Keen Psychics Review 2022

Keen Psychics
Keen Psychics
Offers a wide variety of psychic services including astrology, tarot reading, and psychic medium reading.
10 Mins for $1.99

Keen Psychics Full Pricing

  • Pricing range: $1.99 to $9.99 & up
  • Special offer: 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Satisfaction 100% Guarantee

Top Features

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Love & relationship advice
  • Over 1600+ advisors
  • Best new customer offer

Keen Psychics In-Depth Review

Fuchsia Sofia

Keen Psychics has a long-standing reputation as one of the oldest on the web. They provide services all over the world, and customers have over 1700 options of psychics to choose from. We at Top10-Psychics found the site to be trustworthy, clean, and easy to read. Spiritual readings were heartfelt and inspiring. Keen has an uplifting and stimulating ambiance, which makes potential clients feel at ease and not judged.

Psychics available 24/7
Thousands of testimonials
User friendly platform
Founded by spiritual practitioners
Preferred psychic is not always available
No live readings
It can take up to 24 hours to hear back after messaging a psychic

Keen Psychics Video

    How Much Does Keen Psychics Cost?

    All readings start at $1.99 a minute and can go $50 and up a minute, this includes chatting as well as phone. Promotion is 10 minutes for $1.99. Membership is free.

    Top Payment Methods

    We know it’s not just about the cost: how you pay matters too! Are you looking to score reward points on your credit card? You’re in luck! Keen psychics accepts all major credit cards.

    In addition, you can pay with PayPal, and gift cards. Funds can be added multiple ways. You can add to your account online, through the app, and even on the phone. The minimum amount to add is $10 with no upper limit.


    Is it possible to request a refund?

    Yes! If you are dissatisfied, you can receive a $25 refund under their satisfaction guaranteed policy by contacting customer service. Also contact customer service to request a refund for available balance in the user account if you close your account.   

    The Most Popular Readings Keen Psychics Offers

    Keen has access to a variety of psychics who can do all kinds of readings. Keen grants you access to tarot, love & relationships, life questions, spiritual, & psychic mediums readings. Wow, that’s a lot, where do you even start?

    Let’s take a look at some of our most popular types of psychic reading!

    • Tarot Reading: Tarot reading is by far one of the most intriguing forms of clairvoyance. A psychic uses a special deck of cards to answer your questions. Tarot reading is great because it can answer questions about love, career, life path, anything!
    • Love Psychic: A love psychic might use any style of reading, but they mainly focus on love. They can best tune in to the vibrations of the heart.

      Want to know how to find your soulmate? Maybe you are dying to know how best to move on from an ex. Go to a love psychic!
    • Psychic Medium: A psychic medium can tune in to the spirits of the deceased. They have a sort of “sixth sense” that allows them to feel the presence of spirits and communicate with the dead

    Keen - Psychics List

    Cool Tools and Features with Keen Psychics

    Not only is Keen affordable and offers a ton of services, it’s also easy to use. Here are some of the tools and features that make Keen Psychics accessible to everyone!

    • Keen App - the best part about Keen is that you can access a psychic without leaving your bed! The app allows you to search through profiles of psychics. You can arrange for calls or chats. It even gives you a free daily horoscope!
    • Arranged Calls - if you’ve found a psychic that you love, Keen allows you to request them whenever they become available. When you arrange a call, your favorite psychic will get in contact as soon as they become available.
    • Ping - to send quick instant messages to your advisor, Keen has a chat feature called Ping. Feel free to connect whenever it’s convenient for you!
    • Mail - do you feel more comfortable writing a full letter than a chat? Keen Mail lets you write messages similar to emails to your psychic. Keen Mail does not use your real email, so your privacy stays safe.

    How to Get Started with Keen Psychics

    • