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Tarot reading is one of the most interactive forms of mysticism. Start your tarot card reading experience now and get a clearer insight of the past, the present, and the future events in your life.

Last Updated: August 2022

The tarot has been a trusted divination method in use for many years. Adapted from a simple card game, over time the images of the tarot came to be developed into a system for self actualization, insight, and clarity, through the use of archetypes, numerology, and symbolism.

Tarot is just one system of Cartomancy, the practice of reading cards as divination, but it is without a doubt the most popular.  There have been hundreds of decks created with imagery inspired by Pamela Coleman Smith’s original drawings, which are each rich with symbolism and meaning. While the imagery might differ from deck to deck, the general meaning of the cards is the same.

Tarot is a popular focus for those with psychic ability to lend structure to their readings. Tarot readers can work in many different ways and use their knowledge of the cards differently from reader to reader. Some read the cards exactly as the accepted guidebook meanings, while others use the meanings as a jumping off point for deeper introspection and discussion as their reading goes on.

 We’ve searched for the best psychic networks offering tarot card readings on the web. We’ll look into what makes each site special and unique, so you can make the most informed decision when choosing an online tarot reading.  

Most Accurate and Trusted Tarot Readers

  1. Kasamba – Best Tarot Readings Website Online – 70% off your first reading, plus 3 free minutes for each new psychic you try!
  2. Psychic Source – Most Accurate for Love Tarot Readings - $1 a minute introductory packages including 3 free minutes when you join!
  3. AskNow : Best Selection of Live Tarot Readers and Expert on Career Advice. - 5 free minutes to chat with an Elite or Master level psychic, plus just $1 a minute readings when you sign up!
  4. Mysticsense –Most Trusted Tarot Readings for Life Advice - Low priced readings every day, plus 5 free minutes to get started!
  5. Purple Garden – Best for Mobile Tarot Readings – Every reading receives 5% cashback, plus a free $10 credit with your first purchase!
  6. Keen Psychics – Expert Love Psychics Website to Get Clarity on Love and Relationships  - Recei

Kasmba - Best Tarot Readings Website Online

Kasamba Main Features

Kasamba is a special online platform that provides and excels in readings of all kinds, like fortune telling, medium readings, and love readings. But one of the places it really shines is in its community of talented online tarot readers. It’s one of the very best online tarot reading sites out there.

Kasamba has reached over 3 million users through the platform, connecting querents with tarot readers for over 20 years. They offer generous introductory packages when you sign up, including 70% off your first reading with readers who participate in the offer. You’ll also receive 3 free minutes with each new tarot reader you try, so you can find a connection without having to waste too much money.

Kasamba’s readers have a perfect mix of experience and ability, which is evident when considering that they have an average of 4.7/5 star reviews overall for every psychic reader on the platform; meaning that most people who choose Kasamba as their online tarot reading site walk away satisfied with their reading, every time.

Its longevity and high rating speaks for itself in terms of the legitimacy of its readers. With so many psychic scams or inexperienced readers plying their trade online today, it’s important to find an online tarot reading site that you can trust to connect you only to readers who have a proven ability to provide accurate answers and insight in their tarot readings.

Kasamba requires all prospective readers to pay a $50 registration fee in order to advertise their tarot readings online using the platform. This weeds out those looking to take advantage of others and make money quickly by offering false readings, or even just amateur tarot readers who are in the beginning stages of their craft. You’ll enjoy your tarot readings, knowing that you are speaking to experienced tarot readers who can bring you the best advice, insight, and clarity into your situations using the tarot.

Kasamba also has many helpful articles to help you prepare for your readings, or just to browse for fun in order to learn more about psychic topics. The tarot guide features articles about how to start tarot reading, love tarot spreads, and card meanings for the Major and Minor Arcana. If you’re at all interested in learning about the meanings of tarot, Kasamba is a great place to start. They even offer guides as to what questions to ask your tarot reader, and how to find the best online tarot card reader on their site.

To find online tarot card readers on Kasamba, all you have to do is click on the tab marked Tarot Readings in the toolbar, to be taken to all tarot readers who are available now. They also offer options for angel cards and cartomancy, where readers will use cards that don’t follow the typical structure of the tarot in order to give readings, but the majority of card readers on Kasamba are tarot card readers.

Kasamba is a one stop shop for the best online tarot readings out there. Sign up today and find out for yourself why so many users trust Kasamba for all their tarot reading needs.

What Customers Say 

User feedback is one of the best ways to gauge the abilities and accuracy of any online psychic or tarot reader.

A recent review of one tarot reader said: “This guide is an excellent one to talk to, great connection, lots of detail, quick to respond.”

While another user who received an online tarot reader gushed: “The most genuine and sincere advisor who is always there for you when you need them to guide you on your spiritual journey! They are a truly gifted beautiful soul. Thank you!”

Finally, another tarot reader received this review: “They’re amazing and sooo on point with everything. I gave zero detail and they knew it all.” Let these reviews guide you towards your next online tarot reading!

Psychic Source – Most Accurate for Love Tarot Readings

Psychic Source Main Features

Psychic Source has been around the block a few times when it comes to giving accurate tarot readings online. Their online tarot readers are known for their amazing and accurate insight on all things to do with love and relationships, so when you’ve got questions about your love life that could use a big picture answer, Psychic Source has got you covered.

