What’s The Science Behind Auras?

Casey Luft-Runner
Casey Luft-Runner
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Can I get a picture of my aura?

Auras are an especially fun part of psychic reading. Everyone wants to know what color their aura is. Is there a special camera that can see auras? Are they even real?

Yes, auras are real, and there are special cameras that can detect an aura. However, it’s much easier and cheaper to have a psychic read your aura.

Want to know more about auras? Let’s take a look.

What Is An Aura?

Your aura is the energetic field that surrounds you. Your body is full of electricity. Your brain and muscles use these electrical impulses to think and move. These electrical impulses also radiate outside your body. Psychics and special cameras can see this electrical energy field.

According to ancient Vedis medicine, the aura has seven layers. Each layer corresponds to a different aspect of health. Do bear in mind, “health” in this context means more than just the health of the body. The health of your aura is determined not only by your physical health. It is also affected by your mental and spiritual health.

What Do Aura Colors Mean?

Your aura comes in different colors. These colors come from your chakras, which are your centers of energy. Every auras contains all colors, but the main color of your aura is the color that is most prominent.

Different color auras have different energies. For example, people with pink auras tend to be romantic and bubbly, while folks with blue auras tend to be quiet and deep thinkers.

Not only do auras come in different colors, they also have levels of clarity. A clouded aura means you are expressing the negative aspects of the corresponding color. If you have a clouded blue aura, you probably need to think less and act more.

Can My Aura Color Change?

It absolutely can! The kind of energy you tap into changes the color of your aura. For example, people who get really into spirituality tend to get more purple in their aura. It is also not uncommon for people in a new relationship to have a pink aura, even if their aura is normally a different color.

For this reason, it’s best to not consider aura reading an “one and done” deal. It’s good to get an aura reading seasonally, so you can understand how your energy shifts with nature’s cycles.

What’s The Difference Between Auras And Vibes?

A lot of people talk about “vibes.” This is short for “vibrational energy,” which is what an aura is made of. Do you know how there are some people you just don’t like, even though there’s no apparent reason? You’re probably picking up on a very clouded aura.

On the other hand, you’ll find people with whom you automatically click with. These are people with compatible auras. If you both go to a psychic, you’ll find you either have the same or complimenting color auras.

An aura reading is like a psychic vibe check. A psychic will tell you what color your aura is, and how clear your aura is. If you find yourself putting people off without meaning to, a psychic can help improve the energy you put into the world.

Can A Special Camera Take A Picture Of My Aura?

Yes, that technology exists, it’s just hard to find and rather expensive. Christina Lonsdale of The Radiant Human Project has one of those special cameras. That said, it is much easier and more cost effective to simply speak to a psychic.

There are thousands of psychics who can remotely see your aura. Some prefer to see a picture of the subject. However, many psychics can clairvoyantly see your aura through the phone or via chat. When you look for a psychic reading online, you can easily find a psychic who can read your aura instantly.

There’s no need to wait to find someone with a special camera. There are plenty of psychics who can see your aura today for a much better price. The technology doesn’t do anything a psychic can’t, and psychics are far more accessible.

All About Auras

Auras are the energetic field you naturally put out in your day to day life. There are special cameras that can see them, but they are expensive and hard to find. It also is best practice to get an aura reading every season, because energies shift with natural cycles.

For this reason, we recommend seeing a psychic instead of seeking out a special camera. Psychics are more affordable, easier to access, and can give you concrete advice if your aura is cloudy.

If you want to know about your aura, psychics have been reading them for millennia. There’s no need for special tech. In this case, the old ways will work just fine.

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".

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