6 of pentacles tarot card meaning

Kathlyn Chua
Kathlyn Chua
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What does the 6 of pentacles mean in a tarot card reading?

With 78 cards in a single tarot deck, the six of pentacles is commonly known as a minor arcana tarot card.

Ever had the 6 of pentacles popping up repeatedly in your tarot readings? Wondering what it means even after your little tarot guidebook? Fear not, we’ve got the answers for you today.

What is the meaning of the Tarot Card: Six of Pentacles?

In accordance to the traditional Rider Waite Cards, the six of pentacles depicts a rich man dressed in a red robe sharing his wealth with down-and-out individuals. Kneeling at his feet, the paupers look up to him with relief as they held their hands out to receive.

On the other hand, the wealthy man holds onto a balanced scale which faintly reminds us of the Air sign: Libra.

Just as the Air signs are known as great communicators, this scale in the 6 of Pentacles greatly reflects one’s ability of fairness and equality. Like a double-edged sword, every tarot card comes in upright positions or reversed ones. This is often why it’s best to hire a professional tarot reader that can help you find out its actual meaning best suited for your situation.

What does the 6 of Pentacles mean?

Recognized as a minor arcana card in a tarot deck, it is widely seen as a card of charity. Focusing on the ideology of giving and receiving, the six of pentacles is frequently seen as a card that marks the cycle of life. Withholding balance as key, the card upright marks as a tarot guide to living life as one of providing aid as well as receiving assistance. When this card arrives upright or reversed, it can be applied in various circumstances such as love, yes/no answers or even in business.

Let’s explore its meaning in the varying situations below.

Six of Pentacles (Upright)

When this card appears upright in a tarot reading: it marks your generosity to be able to share your abundance with others. In a yes or no reading, the six of pentacles upright signifies that yes - you will achieve what you set out to do or the fact that your relationship will blossom over time.

Be it spiritually or financially, you give freely knowing it would be reciprocated and valued. As thankful as you are to receiving the best in life, this card signals your spiritual fulfillment from sharing with others. Hence, it is important that you trust that every giving act is appreciated and would come back to you in waves.

1. Six of Pentacles in Love

In a love reading for couples, it is a positive card highlighting the giving nature of both you and your partner. As giving as you are to your partner, you can be rest assured it is appreciated. Not only would it be valued, but your partner would also return the same to you in reciprocation as a proclamation of their love. Therefore, it is vital that you maintain the balance of giving and taking even as you sail on this journey of prosperity, abundance and joy.

On the other hand, in a love reading for singles, it also bodes well. Apart from being generous and kind to others, your energy would be reciprocated, or you might have a brand-new possibility of meeting someone new. Putting faith into the universe to reward you for your kindness is key so if you’re receiving the six of pentacles, remember to keep giving with an open heart.

2. Six of Pentacles in Careers

And you’ve guessed it - just as positive it is in love, the 6 of pentacles is highly favorable for financial matters. Be ready to gain recognition at work as a highly valued employee if you’re currently employed with no indication of moving. If you’re thinking of job-hopping and need some guidance, this is the one card you’ve been waiting for. It signifies your future venture as one that is definitely greener on the other side as you move on to greener pastures.

On the other hand, this card also speaks of wealth and prosperity. Be prepared to receive abundance in the form of a financial bonus or a great mentor who is going to either invest or provide you with life-changing advice meant to change your business. Either way, your hard work is going to be paid off soon whenever the 6 of pentacles pops up in a reading.

3. Six of Pentacles in Health (Mental & Physical)

The entrance of this card for your physical health usually pinpoints the fact that you might need to be willing to seek help and support from people. If you’ve been battling an illness for some time, this is the time for you to ask for aid. From healthcare personnel to friends and family, don’t be shy in seeking help for getting your health on the right track. As much as you’ve given over the years, now is a good time for you to receive the assistance you need to get back on your feet.

When this card pops up for a spiritual person, be it a reiki healer or psychic medium, it chronicles the fact that you are able to share. Be open to sharing your spiritual wisdom with those who are willing to learn as you embark on this journey of healing. If you’ve been struggling to find people who feel the same, now is a good time to reach out and meet like-minded individuals who would be willing to grow with you.