Psychic Source has been giving accurate and trusted tarot readings for over 30 years. Their longevity is due to many factors, the most obvious being the quality of the readings that people receive on their sites. With all the competition out there among psychic networks, a platform that has been around since before the internet was in every home shines through it all with consistent quality over quantity. They keep their roster of psychics and tarot readers fairly small, compared to some other sites, but continue delivering the best love tarot readings on the net.

Every tarot reader on Psychic Source must observe a strict Code of Ethics during their time on the site. Psychic Source’s Code and Manifesto are available to read on the site, so you can be in the know about what they expect of their advisors, and in turn, what you can expect when going to Psychic Source for an online tarot card reading.

The psychics and tarot readers must also make it through a strict screening process before they can advertise their services on Psychic Source. They are handpicked by experts who believe that they have the ability to deliver on the Code of Ethics, but also who have approved of the abilities they have demonstrated to read tarot online. This combination of experience and quality makes Psychic Source a must-visit when looking for answers about your love life through the tarot.

Psychic Source’s tarot readers are easy to find with their detailed filtering options. You can choose a psychic who is an expert in tarot, alongside the subject you are looking for answers in – love and relationships being the most popular. You can even filter deeper from here, finding tarot readers who will provide information in the reading style that best fits your needs, and even different aspects of love and relationships.

While some tarot readers who specialize in love are best at answering questions about finding new love or soulmates, some are more adept at helping you with cheating hearts and affairs. Simply choose your needs from the filter box on the psychics page, choose your reading method – Psychic Source offers phone, live chat, and video calls – and you’re ready to go!

Every reading on Psychic Source comes with 100$ Satisfaction Guarantee, so that you can try the service risk free. When you sign up, you’ll get 3 free minutes, along with introductory packages ranging in price, but all the equivalent of $1 a minute. These great deals, along with the satisfaction guarantee, and the quality of their love tarot readings, makes Psychic Source the number one pick for accurate love tarot readings.

What Customers Say 

Psychic Source customers have a lot to say when it comes to the amazing readings they’ve received.

One user said, “They picked up on pretty much everything going on in my life in question and had great advice and guidance for me. Very happy with my reading. Would definitely speak with them again!”

Another happy user said “They are a very gifted psychic. Their readings are clear and concise and they read the energy of a situation and POI (Person of Interest) with crazy accuracy!

Find out for yourself the accuracy of love tarot readings on Psychic Source by checking it out today! 

Psychic Source
As Low As $1.00 Per Minute

AskNow : Best Selection of Live Tarot Readers and Experts on Career Advice

 AskNow Main Features

While love is the subject that most tarot readers are asked about, career is close behind. While readings about love can be complicated by the person of interest changing course, as with free will is their right to do, career readings can be a little more accurate and lasting, because they involve actions that are mostly in your control. Career readings can help you manifest the life you’ve always wanted; so of course, you want to know which psychic network offers the best live tarot readings that can connect you to your career potential. The answer is AskNow!

AskNow has been offering accurate and trusted tarot readings since 2005, and while they offer readings on every aspect of life, the career advice given by their online tarot readers is known for being among the most helpful and accurate.

There are filters on AskNow to help you narrow down their wide selection of psychics in order to specifically receive a tarot reading about your career. Simply choose Tarot Reading and Career & Goals from the filter menu, alongside any other filter choices you might want – for instance, you can choose to see only Master psychics who offer readings by Chat and all of the tarot readers online now.

From there, you can browse the gifted tarot readers who are available, via their profiles. Their profiles contain all of the information you need in order to make the best choice for your tarot card reading online. If you know your astrology, you can also see the tarot readers’ sun signs displayed in their profile. This can be useful to hint at the type of compatibility you will have with your chosen tarot reader. If you’re not astrologically inclined, the rest of the profile should give you a good idea of the reader’s style and expertise.

 AskNow’s career tarot readings are especially great live. You can always find Master psychics ready to give you the best career advice via tarot that you could ask for. Live readings are especially useful because you are able to ask questions in real time during the reading, without waiting a long time for answers, as you might when receiving readings through email or messages. You can find the tarot readers who are currently online and giving live readings by clicking on Available in the availability section of the filter page.

When you sign up for AskNow, you’ll be given options for an introductory package to purchase. All of the packages include readings for $1 a minute, or less, when you sign up, as well as a free 5 minute chat with an Elite or Master level psychic – psychics who have been with the site and evaluated over time for the quality and accuracy of their readings. Many of the Master level psychics are tarot readers, so you have your pick of great, experienced tarot readers to choose from.

If you’ve got career questions and need a live reading, sign up for AskNow today!

What Customers Say 

 As always, it’s best to look to user reviews when questioning whether a psychic network is right for you.

AskNow’s tarot readers come highly recommended, with reviews like this one: “I felt such a wonderful connection with them! They really have a special gift and also a great listener too!! They are one of my faves! Everything they spoke out was the exact truth! I was absolutely in shock, look forward to connecting again!”  

A Master psychic specializing in career advice received this review: “They are spectacular, very experienced, quickly gets messages that they shared with me. They are unbelievably gifted and so accurate. I look forward to the other things coming to fruition in the future. I will surely call again!”

You too can receive amazing career advice, just sign on to AskNow today. 

