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Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Top Psychic Sites 2022

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For hundreds of years, people have been consulting psychics when in need of guidance. Psychic readings can help make sense of uncertain times and an ever-changing world.

When you choose a online psychic reading service, you are investing in yourself and your future by getting a broader perspective of the events and energies surrounding you in your life.

But how do you know which psychic reading service to trust?

That’s where we come in. With the help of real experts in the field, we’ve searched the web for the best online psychic reading services, thoroughly analyzing and comparing each to find the best psychic websites.

We’ve examined every detail and presented it in a way that’s easy to read, so that you can spend more time actually speaking to and forming relationships with your psychics and using their advice in order to live your best life.

Without further ado, here are our top recommendations. We believe these five psychic platforms are ahead of the game when it comes to offering accurate psychic readings, free minutes, fair pricing, and satisfaction guarantees.

The Top Online Psychic Reading Sites 2022

#1. Kasamba: Best for Online Love Readings

Kasamba Main Features

If you’re looking for psychic advice all about love and relationships, Kasamba is a great start. They’ve broken up their offerings into specific categories, so that you’ll be able to find a psychic who can speak to your experience with ease.

Find psychics to talk about breakups & divorce, singles and those still dating, soulmates, marital life, LGBTQ+ friendly readings, or questions regarding cheating and affairs.

If you want to go mobile, you can download their mobile app, which allows you to access psychics 24/7 from anywhere! If you prefer a web experience, you can be assured that their website is secure and all information is confidential.

Kasamba has guided over 3 million people in their paths over the last 20+ years. Founded in 1999, Kasamba has been offering advice on love and relationships, as well as career and financial success, and self-empowerment.

With over 250 specialists using techniques from tarot to astrology to rune casting to aura reading and dream interpretation, Kasamba is a solid choice for real psychics online. Whether you want to chat over text or by phone, Kasamba has options for you.

With millions of 5 star reviews and happy customers, see for yourself why Kasamba is the best.

How Kasamba Works 

Using Kasamba is simple.

To start, you must first create an account. Click ‘Sign Up’ in the upper righthand corner, and enter in your information, including a unique password and username. This is the name that your psychic will see when you begin chatting.

Once you have created an account, you can add funds with your credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay. Now you’re ready to find an advisor!

If you already know the type of reading you’d like, you can find it in the toolbar at the top of the page. This will take you to every psychic currently online who gives this type of reading. Most psychics give readings across many different topics, and some use a variety of tools as well.

From this page, you can sort the available psychics by rating, price, and the length of time they’ve been with the service. Budget-conscious users even have the option to show psychics who charge less than $7, or less than $4 a minute for readings.

When you’ve found the psychic you’d like to try out, simply click their profile. If they’re currently online and available, you can choose to chat with them via a phone call or text chatroom.

If your preferred reader isn’t online, you can also schedule a reading in the future by clicking Request A Reading. Here you will receive a form for your question and how much you want to spend on the reading.

If you haven’t made an account when you choose a reader, you’ll be prompted to do so before you can begin your conversation.

Services Offered 

Kasamba offers all the psychic services you will ever need, on one website!

If you’re single and need help with your dating life, or want to know when the right time to look for your soulmate, Kasamba’s top rated psychics have you covered.

Going through breakups, marital problems, or even divorce? Kasamba’s compassionate love advisers are experienced in guiding you through these issues with empathy, so that you can move on.

If you’re worried about cheating hearts or infidelity, Kasamba’s love psychics can help you find the answers you need. Kasamba even has advisors dedicated specifically to helping members of the LGBTQ+ with their love and romance questions.

Kasamba’s readings don’t stop at love and relationships. You can choose from many different types of readings. If you’re looking for answers on any issue at the moment, you can choose an intuitive reading from one of the many intuitive psychics on the page.

Got pet communication issues? You can even get pet readings on Kasamba, without stressing your pet out by bringing them to an animal communicator. Kasamba’s pet psychics can tap into your pet’s energy from the comfort of home.

If you’re looking for an even more varied experience, Kasamba has a wealth of tarot readers available, as well as online mediums with the ability to channel messages from the spirit realm. There are even fortune tellers, waiting to give you a peek of your destiny!

Special Offers

New Kasamba users have access to one of the best introductory offers in the business. When you sign up you will automatically receive 70% off of your session, and, as if that wasn’t enough, three minutes completely free! 

With such a wide variety of psychic readers comes a variety in prices as well. You can get readings for as little as .99 a minute, and up to $30 a minute for the most in-demand, best rated psychics. The pricier ones tend to be among the best known psychics, offering predictions and timeframes, something that other psychics may shy away from.

No matter what price point you choose, you’re guaranteed an accurate psychic reading from the best online psychics.

Why We Like Kasamba

When you want the best readings possible, choose the best psychic directory out there. For the best love and relationship readings from the most talented, trustworthy psychics, choose Kasamba. We love their longevity, the quality of psychics they have to choose from, and all of the wonderful features listed below. 

  • Over 7 million users
  • Access to 65 - 300+ live Readers to choose from at any given time
  • Trusted online psychic reading service with +20 years of experince
  • The Best love psychics with accurate psychic predictions
  • User friendly platform
  • Contact physics via phone, chat or email

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#2. Psychic Source: Best for Psychic Video Readings

Psychic Source Main Features

A lot of online psychic services offer phone and text chatting, but what if you’d prefer a face to face experience? Psychic Source is a perfect choice for receiving video readings. You can schedule a video reading with your favorite psychic, and the best part is, most of the video chats cost the same as a phone or text chat!

When you’re done with your video reading, you can also receive a transcript of your reading, so that you can reference back to it as often as you want. This is a great way to keep up with the advice you receive, as it can be easy to forget everything you hear in a reading.

You can chat with psychics all day, every day, as there are psychics available for video and all other chats 24/7. When you sign up with their introductory offer, you’ll even receive 3 free minutes on your first paid reading!

Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic websites in the business, operating for over 30 years! That means Psychic Source has been a trusted name in psychic readings since the very beginning of psychic readings online, and even before!

Psychic Source has hundreds of talented, rigorously vetted psychics waiting to answer your questions.

How Psychic Source Works 

When you’re ready to sign up, simply choose the package you’d like to start with from the introductory package options given.

You will have to add money to your account in order to create one, but don’t worry! Psychic Source only charges you for the minutes you use, and any unused minutes stay on your account to be used for future readings.

Choose your introductory package, and enter your information in order to create an account. Payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Discover.  Your account will be created, once you’ve paid. From here, you can choose your psychic.

You can choose psychics by the reading format: phone, text, or video chat. Once you’ve been taken to the psychic landing page, you have the option to filter psychics even further, by specialties, tools, expertise, and reading styles.

You can also sort psychics in alphabetical order, priced low to high or high to low, and by availability.

When you’ve found the right psychic advisor for you, you can schedule an appointment in the psychic’s calendar, choosing a day and a block of time for your reading, send a direct message, or click on the reading format you’d like.

If they are available for your preferred format, you can immediately begin your session. Otherwise, you will be able to schedule an appointment for their next availability.

Services Offered

Video is a component in psychic readings that not all psychic services offer, but add an extra dimension to your online psychic readings that can’t be found in phone or live chat readings.

Still, if you want live chat or phone readings, Psychic Source offers those in addition to the video readings. But with video readings being offered at the same price, why not try?

If you’ve got questions about love and relationships, Psychic Source has dedicated love psychics ready to demystify your relationships. Learn the best way to find love if you’re single, or get a look at your romantic relationship from a different perspective.

Or say you’re looking for a career expansion, or perhaps even a career path change. If you’re unsure, Psychic Source has career psychic readings available to help make the decision that will lead down a wonderful career path, to your best life.

Have you been having recurring dreams, and aren’t sure what they mean? Psychic Source’s dream interpreters have knowledge of the symbolism of dreams and will help you to unravel messages from your subconscious.

If you’re looking for good old fashioned tarot reading or fortune telling, Psychic Source covers those too! There are even online psychic mediums available to help you look into the great beyond and hear messages from friendly spirits there. All of the psychic services you’ll ever need, all in one easy to use website!

Special Offers

Psychic Source offers several introductory specials, starting at $10, $20, or $30, with each reading rounding down to $1 a minute until your initial deposit has been used. The special introductory pricing is unlocked by using the Psychic Source Promo Code, automatically applied when you sign up.

In addition to readings at $1 a minute, you’ll receive three free minutes as a bonus with every package.

Psychic Source has an easy-to-understand pricing structure. You add money to your account, and depending on what your reader charges per minute, that money is debited from your account. Prices for readings range between $4.99 a minute, to $18.99 a minute.

Why We Like Psychic Source 

For the best online video readings in the business, look no further than Psychic Source. As an established brand, you’ll find everything you need when it comes to psychic readings, all available face to face! Psychic Source also comes with all of the features below, to provide amazing, profound psychic experiences with the click of a button.

  • Over 3 million international users
  • 70 - 280 Readers available at any time
  • Customer Service Availability 24/7
  • Best For Online Video Psychic Readings
  • 3 free minutes included

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Psychic Source
As Low As $1.00 Per Minute

#3: MysticSense: Best Online Mediums

Mysticsense Main Features

When you’re looking to pierce the veil and reach into the spirit realm in a session with an online psychic medium, MysticSense is the site for you.

MysticSense offers readings from the most talented psychic mediums in the business, so you can get in touch with deceased loved ones for closure, spirit guides for life guidance, or even personal messages from your ancestors, angels, or Ascended Masters.

If you are looking for something specific, MysticSense has advanced filters so that you can find the perfect psychic or medium for your questions. No more endless browsing, MysticSense’s advanced filters bring your ultimate psychic reading to you.

You’ll receive a free 5 minutes with your first session when you sign up and begin getting readings on MysticSense. This combined with their 100% refund policy makes them a trustworthy source of psychic readings, where you can relax knowing that your satisfaction is important.

MysticSense is a newer service, founded in 2020. In that small amount of time, however, they’ve shown why they have a place among more established brands, and offer the same level of integrity and accuracy in their readings.

MysticSense is the first choice when you’re looking for online mediums at a reasonable price.

How MysticSense Works

To begin using MysticSense, first make an account. When you’ve added your information, you can deposit money into your account and begin receiving readings right away.

There is a $10 minimum deposit required to begin receiving readings, and you can purchase packages in increments all the way up to $200. Any unused time spent speaking with a psychic will automatically be credited back to your account.

Additionally, if you haven’t used the money you deposited within 48 hours, MysticSense will give you a cash back refund, one time only. MysticSense accepts deposits via any major debit or credit card, as well as PayPal.

If you know the kind of reading you want, simply use the advanced filters to be taken to psychics who match your specific criteria. You can also choose a reader based on Special Tags, like Top Rated, Staff Pick, or New Reader.

Then you can choose a specialty like Family Issues, LGBTQ+ advice, Affairs & Cheating Hearts, or Toxic Relationships. You can also choose readers based on what tools they use, like tarot cards or astrology. Most readers specialize in a few different categories, but their main specialty will be shown under their photo in their profile thumbnail.

When you’re ready to connect, click on the reading method you’d like. You can choose a phone call, live chat, or video call. Available readers will be connected to you right away, and there is also an option to schedule a session if your chosen reader is currently unavailable.

Services Offered

Connecting with a medium is easy on MysticSense. Online psychic mediums can channel messages between this realm and the next, so that you can have closure with conversations with your loved ones who have passed on.

If you’re looking to go a little bit further, you can also receive a life purpose reading, which will help you clarify your intentions in life, set some goals, and ultimately figure out where your life path is leading you.

More interested in the path? You can also receive a past life reading from a talented online medium. Find out the themes of your past life in order to gain a better perspective on the events happening to you now.

Psychics on MysticSense are also able to give Crystal readings, where the energy and vibrations of crystals are used to provide guidance and energy clearing remotely. You may also want to consult the oracle by receiving oracle card readings, which can be more upfront than a tarot reading.

Speaking of tarot readings, those are available on MysticSense as well! If you’re not looking for a medium, you can still find amazing tarot readings, and love psychics, ready to help you with all your romantic questions.

If you’re looking to have your fortune told, MysticSense’s fortune tellers can help you out, using a variety of techniques and tools. There’s no limit to the types of readings you can receive on MysticSense!

Special Offers

Get started with MysticSense’s generous introductory offer. After your first session, 5 minutes of time will be credited back to your account, depending on the psychic’s rate.

For those who deposit $10, you can receive a maximum of $10 credit back, and for those who depost $15 and above, you can receive up to $15 back after your first reading!

MysticSense offers great psychic readings at an amazing price point. Readings begin at .99 a minute and go up to $10 a minute for video chats, $7 a minute for phone chats, and just $5 a minute for live chats in the MysticSense chatroom.

Why We Like MysticSense

The best online psychic mediums can be found on MysticSense. Aside from readings with psychic mediums, you can receive readings on all types of subjects, including love and finance, and even more, including all the features listed below! MysticSense makes it easy to get the best quality readings at the most affordable price.