6 of Pentacles (Reversed)

When this card appears reversed in a tarot reading: it is time for you to indulge in a little self-love and care. Have you been feeling burnt out? If yes, you’ve been giving too much for quite some time with little appreciation from others and yourself. In a yes or no reading, the six of pentacles reversed signifies that no - you will face some setbacks in your course or the fact that you need to re-evaluate your relationship with the best guidance.

As wonderful as you’ve been in your generosity, some people might not be reciprocating with gratitude, love or affection. It may feel like your actions are one way as you long to be heard, understood and appreciated. It is inevitable you feel that way, hence - if the 6 of pentacles appears, we highly recommend you take a step back and focus on loving yourself again.

1. Six of Pentacles in Love

In a relationship be it with twin flames or soulmates, this card highlights a lack of balance in the relationship. The 6 of pentacles usually speaks of a dominating partner who might be taking advantage of your kindness and love through constant taking with minimal effort in giving. When left to its current course, it can be proved fatal as the relationship might soon run its course.

On the flip side for singles, it marks the lack of clear boundaries or the possibility that you might be taking advantage of a potential partner. If you find partners being put off by you, perhaps it would be time to be honest with yourself if you’ve been kind, open, and vulnerable to allow people in. In a relationship of any kind, balance is key as we focus on giving as much as receiving to enable a two-way street. If you find yourself giving incessantly with nothing in return, perhaps the ‘situationship’ you’re in is no longer beneficial to you. In both cases, it is always crucial to put yourself first with the best advice from the right people.

2. Six of Pentacles in Careers

In businesses or employment, this card comes as a warning to indicate unemployment, retrenchment, being fired or under-appreciated in the workplace. If you’ve a senior partner or manager that has been unexpectedly lovely to you, beware. The 6 of pentacles also highlights ulterior motives from people with status as they might abuse your power or overstep your boundaries if you’re not true to yourself. It is often best to seek help from an experienced reader in such cases to ensure you get the most accurate answer.

In contrast, this card also speaks of poor finances often of one’s doing. From struggling with money to not getting investors for your business, it is probably time for you to take a step back and wait. However, if you’re in neither of the positions above yet pretty wealthy and comfortable, then this is a good time for you to share your abundance. It is important to note that as much as you love giving, do it with balance so you do not over-do it in the face of scams, extortion or people taking advantage of you.

3. Six of Pentacles in Health (Mental & Physical)

The entrance of this card for your physical health usually calls attention to the fact that you have not been seeking essential medical advice or fully utilizing the available support from healthcare professionals. If you’ve been sick and find yourself struggling to get better, now is a good time to reach out to professionals that can help you get better.

For a spiritual person, be it a reiki healer or psychic medium, the six of pentacles is re-directing you to re-evaluate the way you spend your time and energy. Giving extensively without reciprocation, constructive feedback or gratitude will drain you. With your wisdom, even with the utmost respect - it is impossible to not overdo it because of your good nature. If you’ve been giving free spiritual advice, support and others, pull the focus back to you. Encourage others to seek out other professionals as you take a step back to find yourself again.

Give yourself what you give to others

And with that, the six of pentacle’s varied meanings are complete as it almost always leads back to you, your energy and self-love.

It is so easy to lose track of who we are as we cave into the busyness of daily life. If you find doing a tarot reading difficult because of the multi-faceted meanings, we usually recommend an accurate and experienced reader.

As much as you’ve shared your love and light with the world, remember to always bring that back to yourself. Allow yourself to heal and grow with boundaries put in place to stay grounded as you bring the healing back to you.

Go where you’re appreciated, loved and valued.

A business graduate and a lover of life, magic and the ocean, Kathlyn is a dreamer. Inspired by old English classics, she discovered her passion for writing. A professional psychic medium and writer by day, she specializes in practicing a vast range of divination ranging from runes to tarot, angel cards and scrying when she is not busy churning out business articles. When she is not busy working, she can be found tending to her two bunnies: Belle and Bailey or having her feet immersed in the ocean reading her favorite book: Great Expectations.

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