15 Minutes for Only $10

 Mysticsense –Most Trusted Tarot Readings for Life Advice

Mysticsense Main Features

 It can be quite hard to know where you’re going in life, without help or insight from outside influences. When you’re feeling lost on the path of life, and in need of being pointed in the right direction, an online tarot card reader can help point you in the right direction with a reading, giving you insight and clarity into the way things stand now, and the best course of action to take moving forward. When you’re looking for life advice, look no further than the trusted tarot readers on Mysticsense

Though Mysticsense has only been in operation since they founding in 2020, they’ve made quite an impression in the psychic network community in the past 2 years. Already operating on a level with well established psychic brands, Mysticsense is bringing their gifted tarot readers to the forefront in order to give you the life advice you’re looking for.

An added bonus is that they offer readings at the lowest general price point, with tarot readings spanning from just $.99 a minute to $9.99 a minute. Many brands’ most experienced readers charge well over $10 a minute for readings, which can be a strain on the wallet, especially when you’re looking for a tarot reading that is more in depth, such as a life reading. On Mysticsense, you can receive these in depth readings without spending too much money, and as a welcome gift when you sign up for the service, you’ll receive 5 free minutes!

On Mysticsense, you can get your life advice readings via phone, live chat, or even a video reading, and you can choose the style of reading you receive from the extensive filter options in the side menu. Look for Tarot in the Tools section of the menu, and then choose the Life Path & Destiny option from the Specialties filters, and you’ll instantly be shown all the available tarot readers who specialize in giving readings pertaining to your life path and destiny. You can browse the readers’ profiles for information about their specialties, abilities, reading styles, and more, including feedback from other users who have gotten tarot readings from them.

Mysticsense’s tarot readers have all been subject to a screening process that tests their psychic abilities, tarot reading skills, and their dedication to providing the best customer service and experience to their clients. They have combined this process for legitimizing their psychics and tarot readers with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so that you can feel good knowing that you are spending your money wisely on a psychic network when you choose Mysticsense for your online tarot readings. When you make wise choices, you’re already setting out down the path to living your best life; receiving life advice from the best sources can help you on your journey in ways you never imagined.

Check out the talented and accurate tarot readers on Mysticsense when you’re in search of advice about your life path, and see what makes them one of the top rated psychic networks right now!

What Customers Say 

There are many satisfied users who have received wonderful life advice through the tarot on Mysticsense. One reviewer said: “I loved the reading I received from them, they definitely saw my situation and their sight is so so accurate! They were fast and through, I enjoyed chatting with them, you won’t be disappointed! They definitely deserve 5 stars!!!”

And another very satisfied customer said: “Utterly beyond sensational, beautiful reading!! Loved their use of details and explanations throughout!! Evoked positivity whenever, wherever possible!! Very helpful, compassionate!! Highly memorable, truthful, wise reading without error!! I shall not forget this incomparable reading!!”

See what makes Mysticsense incomparable and give it a try now!

Purple Garden – Best for Mobile Tarot Readings

Purple Garden Main Features

If you have an especially busy schedule, or are not often at home with your computer, but still looking for advice from trusted tarot readers, in any situation, Purple Garden is there to help. With their mobile optimized app, you can have access to all of the great features and tarot readers that are available on the web browser. In fact, some of the features of Purple Garden are only available when you are using the mobile app.

Purple Garden has been providing mobile readings for over a decade, with over 10,000 customers and counting. You can get readings your way – they offer phone readings, live chat readings, and even video readings. When you’re on the go, but really need to talk to a trusted tarot reader or psychic adviser, you can just log on to Purple Garden and have every answer you’re looking for right there at your fingertips 

By searching through the extensive list of psychics and tarot readers available on Purple Garden’s mobile app, you can find the right reader for any question you may have. Simply search for the topic you’d like to cover, or filter the options, and all readers who cover those topics will appear. Make sure to specify if you’d like a tarot reading as well, in order to only be shown those who use tarot for their psychic tools. Each reader has a video introduction on their profile page, so you can get a real feel for their energy before settling into a reading with them.

The readers on Purple Garden are all tested for their psychic ability, and tarot readers in particular must demonstrate their tarot reading talent in a video call before they are accepted to Purple Garden as online tarot card readers. Many of the tarot readers working on Purple Garden have decades of experience, as well as certifications in various practices, like tarot and mediumship. While they don’t offer a full satisfaction guarantee on their readings like many other sites do, all of this experience guarantees that you’re dealing with legitimate readers, so you don’t have to waste your time and money with psychic frauds or those who are very new to practicing tarot reading.

Aside from the convenience of a mobile app, Purple Garden offers other perks as well. Every reading you receive after you sign up is eligible for 5% cashback, credited right back to your account for future readings. When you sign up you’ll also receive a free $10 credit on your first purchase! When you sign up as a member to Purple Garden you’ll also have access to other promotions and referral credits as they come up in the app.

In this fast paced world, it’s always a good idea to have as many people on your side as possible. Purple Garden has plenty of trustworthy and talented tarot card readers waiting to answer your questions, from anywhere you have phone service, so you don’t have to wait another moment to get the advice you’re looking for!

What Customers Say 

Let’s hear from some satisfied customers about just how great the mobile tarot reading services of Purple Garden have been for them.

A top rated reader was given this review: “Provided details that helped with clarity about a situation, definitely hidden type information. Very talented and cares about giving you the truth, thanks!”