  • Best Website for Psychic Mediums
  • Psychics available 24/7
  • 5 free minutes on your first reading!
  • Over 500 psychics
  • Easy to navigate search function
  • Choose from compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, or wise reading styles

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#4. AskNow: Most Trusted Online Psychic

AskNow Main Features

For the most trusted website for psychic readings, just look to AskNow. They’ve given millions of readings online and have been trusted by thousands to offer reliable and accurate psychic readings to their users.

Aside from their wide network of over 350 trusted psychics, AskNow’s advantage is the generous introductory package. When you choose a package, you’ll have access to 30, 20, or 10 minute readings for just $1 a minute!

And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive a free 5 minute chat with the highest ranked of their psychic readers, a Master Advisor.

If you’re ever unsatisfied with a reading, AskNow offers a full refund policy, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re being taken care of and your satisfaction is important.

AskNow has been giving satisfied customers readings since 2005, making them a staple in the psychic website community. All you have to do is read one of the many 5-star reviews for their Top Rated, Elite, and Master psychics, and you’ll see why AskNow is a great choice and a trusted website for psychic readings.

How AskNow Works

To get started with AskNow, simply pick the introductory package you’d like to begin with. Each package includes $1 a minute depending on how much you spend, as well as a 5 minute free chat with a Master psychic.

Create an account when asked to sign up, in order to begin using AskNow’s services. You can use any major credit or debit card to add minutes to your account. Note that you must purchase a package to sign up, and have an account in order to begin using AskNow’s services.

If you click on a psychic before you’ve created an account, you will be redirected to the sign up page and asked to enter your payment information.

To find an advisor, click on the Psychics link in the toolbar at the top of the page to be taken to a list of all available psychics. From here you can filter further by availability, psychic reading category, advisor type and price, and reading type (phone or chat.)

The psychic spotlight link in the toolbar highlights a few of the most talented and highly reviewed psychics. You’ll be sure to receive a deeply fulfilling reading when choosing from an advisor listed in the psychic spotlight.

Once you’ve chosen the advisor you’d like to connect with, click on the call or callback button on their profile. If they’re available, you’ll be connected to them, and if they are away, you will receive a callback when they become available.

If you’d like to schedule a time in the future to meet with your advisor, simply click on the calendar in their profile to book a reading.

Services Offered

When it comes to psychic services, AskNow has everything. With the most trusted psychic readings on the web, you can dive deeper into all of their offerings knowing that you are in for an accurate reading.

AskNow doesn’t just stop at offering psychic readings. You can sign up for a tarot reading, a chat with an online medium, or even a reading with a fortune teller.

If you’re looking for more information about love in your life, aside from offering love and relationship readings, AskNow invites you to look even deeper into your romantic fate with soulmate and twin flame readings. Are you ready to learn what love has in store for you?

If you’re in the mood for a spiritual reading, you might want to try an Angel Card reading. These are similar to oracle readings with the wisdom of angels and angel numbers. If you’re in need of balance, energy healers are available to help clear your chakras and raise your vibration.

Financial troubles? Have no fear, AskNow’s psychics also offer finance and career readings, to give you peace of mind about your financial future.

Special Offers

AskNow has some pretty great perks for first time users on top of their already generous pricing model. First time customers may choose from one of three introductory offers. The 30- and 20-minute options are priced at $30 and $20 – that's just $1 a minute for your first readings! You can also choose to buy the $10 package, which includes a bonus 5 minutes in addition to 10 minutes for just a dollar a minute.

Additionally, with each introductory package you will receive 5 minutes free with an Elite or Master-level psychic; a great way to get to know these higher tiers without breaking the bank. Normally Elite or Master level psychics’ prices begin at $10 or $13 a minute, respectively. Chats with Top-Rated advisors range from only $4.99 - $9.99 a minute.

Why We Like AskNow

For the best, most trusted, and reliable online psychic reading, look no further than AskNow. With all of their amazing features, and access to Top Rated, Elite, and Master level psychics, backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be on your way to receiving the best psychic reading of your life!

  • Trusted online psychic reading service since 2005
  • Variety of Psychic Tiers
  • Satisfaction policy
  • Online 24/7 Customer support

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15 Minutes for Only $10

#5. Keen Psychics: Best Psychic Site for Spiritual Readings

Keen Psychics Main Features

When you’re looking for a psychic reading that’s centered more on the spiritual side of things, Keen Psychics is a wonderful option.

Founded by spiritual practitioners in 1999, who understand everything about providing worthwhile spiritual guidance to those in need, Keen Psychics is a spiritual psychic platform full of diverse readers who offer so much more than just psychic readings.

No matter what time of day it is, you’ll be able to get a reading on Keen from their vast network of psychic advisors, available 24/7. And if you’re concerned about cyber security, don’t worry, because the Keen Psychics website makes sure to keep your personal information secure.

You’ll have your pick of hundreds of talented, trustworthy psychics, backed up by Keen’s satisfaction guarantee. While their vetting process isn’t as rigorous as some sites, the huge amount of 5 star reviews and happy customers speak for themselves when it comes to choosing a psychic service that is reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

You’ll find a personal touch on every psychic’s profile, as they create their own bios in order to give a clear picture of their personality, which helps when it comes to choosing a psychic you want to have a connection with.

No matter what your question is, you are in good hands with Keen Psychics.

How Keen Psychics Works

To get started using Keen, just create a profile. When you’ve created your unique username and password, you’ll be redirected to the main page, so that you can get started using Keen’s services.

In the upper right hand corner you’ll find My Keen, which is your account hub where you can add money to your account using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Keen accepts all major credit cards.

Now that you’ve got money in your account, you can begin searching for a psychic. There are many different psychic categories to choose from, so once you know what type of reading you’d like, simply filter by that reading to be taken to a page displaying psychic advisors’ profiles and thumbnails.

Once you’ve gotten to know the psychics giving readings in the category you’ve chosen, and decided on a psychic to consult with, click on their profile to be taken to options for a live chat reading or a phone reading.

Is your desired advisor unavailable? No worries! Keen lets you arrange calls in the future once your psychic becomes available, so that you won’t miss them while they are online.

While you’re waiting for a psychic, why not browse Keen’s extensive articles on spiritual topics, as well as horoscopes. If you’re having a hard time choosing a psychic, Keen has a psychic match tool to send you directly to the psychics that best fit your needs.

Services Offered

Among the many services offered by Keen psychics, they really shine in the spiritual guidance department. Often, people visit psychics for questions about love, finance, and career, and miss out on valuable advice regarding their spirituality and life’s path.

Keen advisers are dedicated to bringing you the best spiritual advice, and supporting you in your spiritual journey. After all, love, career, and finances are only enhanced by a higher spiritual understanding, and Keen’s psychics are there to help you with that.

