop up window that allows you to top up credits.

If you find a psychic you really like, click the purple heart icon at the top right of the psychic’s profile to “add to favorites.” Favorite advisors can be accessed in the menu that drops down when you hover the cursor over your own name.

How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

Mysticsense members can leave feedback after they have completed their psychic reading.

To leave a review, hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner. A menu will pop up, click “Review Readings.” This will bring you to a page where you can post a review and see your reveiw history. You may leave a review once for each psychic.

If for any reason you need to change your review, please contact Mysticsense customer support. Please be aware that Mysticsense does not publish bad reviews of reading that go poorly due to technical issues or where customers are rude.

Is Mysticsense Legit?

Mysticsense makes it clear that they wish to be as transparent with services as possible. The only thing users pay for is per-minute psychic reading. There are no hidden fees. If you choose to use the Mysticsense phone service, they only charge your preloaded account, not your phone bill. Mysticsense makes an effort to prevent overspending and will not allow calls that exceed the pre-paid credit limit to continue.

Mysticsense also goes to great lengths to protect user data. Mysticsense uses a 256-bit data encryption system over a secure internet connection for all identifiable information. They do not store credit card or other payment information on their site.

What have Mysticsense users had to say about their platform?

According to TrustPilot, Mysticsense rates a 3.7 from 25 reviews. 80% of reviewers consider Mysticsense “excellent,” 8% consider it “poor,” and 12% consider it “bad.” Of the 5 negative reviews, 2 come from psychics who applied and did not get the job, and 1 complained about poor customer service. All negative reviews have been addressed by Mysticsense.

Looking through the 20 5-star reviews, customers mainly rave about the psychics they’ve found. They also like having the ability to search by reading style. Many express frustration with other psychic services about indirect and vague psychic readers.

Mysticsense Mobile App

Does Mysticsense have a downloadable Mobile App available?

No. Unfortunately, Mysticsense does not have a mobile app.

How to access help and support

Mysticsense makes accessing customer support easy! After you spend a minute on the website, a little icon with a person’s face will appear in the lower left corner. Click on the icon and fill out your name and email to begin chatting with a customer service specialist.

If you wish to reach out to customer support via email, go to the navigation bar and click “Help.” this will bring you to a page where you may send your message. This page also contains a link to access 24/7 chat support.

In addition, Mysticsense also provides members with an FAQ. There is also a page with general information provided.

Try Mysticsense Today!

Bottom Line

Mysticsense is an easy to use website for finding the right psychic for you. We are impressed by their expensive search features that allow members to search by specialty and reading style.

We also love Mysticsense’s first five minutes free promotion. Instead of having to jump through hoops to claim your promo, Mysticsense automatically re-credits five minutes to your account after you complete your first psychic reading.

The only downside we can find with Mysticsense is they do not have a mobile app, and they currently do not have a means to message psychics who are offline.

Overall, Mysticsense provides members with easy access to great psychics. They make it easy to find the perfect psychic for whatever issue you are currently facing. They also offer unique reading methods such as rune reading and crystal ball gazing.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Mysticsense and claim your free five minutes today!


Why choose Mysticsense?

Mysticsense provided users access to hundreds of part-time and full-time psychics. Users can access psychics 24/7 from the comfort of their homes. Mysticsense also has extensive search features, which makes finding the perfect psychic to aid in your particular struggle super easy. Life is already hard enough, getting the right advice should be easy. With Mysticsense, its a breeze.

Does Mysticsense offer money back?

While Mysticsense has a rigorous application method, not all psychics are a good fit for everyone. If you are not satisfied with your psychic reading, please contact Mysticsense customer support within 48 hours. You may be eligible to get up to 20 minutes of your last paid psychic call re-credited to your account. Users may not contact the same psychic advisor after requesting a refund.

First time users of Mysticsense get the first 5 minute of their first psychic call re-credited back to their account automatically.

How do I get my free first five minutes?

After you have created an account, deposited funds, selected a psychic, and completed your first call, the first minutes worth of credit will be automatically deposited back to your account. Please note that this is not an upfront credit. It functions more like a cashback credit as a bonus for completing your first call.

Can I contact a Mysticsense psychic directly?

To protect the identities of both users and psychic, Mysticsense does not allow psychic to collect or share personal information with users. Mysticsense psychics do not have access to users addresses, email, phone number, or any social media usernames. The only information they have is the name and birthday provided in your profile.

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