Another reader, specializing in love, received this review: “They provided me with wonderful insight. They were honest in the reading and helped me realize how things truly are. Thank you for all your help!”

And finally, another reader got this review: “Great reading! Clear concise and affirming. Love their energy.”

Check out Purple Garden today to receive great mobile readings.

Purple Garden
Free $10 Credit On Your First Purchase

Keen Psychics – Expert Love Psychics Website to Get Clarity on Love and Relationships

Keen Psychics Main Features

 Love is a very complicated thing that can keep us from realizing our true potential, due to spending all of our time waiting for it, catering to it, or trying to heal relationships that are past their prime. A tarot reading is one of the best ways you can sort out and clarify the events happening in your love life, and get a broader perspective on your relationships in a nonjudgmental setting. When you need clarity on these issues, you can look to the talented psychics on Keen Psychics for answers and advice.

There are over 1600 psychic advisors on Keen, and many of them are dedicated solely to tarot readings. Of these tarot readers, you can also find those who are experts in offering advice on love and relationships, for when you need to take a deep dive with the cards into all aspects that have to do with romance. Browsing the advisors menu will take you to the profile pages of the tarot readers for you to choose from. You can filter the type of reader you’re looking for, and read their extensive profiles in order to gain a better understanding of their tarot reading style, expertise, experience, and much more.

Keen Psychics tarot readers have schedules posted in advance, so that you can always be sure to catch your favorite reader on schedule. If the reader you’re looking to chat with is busy, you can line up your reading while they are on another call. You can also schedule your own reading in advance. Keen Psychics offers tarot readings via phone or live chat, so you can get all the details you need for your love and relationship questions in a timely, live manner.

Keen Psychics also stands out from the crowd with their huge catalog of psychic articles, including horoscopes. Clicking on the tarot advice link in the articles category takes you to a huge store of tarot resources, from articles detailing the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana, to astrological articles that deep dive into specific planetary placements beyond just the sun sign or even the Big Three. Time spent on Keen will never be wasted when your goal is to learn more about all things related to tarot. And yes, they have a wealth of articles related to love and relationships, as well. 

When you sign up for Keen, you’ll get your first 10 minutes of any session for just $1.99, and also have access to some advisors that offer the first 3 minutes of your session for free! While not every tarot reader on Keen offers the 3 free minutes, there is an option to filter those readers out, and only see the tarot readers who accept the offer.

Keen Psychics was founded in 1999 by spiritual practitioners, and remains one of the most popular psychic networks for those looking for tarot insights related to love and relationships. It’s easy to find great advice from the tarot through the tarot readers on Keen Psychics.

What Customers Say 

Of course, Keen Psychics lets you read the user reviews of their tarot readers. Here are a few of those reviews to help you make your decision in choosing Keen Psychics.

One reviewer said: “They helped me so much in little time. Thank you so much! Will chat with you again soon! I highly recommend.”

Another reviewer had this to say: “Always accurate and on point; They have the kindest heart and they are fast and compassionate 10/10 will recommend. I will come back for a final update!”

Finally, a last reviewer said: “Immediately in tune and very knowledgeable. Will call back for sure!”  

Keen Psychics
10 Mins for $1.99

Tarot Reading Articles

Take a look at related articles to tarot cards reading:

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card is a form of psychic reading. It is a form of cartomancy that uses a special deck of cards. A tarot card reader asks a question, draws cards, and then interprets an answer from the cards.

The earliest records of cartomancy date back to the 1400's. Fortune tellers would use playing cards to tell fortunes. It wasn't until the 1780's that tarot cards came on the scene.

In 1783, Jean-Baptiste Alliette, also known as Etteilla, assigned specific meanings to the cards. Etteilla was also the first person to create a tarot card reading society. He also wrote a tarot manifesto that would later be known as the Book of Thoth.

While the practice of tarot goes back thousands of years, the most popular tarot deck emerged in the 20th century. In 1909, the Rider-Waite tarot deck made its debut. The deck was designed by Arthur Edward Wait and illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith.

What Do Tarot Card Readers Do?

People go to tarot readers for all sorts of purposes. Oftentimes people go with questions about their love life or career. People also use tarot to help interpret dreams and understand their subconscious. Psychic tarot reading can provide answers where logic does not.

A free Tarot Reading online can open up a lot of questions in your life not previously considered. A soulmate tarot reading could put you on the path to find true love. If you find yourself searching for a “tarot card reader near me,” perhaps it’s time to try a psychic tarot card reading online.

A tarot card reader will assess your query, draw some cards to make a spread, and find an answer based on the symbols in front of them.

How Does Tarot Card Reading Work?

A woman

The act of reading tarot is ultimately an act of storytelling. A tarot reading is a story in which you are the hero. In the traditional Celtic cross spread, this is the very first card drawn and placed in the center. The cards placed around the center card represent your struggles and people playing roles in your story.

There are 78 cards in a standard tarot deck-- 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Most people know some major arcana, those are cards like Death and The Fool. The minor arcana resembles playing cards. They each have a suit (wands, swords, cups, or pentacles,) and a number or a court member.

The major arcana represents the big things going on in our lives. They are the major trials, tribulations, and breakthroughs we experience. The minor arcana represents the smaller but still important stuff that happens.