You’ll also find a variety of reading methods offered, from tarot cards to astrological readings. If you need a birth chart reading, or a transit reading, the astrologers on Keen can help you out.

You can even find horoscopes for every sign, free of charge, as part of Keen’s many features. Find out what the stars might have in store for you.

If you’re looking to speak to the other side, you'll find your choice of talented online mediums on Keen, and if you’re looking for a little bit of a glimpse into your destiny, you can find fortune tellers as well.

Special Offers

Keen offers a generous introductory offer for new users. When you create an account, you’ll have access to 10 minutes of readings for just $1.99, no matter which psychic you choose or what their usual price per minute is. This is a great way to dip your toe into the psychic services Keen has to offer.

Keen’s regular prices are a deal as well. Each psychic sets their own price per minute, and readings typically range between $1.99 a minute to $9.99 a minute. You can find more expensive readings for up to $50 a minute if you’re looking for the most powerful, in-demand, accurate readers. 

Why We Like Keen

When you need spiritual guidance from a psychic or spiritual advisor, Keen is the best choice. Founded by spiritual practitioners, there’s something for everyone on Keen. Check out their features for yourself and see why it’s one of the most popular psychic platforms available worldwide!

  • 30 Million Users
  • Best Online Spiritual Psychic Website
  • 1700 readers
  • Thousands of testimonials
  • Phone, chat, and call back readings/appointments

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Keen Psychics
10 Mins for $1.99

#6. Purple Garden: Best Mobile Online Psychic

Purple Garden Main Features

When you want to consult a psychic, but aren’t near your computer, don’t worry! There are many psychic services that offer mobile, but none are as easy to use and full of features as Purple Garden.

Purple Garden has taken the psychic service and streamlined it so that you are always just moments away from accurate, reliable psychic readings.

While you can use Purple Garden on the web as well, all the good stuff, including features and in-depth reviews, are on the mobile app. Getting a reading is as easy as grabbing your phone, opening the app, and choosing your reader!

Purple Garden offers 5% cashback on all readings, for up to 6 months, so there really isn’t anything to lose when choosing Purple Garden for mobile readings.

Purple Garden has given out 100,000 readings and counting since 2014, with hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy customers.

With hundreds of readers available 24/7, you’ll have access to the best mobile readings on the go, whether it be a quick tarot question or an in-depth intuitive reading.

There’s something for everyone at Purple Garden, so if you love convenience, this is the psychic service for you!

How Purple Garden Works

In order to get all the great features of Purple Garden’s mobile app, you’ll need to create an account first. You can create an account on the website, or on the app.

Once you’ve added money to your account, using any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal, you can begin chatting with psychic advisors – and every reading you receive will gain you 5% cashback, credited to your account to be used on future readings.

To get started with a psychic, choose the method of reading you would like to receive, or the area of expertise you are looking for.

You can filter psychics based on these categories, and even be shown psychics based on your desired price point, number of reviews, or star rating.

Choose a psychic by browsing the thumbnails. When you find one you like, click on their profile to view a video summary, as well as a self-written bio detailing their areas of expertise, reading methods, and more.

You can also view feedback given by users to the psychic, in order to get a feel for their level of accuracy and how other users honestly feel about their readings.

Anytime you click on an advisor’s profile, they’ll be added to your favorites list so that you can easily find them again, 5 at a time. Once you’ve chosen a reader, just designate whether you’d like to receive a reading via live chat, live video call, or phone call. If they’re available, you’ll be connected to them in no time!

Services Offered

Just because it’s on mobile, doesn’t mean that you won’t receive the same high quality level of readings you might on other sites. Purple Garden offers everything that other sites offer, including specific categories, in a simple, easy to use mobile app.

If you’re looking for a palm reading, you can choose a live video chat, where the reader will view your palm and give you your results in minutes. If you’re looking for spiritual guidance, Purple Garden offers that, too.

You might want a tarot reading, or even love psychic readings – these are all available at Purple Garden. Their talented psychics often use a variety of methods with expertise in many different categories, so you have a lot of options when it comes to readings.

If you’re looking for tarot readings, a session with a psychic medium, or even a glimpse into the future with a fortune teller, Purple Garden delivers.

You can receive readings on Purple Garden on the website, as well. All of the same advisors are available, but for the full experience, you’ll want to use Purple Garden as a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Special Offers

When you make your first purchase on Purple Garden, you’ll instantly receive a $10 credit, and access to the 5% cashback program.

That means you’ll receive 5% cashback on your very first reading, adding up to a lot of savings depending on how many readings you get! The cashback is credited back to your Purple Garden account, not your credit card, to be used for future readings.

If you sign up for their $100 package, you’ll receive a $15 bonus, and if you sign up for their $40 package, a $4 bonus.

Prices on Purple Garden range between $.99 - $14.99 a minute. With most readers charging between $5 and $10 a minute for a reading.

Discover more special offers, learn about company's paymnet methods and refund policies and more much more in our full Purple Garden review.

Why We Like Purple Garden

When you’re looking for the best online mobile reading, for advice from psychics and spiritual advisors on the go, you can’t do any better than Purple Garden.

With all of the features below included, you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling psychic reading experience, at just the push of a button.

  •  +2 Million Users
  • +900 Active Psychics
  • Exclusive Live Video Readings
  • Introductory Videos from Each Psychic
  • Detailed Psychic Profiles

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Purple Garden
Free $10 Credit On Your First Purchase

How We Rank the Best Online Psychic Websites

Our experts have taken every detail into account when choosing the psychic websites to pass on to our readers.

Each website is carefully vetted by real psychics and other experts in the field, in order to find the websites with the most accurate psychic readings, the most trustworthy psychics, the best prices, and the most generous offers for new members and much more.

No stone is left unturned when we investigate, and not every psychic platform passes our rigorous vetting process.

We’re dedicated to bringing you only the best there is out there in the world of online psychic reading.

These are the features we look at when we rank the best online phychics:

Psychic Method and Specialties 

Aside from just psychics, there are experts in fields like tarot reading, who use their knowledge of the symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith deck to create a story around a specific question you may have and help you to see the bigger picture.

You also might want to consult an astrologer, who can help you understand your personality, the strengths you have, and what aspects of life you might find challenging with a birth chart reading.

Want to know more about events of the future, or even make sense of the past? A transit reading examines the placement of planets in the sky in relation to your own placements.

Online mediums are also a popular option, when you would like to reach out into the spirit realm in order to communicate with a deceased loved one, spirit guides, or ancestors.

The medium acts as a channel between this realm and the next in order to help bring closure, advice, or just one last chat with someone you loved.

If you’re interested in getting a glimpse of what the future may hold, you can find fortune tellers, renowned for their accuracy and skill in helping clients make the best decisions for their future self.

Aside from the popular tarot readers and astrologers, there are real psychics online who read in less well-known, but equally powerful methods.

Most psychic platforms offer numerologists, who can use the numbers in your birth date to give information about your personality and more.

Looking to receive messages from beyond? Mediums have their own methods of bringing forth these messages to you, ranging from clairaudience to the use of their own spirit guides as messengers.  

The sites we recommend even offer methods that used to require in-person meetings. You can get your palms read, your aura cleansed, and your chakras unblocked, all without needing to leave the comfort of your home!

Method of Communication

There is no one size fits all way to receive a psychic reading online. We choose sites that offer a variety of communication methods.

If you want to receive a reading without speaking in person, you can choose to have a live chat with a psychic. It’s like texting your best friend who gives the best advice!

If you’re looking to receive an in-depth reading with the feeling of an in-person psychic, but without leaving home, you can choose a video psychic. Not all sites or psychics offer them, but many do; they’re especially useful for readings that involve a visual component, like tarot or palm readings.

Finally, the most popular and long-standing method – a psychic phone call. Speaking to the psychic in person can sometimes make the experience more “real” for those who like a personal touch, although every method is equally accurate and reliable. It’s all about what makes you comfortable.


Price is one of the most important considerations for our readers when choosing a psychic service. We’ve taken this into account and have chosen the sites that offer the most bang for their buck, with the most reasonable rates and highest value for their price.

While you should expect to spend some money when consulting a psychic, it  doesn’t have to break the bank. The sites we review feature talented psychics in a variety of price ranges, all guaranteed to bring you the accurate answers you’re looking for, without putting too much strain on your wallet. No matter how much you’re comfortable spending on a psychic online, we have options.

Special Offers & Promotions

If you’re less familiar with the process of psychic reading, free or discounted readings are a great way to dip your toe in without breaking the bank.

All of the websites we recommend have special introductory offers, to help ease you into the world of psychic reading and allow you to become comfortable with the process for less money than you’d usually spend on a reading as an established customer.

Brands like Psychic Source give such deeply discounted introductory rates for new customers as their $30 for 30 minutes new customer offer – 30 minutes at a dollar a minute, including 3 free minutes, which can be used with any psychic, no matter their regular rate.

This can be a fantastic way to get a taste of the experience. If you establish a good connection with a psychic, they may also offer package deals for multiple sessions.

With discounts like this, it’s easy to “shop around” for the perfect psychic to establish a connection with. Our brands know that you might not always find your perfect psychic right off the bat.  

Many brands also offer free trial minutes, so that you can receive a coveted free psychic reading online.

Mysticsense offers 5 free minutes for new customers on your very first reading, while Kasamba combines a discount of 70% off your first session with three free minutes.

Such generous introductory offers combined with already reasonable and fair prices ensure that you are happy with your first session and keep returning. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Satisfaction Guarantee

What happens if you aren’t happy with a reading you receive? We all hope that doesn’t happen, but sometimes it is inevitable. That’s why all of the services we recommend offer satisfaction guarantees so that you can have peace of mind and be sure you aren’t wasting your money.

Every site differs in how their satisfaction guarantees work. Most of them require you to submit a refund request for your unsatisfactory reading before you receive another reading.

Kasamba offers partial or full refunds, depending on how long your reading was, while sites like AskNow credit you for up to five minutes so that you can find a better suited advisor, free of charge.

Psychic’s Profile

When choosing a psychic, it’s important to feel a connection to them. All of the sites we recommend allow their psychics to create their own profile, with thumbnails showing their photo and name, as well as their specialty. 

Clicking on the profile brings you to their bio, which is usually self-written. Here they detail their strengths, reading methods, and specialties. This is also where you book the psychic. We recommend checking out as many psychic’s profiles as you feel drawn to, rather than choosing the first or least expensive psychic you see. Your perfect psychic might not be featured on the first page of psychic profiles.

Customer Reviews

Part of most psychic’s profiles include customer reviews. The sites we choose all offer customer reviews for prospective clients to read. This is the best way to get an idea of a psychic’s abilities and accuracy, aside from speaking to them yourself.

Reviews from past and present clients help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a psychic.

Screening Process for Online Psychics 

How can you be sure you’re gaining access to only the best the world of psychic  readings has to offer? All of the sites we recommend include a rigorous vetting process.

Candidates must show a proven record of psychic ability, as well as a dedication to  customer service and upholding the values of the site.

Most of these psychic platforms value quality over quantity, and every person who applies to be a psychic consultant on the site is not accepted.

Only the best candidates with proven psychic abilities are allowed to consult on the site – a satisfaction guarantee  in itself, in a world full of scammers.


Reputation is important when it comes to psychic platforms. We only suggest websites with stellar reputations for psychic readings, and those who are well established. Some of the sites we recommend have been around since before computers and the internet were in every household, and continue to offer amazing readings.

Why Contact A Psychic Reader?

  • Career Advancement
  • Productive Relationships
  • Achieving goals
  • Detach from negative energy
  • Life Changing
  • Decoding a dream
  • Healing
  • Finding a soulmate
  • Connect with loved ones
  • Peace of mind

Online vs Local Psychic Reading

top view of an amulet hands by the hands of two women

Psychic services are available locally as well as online. With an online service, you have access to thousands of psychics across the world, at any time of day or night. Online psychics are often part of larger psychic platforms, which makes them easier to find and easier to connect to all of the people they could possibly help.

Local readings involve visiting a local psychic in their home or office, which can take a lot of extra time, and you might not be able to receive a reading on your own schedule, but rather based on the local psychics’ limited booking.

Below we’ll go into all of the advantages of online readings, as well as local readings, so that you’ll be able to make the best informed decision when it comes time for your psychic reading.

Advantages of Consulting an Online Psychic Reader

We know what you’re thinking, “Why should I go to an online psychic instead of getting a psychic reading face to face?” While there are many great in-person psychics, there are some big advantages to consulting with our top rated online psychics.