A skilled tarot reader can see these symbols and tell a story from them. The stories we tell about our lives can give us a lot of insight into our past, present, and future.

Advantages to Approaching an Online Tarot Card Reader

While you might think that an in person tarot reading will produce the most accurate results, there actually isn’t any reason that getting a tarot reading in person has any advantage over getting tarot readings online; so you can cancel your “tarot readers near me” search and find tarot readers all over the world, who can give you the same quality of tarot reading as you would get for searching “tarot reading near me.” 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of getting a tarot reading online, rather than in person.

Convenience - Sometimes, when you search for an in person reading by trying to find a “tarot card reading near me”, the tarot readers you may find aren’t actually near you at all. In fact, you might just get sent to one of the sites we advertise here. If there is a tarot reader in your area, they might be totally booked up for months, due to the high demand of in person tarot reading.

If you’re looking for convenient, quick tarot readings right now, then trying an online tarot reading site can be your ticket. You can get a reading at any time of day or night that suits your schedule, and you don’t even have to leave your couch!

Free Minutes – In person tarot readings can be pricey. The tarot reader is not only charging for their skills and expertise, as they should, but they are also charging for their reading space and the upkeep and management of that space. It is very rare to receive any free minutes when consulting a tarot in person.

With online tarot reading sites, there is the possibility of receiviing a free online tarot reading through one of the many free minute offers. Even if you don’t get a full free tarot reading online, just having the option of free minutes can reduce the overall cost by a lot.

Variety – When you search for tarot readers in your area, you are confined to only the few tarot readers that might have spaces set up for in person tarot reading near you. If you don’t live in or near a city, your chances of finding this becomes even lower; at best, you’ll have to wait til the next Renaissance Festival or other such event rolls through town – and when you do finally get to talk to them, you might find there’s no connection.

With an online tarot reading site, you have access to hundreds of tarot readers from across the globe, who are all available 24/7. You’ll have a much better chance of making a true connection and getting an accurate tarot reading.

Better Energy Readings – When you see a tarot reader in person, they are often able to pick up on all of the subtle energies and projections you are giving off, which could distract them from the reading or guide the reading in a direction that isn’t true to the moment. Although it might seem counterintuitive, it is actually easier for a tarot reader to pick up on your individual energy when you are not in the same room, as there is nothing to distract them from the reading.

If you want the most accurate tarot readings, an online tarot reading website could be just the ticket for you to get a pure, focused reading.

Tips for Choosing an Online Tarot Reader

a woman holding up a tarot card

Here are some tips for choosing an excellent online tarot card reader:

  1. Know What You Want To Ask:
    Even the best tarot card reader can’t give an answer if you’re not asking the right question. Before you seek out an online tarot card reader, decide on what you want to know more about. That way, you can find a tarot reader who specializes in that field.

    For those who don’t even know where to start, tell your tarot reader! There are plenty of online tarot readers who are specialized in helping tarot newbies.
  2. Choose a Tarot Card Reader Who Uses Webcam:
    Tarot is a highly visual medium. A good online tarot reader will show you the cards, so you can see the symbols for yourself. Sometimes, aspects of the cards will jump out at you in ways the tarot reader doesn’t pick up on. By allowing you to see the cards for yourself, the tarot card reader empowers you to tell your own story.
  3. Read Reviews From Previous Clients:
    Reviews from previous clients are a great resource when searching for the best tarot reading. Read client’s reviews. This will give you some information on how the reader practices and what they specialize in. This can also help you avoid fraud.
  4. Trust Your Intuition:
    Above all, use your intuition when seeking out online tarot card reading. You know when you just “click” with someone. If you stumble across the profile of an online tarot card reader and find your heart screaming “YES!” book them for a reading.  Your heart knows who the best tarot can reading.

    If you’re having trouble finding the best tarot reader for you, we’re here to help you out. At, we provide reviews and all the information needed to find your soulmate online tarot card reader. Our data is based on the research, knowledge, and experience of our experts. Our goal is to provide reliable and impartial information about psychic reading sites.

What Should I Avoid when Looking for a Tarot Reader

Like with anything you might search for online, it’s a good idea to practice some discernment when it comes to finding an online tarot reader. There are many people who try to take advantage of people in vulnerable moments by scamming them. You might also get a reading from a tarot reader only to find that they are just starting out and have only the barest grasp on the cards and their meaning, which could waste your time and money just as much. Here are some things to avoid when you’re looking for a tarot reader.

Tarot Readers that ask for personal info – A tarot reader shouldn’t need very much personal information from you. Your first name, birthday, and question should be all the information that you give. You can ask a detailed question without giving up a lot of personal information. If a tarot reader requires personal info from you, they might be trying to scam you. Never give an online tarot reader your full name, any of your location information, or any other clearly identifying info. Finding an online tarot reading site that offers secure payment can keep you safe from predatory scammers. If you start to feel like you’re being grilled, rather than given answers, end the conversation.

Readers that charge excessive fees – Like anybody offering a service, tarot readers should be paid for the time and effort it takes for them to provide you with a tarot reading. However, if you notice that a tarot reader is charging excessive fees, you should think again before receiving their services. Excessive fees could look like different things – any fee that is extra from the original reading fee is excessive, or charging upwards of $100 on spreads that only contain 5 cards. While this might depend on the popularity and reputation of the reader, you’re not always getting a better reading just because you paid more for it.