Below we have listed all of the many benefits of consulting an online psychic reader, from variety to affordability and more. Choosing a psychic is an important decision, and we want you to know every detail before going in, so that you can make the most informed choice. The advantages of consulting an online psychic are as follows:

  • Variety - if you are searching for “the best rated psychics near me,” you may be limited in the kinds of psychics that you find. At Top10-Psychics.com we have references for all kinds of psychic reading. Don’t settle for an astrologer if you’re itching to get your fortune told!
  • Affordability - when you limit your choices by location, you also limit your choices in price. If there is only one psychic in your local area, they have the prerogative to name their price. With greater variety, you also have more affordable options. Some psychics even offer free psychic readings.
  • Credibility - How do you know the psychic you are going to is not a con artist? At Top10-Psychics.com, we provide client reviews of all our best rated psychics. Don’t fall for catchy advertising, read what other psychic clients are saying to find the right online medium site for you.
  • Rich, detailed profiles - When searching for the perfect top rated psychic for you, a detailed profile helps a lot! Top10-Psychics.com provides all the information you need to find the perfect psychic to aid you on your personal journey.
  • Environment – It's important to feel relaxed and open when receiving a psychic reading, and finding an in-person psychic might take you out of your comfort zone, resulting in your energy not being as easy for the psychic to read. Being confronted with a psychic’s energy in person, on their turf, can often be intimidating, and you might subconsciously close yourself off to their powers. When you receive an online psychic reading in the comfort of your own home, you will be much more open to receiving the insight, and the psychic you choose will be able to get a better idea of the energy surrounding you at the moment.
  • Time – Depending on where you live, there might not be many psychic readers to choose from. When you attempt to get on a popular psychic’s books for an in person reading, you might find that you have to wait weeks or even months! With psychic readings online, you are able to choose from thousands of readers at any time of day and night, allowing you to receive readings at a time that is most convenient for you. All of our sites offer readings 24/7, so you can get a last-minute reading whenever you want it, without long wait times.
  • Free Readings – Unless you are lucky enough to have a good friend who gives psychic readings, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find a free psychic reading with a psychic in person. Online psychic services often offer free readings as an introduction to the psychic and the service. You don’t have to worry about spending money on a psychic you don’t connect with, and it’s a great way to ease into receiving psychic readings if you’re a newbie.
  • Anonymity and Privacy – There are many reasons you might want anonymity and privacy when receiving a psychic reading. Some might not be comfortable with others knowing that they consult psychics, and that’s okay. If you choose an in person psychic, you run the risk of being recognized going in or coming out of the building, but with online readings, your identity is kept anonymous, and your readings and their contents are private, kept only between you and your psychic. This is wonderful for skeptics secretly trying their hand at receiving psychic readings for the first time, or those with close-minded families who don’t “agree” with psychic readings or services.

Advantages of Consulting Local Psychic Reader

You might be thinking, “I know of a psychic near me, why should I go online when I can have an in-person experience?”

It’s true that receiving a psychic reading in person is a unique experience, and everyone should try to visit a local psychic at least once in their lives.

Being in the room with the psychic allows them to tap directly into your energy, and looking them in the face and being in their presence can heighten your own willingness to be open.

Many divination techniques, such as palm reading, crystal healing, and aura reading are often thought to be more accurate and potent when done with a local psychic reader.

You also have the ability to create a relationship with your psychic, and knowing that you have somewhere to go when you need answers can be a relief.

What many people looking into psychic readings might not be aware of, however, is that because of the way transference of energy works, there is no reading you can receive in person that you can’t also receive online, just as accurately. It’s your decision whether you want the experience of a local reader, or the convenience of an online psychic.

Online vs Local Psychic Conclusion

Looking at local, in person readings vs. Online readings, there is little to differentiate between them as far as accuracy and reliability goes. You can receive just as good of a reading online as you can in person.

Additionally, when receiving readings online, you open yourself up to a wider world of possibility – literally. Rather than being confined to choosing psychics in your area, with online psychic readings you have access to readers from all over the world, making your chances of connecting and finding the best real psychics that much higher.

There is no guarantee that the limited amount of psychics in your area will have a connection with you, and thus the ability to provide an accurate reading. Plus, the charge is often much more for in-person readings than those you can find with an online psychic service.

Both are worthwhile experiences, but if you are looking for convenience, reliability, and good pricing, choosing a psychic reader online will be your best bet. You’ll get the same reading as an in-person psychic who might be close to you physically, but in a way, your online psychic is closer: you don’t need to schedule an appointment weeks or months ahead of time; they’re right there in your pocket on your phone, waiting to help you with your burning questions.

Are Psychic Readings Accurate and Reliable?

a man holding a crystal seated on the floor speaking to a woman sitting on the couch

Many people are skeptical about psychic readings, and whether they can be accurate and reliable. It’s no wonder, with the amount of people out there trying to make an easy buck by scamming people who are willing to open themselves up and be vulnerable.

However, based on millions of reviews across all psychic services, psychic reading can be accurate and reliable, when it is done in good faith, by a real practitioner. Most sites have a rigorous vetting process in place to screen candidates, who must show proficiency and proven accuracy in psychic abilities. This guarantees that users will be interacting with a true psychic.

Accuracy also depends on the person receiving the reading. If you are close-minded to the process, and don’t let yourself open up to the possibility of an accurate reading, the energy will be murky and the psychic has less chance of being able to discern any clear information in their reading.

Keeping an open mind and heart, and allowing yourself to receive all information equally, whether it’s good or bad, is the best way that a user can ensure their reading will be accurate, from the start.

What Is A Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is where a person with the gift of clairvoyance uses their intuitive powers. A psychic can help you better understand the past. They can also clarify your present situation and help you make good choices going forward.

Understanding the Different Types of Psychic Readings 

Tarot Reading

One of the best psychic reading methods is tarot reading. Tarot can give the reader a new perspective on events of the past, the situation at present, and paths to the desired future. Tarot readings are a great way to bring clarity to your life.

By consulting the cards, a tarot reader is able to create a story based on the images and  symbolism seen in the cards. A tarot reader might read using a structured spread, or have a looser approach. Though the cards all carry the same meanings, the reader’s unique perspective and style combine to create a unique reading, tailored just for you.

Fortune Telling

Not all the top-rated psychics are comfortable discussing the future. If you want to go to a psychic who specializes in the future, find a fortune teller. Fortune tellers may use tarot, astrology, crystal gazing, or any other method of psychic reading.

Rather than confining you to a fixed future, a reading from a fortune teller can help  open the door to all of life’s opportunities and assist you in choosing the best path to move forward, by illuminating the options you have before you, based on what actions you choose to take. With this advice you will be able to make more informed decisions in your life when you find yourself at a crossroads, wondering what the next step is.

Online Mediums

Are you trying to contact a deceased loved one? An online medium can help. These are online psychics who can reach through the veil and contact spirits that have left their physical form.

Mediums often use their own spirit guides to act as a channel between the mortal realm  and the spirit realm. Online mediums are also able to bring forth messages from your  spirit guides, ancestors, and Ascended Masters in addition to loved ones you had a prior relationship to in life. Working with a medium can be an intense, yet deeply fulfilling experience, allowing you much-needed closure after a loved one’s passing, as well as offering spiritual advice from a higher realm.

Love Psychic

If your goal when reaching out to a psychic is to get answers related to love and relationships, a love psychic is right for you. These psychics have dedicated their abilities to answering questions related to all things love, and are practiced in giving advice about the ups and downs of romance.
Like fortune tellers, love psychics might use any method of psychic reading. What defines a love psychic is their clairvoyant specialty. If you want to know when you will find your soulmate or if the one that got away will come back, consult a love psychic. They can also help you to determine whether it’s worth holding on to your current relationship, and how to attract the perfect relationship if you’re single. It’s difficult to get an impartial view of things from your own inner voice when it comes to relationships, and this is where love psychics come in. A different perspective might be all you need to finding the relationship of your dreams.

Dream Interpretations

Dreams are often an untapped resource when it comes to digging a little deeper into your own psyche for messages from the subconscious. A dream interpretation is a great way to untangle recurring dream images and help you figure out what they might mean.

Dream interpreters are well-versed in the study of dream symbolism and the meaning behind each image that recurs in your dream. You can work together to untangle the messages your subconscious sends to you through dreams, as well as understand and create your own dream lexicon so that you can go forward with the skills to interpret dreams for yourself.

Astrology Reading

There is much more to astrology than horoscopes. A chat with an astrologer can open up a whole world to you, and help you understand your own strengths and challenges, as well as help make sense of events in your past – even including past lives!

There are many options for astrology readings. You can receive a birth chart reading, which is a great tool for self-optimization, or a transit reading, which can help you understand events that happened at any point in your life, including the future. Electional astrology readings can help you determine the best time to make big moves, like career changes or planning events.

Numerology Reading

Numerology is an ancient practice of divination that takes its cues from numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols. Each number has a specific meaning.

A numerology reading can help you understand the meaning of the numbers in your birthdate, the current year, your name, or any other date of events in your life. Have you been seeing repeating numbers or the same number over and over? Speaking with a numerologist can help identify the messages these numbers have for you. Like astrology, numerology is a great tool for self-actualization and understanding your own  personality, and what makes you special, while tying you to the collective human experience as well.

Intuitive Reading

An intuitive reading is a psychic reading where the reader uses their own inherent gifts of intuition to give advice about events in your life. Many intuitive readers work with no tools, but often intuitive readers will jump start their reading by pulling a few tarot cards, or using some other method of divination.

The reader will tune in to your energy, and using abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, or clairsentience, they will help you make sense of  whatever is going on in your life, bring clarity, or give compassionate, wise advice. An intuitive reading is also a great way to find help tapping in to your own inner wisdom.

Financial Readings

Finances are a huge concern for a lot of people these days. Getting a financial reading can help bring peace of mind when it comes to your finances. Find out what the future might have in store for you by speaking with a psychic well-versed in finances.

They can help you with finding new income opportunities, places you might be losing money without realizing it, and give an overall better idea of your financial health from a higher perspective. While it is also a good idea to have a non-psychic financial advisor, getting a financial psychic reading from time to time is a great way to supplement your knowledge.

Career Readings

Aside from love, the thing most people want to know about in a psychic reading are their careers. A psychic reading can help you figure out where you’re headed in your career, whether you are on the right career path, and when it’s time to change jobs, or even entire careers.

With a career reading, you can gain valuable insight into your work life. Psychics well versed in career readings give you the guidance that you need to make the best decision for your career going forward, which can help you to live the best life possible, with as little stress as possible.

Palm Readings

Palmistry is an art that has been practiced for hundreds of years, and continues to be popular today. A palm reader can discern aspects of your personality based on the lines on your palm, as well as the overall shape of your hands and fingers.

The lines on your palm change as you grow older, so it’s a good idea to check in with a palm reader from time to time in order to assess where you are in life. Palm readings can be used for fortune telling, as well, with each line telling a story of where you are likely to end up in life.

Oracle Readings

Oracle readings are psychic readings that use tools like Oracle card decks. Oracle decks are similar to tarot, but differ by not always following a storyline, and often provide more direct answers than a traditional tarot reading.

Oracle readings are often helpful to determine what you should be focusing on, how to overcome challenges, and which paths to take. Often, tarot readers will supplement their readings with oracle cards to provide an extra layer of clarity to your reading, but you may find a reader who uses only the oracle deck in order to provide answers to your questions.

Pet Readings

Pet readings are a great way to communicate with your furry, scaley, or feathery friend, in order to determine what their needs are and the best way to live in harmony with each other.

If you’ve been having trouble bonding with a pet, a pet psychic can help facilitate communication between you, so that you can let them know that you mean to give them all the love and care that they need, and so that they can let you know how best to love them by honoring their boundaries. Pet readings are great for newly adopted pets who might be having a hard time trusting their new owner.

Crystal Readings

Crystals are beautiful gifts from the earth, which resonate on all different kinds of frequencies and are able to do things like balance chakras, open your heart, bring clarity to your mind, and protect against negative energy, among other things.

A crystal reading will utilize crystals in order to help tune in to your specific frequency, and can help you with your spiritual hygiene as well as opening new doors to aspects of yourself you might have hidden behind a blocked chakra. You might find yourself with a  whole new lease on life after having your energy flow unblocked after a crystal reading.

Most Popular Psychic-Reading Methods

  • Psychic Reading
    Psychic Reading
  • Fortune Tellers
    Fortune Tellers
  • Tarot Reading
    Tarot Reading
  • Love Psychics
    Love Psychics
  • Online Mediums
    Psychic Mediums

Psychic Reading Articles

Take a look at related articles to psychic reading:

How to Tell if Your Psychic Reader Is Legitimate

Ok, so we’ve hyped up online psychics, but how do you avoid scammers? We all know that some people claiming to be psychics are con artists. Here are some of the red flags that the psychic you are speaking to might be fake.

They Offer Cast Spells
This is one of the old tricks in the fake psychic book. A scammer will offer to cast a spell on your enemies in exchange for money. It is also a common tactic to tell marks that they are cursed, and must pay money to lift the curse. Some con artists will offer to cast love spells. Avoid these people.

Here at Top10-Psychics.com, we review websites for psychic readings from the best rated online psychics. We do not offer magical solutions to real-life problems.

Our top rated online psychics and best phone psychics can give you amazing perspectives and advice. We want to empower you to find your best life path. Anyone offering an instant solution to your problem is probably trying to separate you from your money.

Fear Tactics Employed To Close Sales
Nothing drives sales like fear! One of the hallmarks of a con artist posing as a psychic is that they make their clients afraid of the future. Then they tell the fearful client they need to pay more money to avoid a terrible fate. This is horribly unethical.