Automated readings – It's easy to get tricked by free online tarot tools into thinking you’re getting a real reading. However, these automated readings are created by an algorithm, and have little to do with actual tarot reading. They often give advice that is very general, with no personal touch to it. If you want a real tarot reading, make sure you’re visiting a real tarot reader. They can tap into your actual energy to bring you readings that are accurate and tailored to your specific questions.

False Claims – It's always a good idea to watch out for false claims when looking for an online tarot reader. Tarot reading is a form of divination, but is mostly a way to create stories around a situation and help you find clarity from it. If an online tarot reader ever claims that their tarot reading will produce results besides self actualization, you might be getting scammed. Tarot cards aren’t inherently magical, so just getting a love tarot reading isn’t going to make your wish come have to use the information to move ahead in life.

How Do I Prepare for a Session with a Tarot Reader?

To get the best tarot reading possible, you want to be prepared. There are a few ways that you can prepare for a tarot reading in order to get the most out of it.

The most important thing to do to prepare for a tarot reading is to have a detailed question ready to ask the tarot reader as soon as you are connected. If you don’t know what you’re going to ask before you get started, you’ll draw out the reading longer than it needs to be, and end up feeling unsatisfied with a tarot reading that feels all over the place. The tarot reader can only work with what you give them, and can’t read your mind, so it’s best to have a question ready. 

If you do have a question, make sure that it is as specific as possible (without too much personal detail) so that the tarot reader has something to work with. If your question is too general, it is likely that you will receive a general reading. Of course, if you want a general reading to point you towards something you should be focusing on now, it is best to know that ahead of time, as well.

Free Online Tarot Reading

The idea of a free tarot reading online can be very attractive. After all, who doesn’t want their tarot online reading free? Many online tarot reading sites stop just shy of offering a full on free online tarot card reading, but there are still deals that can be taken advantage of, so that you can get as much bang for your buck as possible.
Most online tarot reading sites offer some kind of introductory offer, so that you can get as much of a tarot reading free online as possible. Tarot reading free online minutes start at 3 minutes free, and some even go up to 10 free minutes, like Purple Garden. A 10 minute credit might not exactly be enough to receive a free tarot reading 10 card spread, but it certainly takes a large chunk of minutes and can get you a full, in depth tarot reading for much less.

Are Free Tarot Card Readings Legitimate?

Of course, they say, you get what you pay for. So are free tarot card readings legit? That depends on where you’re getting the reading and how much of it is free. If you see someone advertising a tarot online reading free, they might just be a beginner looking to get experience and sharpen their skills. It’s always a good idea to help people out in the beginning stages of their career, but you might not get the quality of reading you were hoping for.
If, however, the free reading is in the form of a free minute offer for signing up for an online tarot reading site, as long as the site itself is legitimate, the free tarot card reading will also be legitimate. These free minutes are a great way to test out tarot readers online before committing to a full reading with them.

Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card meanings have largely remained the same over the ages since the tarot reading system was developed. In the traditional tarot system, there are 78 cards to each deck – 22 Major Arcana cards, and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

The Major Arcana cards deal with larger cycles and themes of life; the lessons we have to learn in order to become our full actualized self. The Major Arcana cards, in order, follow the path called The Fool’s Journey, beginning with The Fool, card 0, to The World, card 21. Each Major Arcana card has a planet or zodiac sign associated with it, that can help bring more meaning to each card, if you’re aware of astrological associations. The Major Arcana cards also follow a numerology system, and the number of each card aligns with that number’s meaning in numerology.

The Minor Arcana cards deal with smaller, everyday concerns of life and its ups and downs. Each Minor Arcana is sorted into its element, with 14 cards to each suit – 10 numbered cards and 4 court cards -   just like a regular deck of playing cards. Each suit in order follows its own cycle, similar to the Major Arcana, but on a smaller and more personal scale.

The Court Cards in the Minor Arcana can be hard for some tarot readers to get ahold of. To some they represent specific people, including the querent, while others stay away from assigning identity or personhood to tarot cards. Above all, they are representative of energy types, and energies that a querent could hope to embody, or is embodying too much, depending on the reading.

Reversed tarot cards have meanings of their own, often the same meaning as the upright card, but turned inward. They can also represent that the lessons of that card have not yet been learned or are not ready to be learned. Many tarot readers find that each card has enough breadth of meaning that they don’t feel the need to assign specific meanings to reversed tarot cards.

Let’s take a look at the suits and what they represent.

The Wands – The Wands represent the element of Fire; passion, motivation, and starting new things. As we travel through the Wands suit, we start with the spark of a new idea and new beginnings, with the Ace of Wands, all the way to the King of Wands, who sits enthroned after mastering his suit, and inspires others to follow in the footsteps of his bold ambition.

The Cups – The Cups represent the element of Water; intuition, creativity, imagination, and emotions. The Cups suit starts with an emotional new beginning with the Ace of Cups, readying for new feelings, and ends with the King of Cups, who can stay balanced and diplomatic despite strong tides of emotion all around him.

The Swords – The Swords represent the element of Air; logic, the truth, words, and thoughts and ideas. This suit starts with picking up the Ace of Swords, ready to charge into the world, bringing the light of truth to all you do, and ends with the King of Swords, who sits enthroned with good judgement, intellect, and foresight.