At Top10-Psychics.com, we believe that the gift of clairvoyance comes from a place of love, not fear. We believe that psychic reading should empower our clients, not make them anxious.

No References or Reviews
If someone is claiming to have years of experience in psychic reading and yet no previous client testimonials, they probably only have years of experience running scams. Here at Top10-Psychics.com, we provide reviews and references for all our best rated psychics.

How To Get Ready For A Psychic Reading

So you’ve found the perfect psychic for you, now what?

First, before your session, take some time to center yourself and clear your head. You’ll want to approach your session from a calm, centered place. That way, you can best receive the answers your psychic gives you.

You may also want to write down some questions you’d like to ask. Here are some examples of excellent questions to ask a psychic:

  • What’s the most important thing for me to know about my current situation?
  • What next step should I take in my career?
  • What needs to happen before I meet my soulmate?
  • What energy do I currently embody?
  • What actions can I take to best support my physical health?


What are the best Psychic Reading sites online?

There are a lot of psychic sites to choose from, but we believe we’ve found the absolute best that the world of psychic reading has to offer. Our experts have researched and analyzed each site in order to bring the best to you.

The best psychic reading sites online are Kasamba, Psychic Source, AskNow, Mysticsense, Keen Psychics, and Purple Garden. Each and every one has so much to offer when it comes to psychic readings, and you’ll be sure to find the answers that you’re looking for, no matter which of these sites you decide to use. Try one or all of them out today...you won’t be disappointed!

Is psychic reading fake?

In short: no. While there are scammers and con artists who give real psychics a bad name, psychic reading is very much real. Here at Top10-Psychics.com, we’ve created the top rated psychic directory. This way, you can easily find a real psychic who can answer your burning questions.

If you go to a psychic stage show, you will almost certainly see a fake psychic. Stage psychics are excellent cold readers. They make general statements to the room and gauge who reacts to it. Real psychics tend to prefer working one-on-one, though there are still some scammers out there. That’s why it’s important to find reviews from previous clients like we offer at Top10-Psychics.com.

How Much Do Psychic Readings Cost?

Cost was an important factor for us when choosing the absolute best psychic reading sites. You can find a valuable psychic reading at any price. 

Most sites offer psychic readings between .99 - $15 a minute, with only a few of the most in-demand and top-rated psychics charging higher rates. Often, the rates are set by the psychics themselves, and no matter the cost, each psychic’s rate reflects the value of the psychic’s expertise, abilities, and advice.  

Each site allows you to choose the price you are comfortable paying, and offers discounts and promo codes for longtime users and members to ensure their return customers are getting the best deals. 

What are different kinds of psychic readings?

There are so many different kinds of psychic readings! Here are some of the most popular offered on the websites listed on Top10-Psychics.com:

  • Tarot reading - ever wonder what the cards have to say about your life path? We can help!
  • Fortune telling - if you need advice about the future, find a fortune teller. They can use any form of psychic reading method. Their primary focus is on questions about the future.
  • Online medium - this is a person who can help you contact loved ones who have passed away.
  • Love psychic - like a fortune teller, a love psychic might use any method of psychic reading. They specialize in questions about love and relationships.
  • Astrology - you may know your sun sign, but what about your whole birth chart? Ever get curious about what the houses mean? An astrologer can help make things clear.

What’s the best way to communicate with a psychic reader?

The best way to communicate with a psychic reader is whatever works for you. At  Top10-Psychics.com we have both phone and chat psychics. If you are looking for a tarot reader, it is best practice to find a tarot reader who uses a webcam. Tarot is a very visual medium of psychic reading, so it helps when you can see the cards. Other psychics, like astrologers, only need your birthday, time, and place to calculate your birth chart so they can work over the phone or online chat pretty easily.

What can I ask during a psychic reading?

Anything you want! Much like a therapist, your psychic is a professional consultant, you can ask them any question you desire. However, just like therapy, asking better questions will yield a better answer.

Our top advice during your psychic reading is to keep your questions on one subject. Trying to get too much advice all at once will result in your reading being a shallow scattershot, rather than an informative deep dive.

Final Thoughts

Navigating through life’s challenges can be both difficult. Using their inherent gifts, psychics and spiritual advisors help illuminate the path ahead of you. Whether you have questions about love, relationships, finances, career, life path, or just about anything else, psychics are there to lend clarity and a compassionate ear.

You can consult a psychic for questions about events of the past, clarity about ongoing situations in the present, and of course, insight into what the future might have in store. Psychic readings are also a great way to reinforce your own intuition about a situation.

Many people find that when consulting a psychic, tarot reader, or medium, the answers they receive are what already lay inside them – but it can be hard to discern between your intuition and anxious thinking. Psychic services can help you get in touch with your own intuition, and over time, teach you to trust your inner voice.

Our experts know what it takes to make a good psychic, and how much energy and effort goes into performing psychic readings, as well as what psychic clients are looking for. We’re confident that the sites we have chosen to cover the most important criteria you’re looking for when deciding on an online psychic reading.

We made sure to find sites with the best pricing and most generous introductory offers, for those who want great psychic readings but want to remain budget conscious. No matter what the price point, all the psychics offering readings are vetted for their abilities, as well as attention to customer service and dedication to bringing their gifts to others with the most accurate psychic reading.

We also paid attention to what each psychic platform offers, and how easy it is to make the best choice of psychic based on your wants and needs. The websites we recommend offer a wide and varied amount of communication methods, specialties, and reading tools. From tarot to energy healing, these sites are a one-stop shop for every type of reading and any communication method you desire.

Accuracy and reliability are also important considerations when it comes to choosing the best psychic websites, and of course we took these in to account the most when making our choices. 
Sites with strict vetting processes, customer reviews, and satisfaction guarantees made it to the top of our lists.

With so many psychic scams out there on social media, you can’t be too careful. You can enjoy peace of mind when choosing any of our recommended psychic services, knowing that you are getting readings from reliable, accurate, trustworthy and most importantly real psychics online.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse all our recommended psychic websites with the knowledge that you have been taken care of from step one, empowered with information, and set on the journey to self-discovery that occurs when you receive a psychic reading from a real psychic. It may be the best thing you ever did!

Who Are We?

At Top10-Psychics.com, we review the top psychic reading websites and provide honest and unbiased information to help you make informed decisions. With our ranking system, you can find the best psychic websites in no time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with accurate information on the best psychic reading websites so you can make informed decisions and get the best psychic reading experience.

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We are out to ensure you get the best psychic reading experience. So, whether you are a curious one-time seeker or an avid lover of the art, you will find our reviews useful for your next psychic reading.

Whether things are all over the place or your life is moving in circles, you can rely on our reviews to get the best psychic reading that will give you clarity, insight, and a sense of direction.

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