The Pentacles – The Pentacles represent the element of Earth; all that is material, wealth, resources, and manifestations in the real world. Beginning with the Ace of Pentacles, which speaks to new cycles of wealth and resources, and ending with the King of Pentacles, who has worked for all that he has, and knows that he deserves it.

Tarot Spreads

a tarot card spread

Tarot spreads are the basic structure that tarot cards are placed into when doing a reading. In a tarot spread, the cards are pulled at random or shuffled out, in order. According to the order that each card came out in, they are then placed in the corresponding place in the spread. Each placement has a specific prompt, or question, that the chosen card then answers.

There are as many tarot spreads as there are tarot card readers. Any tarot reader can create their own spread according to themes they wish to do readings on, and others like to stick to established spreads, especially when beginning their tarot journey.

Tarot spreads can range in theme. You can do a soulmate spread, where each placement asks a question regarding finding a soulmate, or a career and financial spread, with the cards in their placements giving advice on various matters of pursuing career and financial freedom. There can also be tarot spreads that are specific to a certain time of year, like a New Year tarot spread, that maps out all of the energies a person might deal with in the year ahead, or a Birthday spread, which functions the same, only is prepared on the person’s birthday, not the new year. The possibilities of spread themes are endless, and can cover every aspect of life in a general or very specific way.  

Spreads can be done using any number of cards, but the most common use 3, 5, or 7 cards.

3 card tarot spread 

A simple spread, often used to denote a person’s past, present, and future, with each of the cards representing that time in the person’s life. 3 card spreads are great for beginners who are practicing tarot, or those who like to begin each day with a daily tarot reading. They don’t take too much time to complete an overall reading, yet are able to provide deep insights nevertheless.

5 card tarot spread

A 5 card tarot spread goes a bit deeper into the subject of the tarot reading. Many spreads start with 5 cards, and can be arranged in any different way that the tarot reader prefers. One example of a 5 card spread is a spiritual shift spread, where the 1st and 2nd cards represent where the querent is now, and where they are trying to get to, respectively, and the final 3 cards represent the journey that it will take for them to get there.

7 card tarot spread

A 7 card tarot reading is, of course, even more in depth than the previous two, with extra cards to dive even deeper into the subject. Just like the 3 card spread and 5 card spread, the 7 card spread can be used for a variety of questions and subjects, and it’s up to each tarot reader to assign the placements meaning, depending on the specific spread they are using. A 7 card spread can be used for anything from love readings, to life path readings, to career and finance, spirituality, and more.

Yes or No Tarot

While tarot is best used for those seeking the bigger picture through stories and archetypes, yes or no tarot is popular with those seeking a simple answer to their question. However, the tarot is anything but simple, and yes or no tarot spreads, though possible, often bring up more questions than easy answers.

A tarot yes or no involves a one card pull. Cards are generally neutral in meaning until they are given a question to answer, but there are some cards, like the Three of Swords, that pretty reliably mean ‘No’ in a reading. However, depending on what the question is, Three of Swords could also mean ‘yes’, for instance, if you’re asking about trouble with a broken heart. As you can see, a simple yes or no from the tarot isn’t always so simple.

However, these yes or no spreads can often help to start a conversation that leads to a deeper insight than just positive or negative. Some tarot readers also assign yes or no meanings to different numbers or suits of the tarot, so that no matter what the actual meaning of the card that comes out is, all the reader must do is see what number and suit that card is, and say yes or no from that. There are no agreed-upon assignments of suits or numbers that represent yes or no, as a case could be made for both for any of the suits.

Ready for a Tarot Reading?

Are you ready to try an online tarot reading? Now that you have all the information, here are the next steps to start talking online to a tarot reader.

  • Determine what you are looking for in a tarot card reading.
  • Browse and compare sites.
  • Choose a site.
  • Open an account and claim any sign-on promotions.
  • Choose a method of communication to book a session. We recommend you use a video session, but chat and phone services are also available.

What are you waiting for? Find an online tarot card reader today!


Where Can I Find a Tarot Reader?

Tarot readers can be found by online searches like “tarot reading near me”, if you’re looking for a tarot reader in your area. If you’re unable to find a tarot reader in person, you can also search any of the sites we advertise here to find trusted tarot readers who are known for reading accurately.

These sites make it easy to find the perfect tarot reader depending on your question and situation, as you can usually use advanced filters to find a reader that has expertise in the subject you are asking about. You can choose your preferred reading method, receive a reading on your time, and choose the price point you’d like. Using online tarot readers allows you to customize the experience to your own preferences, letting you be empowered in your own reading.

 Read our review guides for all of the sites listed here, and you’ll find the perfect tarot reader for your question in no time.

How to Make Sure my Tarot Reader is Trusted?

It’s only natural to want to make sure that your tarot reader is trustworthy, as your questions can be personal and make you vulnerable, and you don’t want to spend your money on someone who isn’t a true tarot reader.  

The best way to make sure your tarot reader is trusted is by doing your research before you buy a tarot reading. With sites like ours, where you can read reviews on every aspect of the online tarot site, you have all the information you need at your fingertips, before you even check the site out. We use real tarot readers and other experts in the field to vet these sites, in order to find the best and most trustworthy tarot readers online.

Once on the sites, you can read the reviews left by other users who have spoken to the tarot reader you are thinking of choosing. These reviews, from real people like you, are helpful in gaining insight into the accuracy of the tarot reader so you can trust that you’re receiving the best reading possible.

What Can Tarot Reading Do for Me?

Tarot reading is a wonderful way to gain insight and clarity into situations going on in any realm of your life, from love and relationships, to family, to spirituality, career and finance, your life path and destiny, and so much more. While tarot reading is a divination method, it doesn’t tell the future so much as it provides a closer look at what is going on right now – which can be harder to figure out than you think.

The self actualization you can gain from a tarot reading is priceless, as it can truly help you turn around a bad situation, or at least see it from a new perspective, one that leads you to hurt a little less. With these lessons, you can go into your life with much more knowledge of your own self, and make your dreams come true. If you feel like you’re stuck on the path of life and don’t know how to get out, a tarot reading can zoom out on the situation and give you much-needed direction in a directionless world.


Are Tarot Readings Real?

It’s normal to be skeptical of tarot readings if you’re not experienced with reading tarot or receiving tarot readings. Many people don’t believe that tarot readings are “real”, but those people are probably working off of misconceptions of what tarot is and what it can do in the first place.

So, are tarot readings real? Well, of course they are! When you receive a tarot reading from a trustworthy, experienced tarot reader, you’ll be given insight into situations of your life based on stories told by the archetypes of the cards, depending on the order they are pulled and where in the spread they are assigned. There actually isn’t much magic involved at all, besides the fact that very often the cards can be extremely specific to a situation or question asked.

A tarot reading is essentially your tarot reader interpreting the symbolism and archetypes of the cards in a way that is meaningful to you. Since the cards represent factors of life that we all experience, the wisdom of the tarot is, indeed, very real.


Do Online Tarot Cards Work?

Online tarot tools, of course, work in a similar way, where the archetypes and symbolism can be read and understood depending on any situation that is asked of them. However, the human element is missing, and replaced by an algorithm.

The human element, and the energy of the person giving the reading, is the main element of the tarot card. A true card reader could pick up any deck of cards, whether they are tarot or not, and give you a reading that applies to your life, because of their deep intuitive gifts. The computer algorithm of an online tarot card tool doesn’t quite work like that, so while you might get some insight into a situation, it won’t be quite as personalized as you might hope. 

As long as you are careful and make sure to receive readings from actual people as well as consult online tarot cards, there’s no harm in it; just be aware that you might not be receiving the most personalized experience, and therefore not getting the most accurate answers.

What Are Reversed Tarot Cards?

When shuffling the cards, some can fall out in a reversed position. For many tarot readers, this changes the meaning of the card somewhat from the main meaning, while others do not consider reversals at all.

For those who do, reversals can mean several different things, depending on the reader. Some read reversals as the energy of the meaning of the card being turned inward, rather than outward. For some, reversals mean that the wisdom of that card is not yet ready to be learned by the querent, and they should refer back to the preceding card for the answer they want. And for some, reversals are almost a total inverse of the original meaning of the card.

There is no right or wrong answer, again, it depends on the reader. Each card has a deep wealth of meaning and symbolism within it, and reversals are just another layer of meaning applied to the cards.

Can I Become a Tarot Reader and What Tools do I Need for That? 

The best thing about tarot is that, unlike some other psychic abilities, anyone can learn it! While most people who are drawn to tarot reading do have some kind of aptitude for psychic abilities, or at least a keen intuition, it’s not a prerequisite for reading the cards.

All you need to learn to read tarot is a tarot deck and a guide, lots of time, and willing guinea pigs to practice your craft on. Many tarot readers believe that tarot is best and most accurate when read for another person, rather than for the self. While self reading is important, especially for daily tarot pulls and check-ins, you will really notice your knowledge being put to use when reading for other people.

The Rider Waite Smith deck is a great place to start, as it’s the basic deck with the basic imagery. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the meanings of all of the cards in this deck, you can begin to branch out to other decks that follow the system but have different imagery, and from there you can also learn different card systems, like the Thoth deck, Lenormand, or Oracle cards.

Final Thoughts

Tarot reading is a divination method gaining popularity, that involves interpreting symbolism, archetypes, and numerology laid out by various others in the past, based on a simple card game. It can be used in a variety of ways, mostly as a tool for self actualization, to gain clarity and insight, find your way down the path of life, and more.

With the popularity of tarot, it can be easy to find your way to tarot readers who are inexperienced, or even straight up scammers. It’s important to be informed when choosing someone to help you in a vulnerable moment, looking for answers in your personal, spiritual, and romantic life. You don’t want to waste your time and money on someone who isn’t going to give you the most detailed and specific answers possible.

For that reason, we’ve taken our tarot reader experts and gone on a deep dive into some of the top psychic networks offering tarot reading today. We’ve looked at price points, screening processes, strengths, types of readings offered, and special introductory offers in order to bring you the best information there is to be had out there about tarot readers online. With our expertise, you can be sure that by choosing any one of these sites, you are choosing a legitimate tarot reader and a real tarot reading experience. Every site we recommend features experienced tarot readers who are ready to answer your deepest questions.

We hope that you’ll take the knowledge you’ve gained here, like what tarot card reading is, how to prepare yourself, what to look out for in a tarot reader, and all the great free offers and promotions, in addition to the in depth review guides we’ve provided, and use it to treat yourself to a tarot reading that could change your life.

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".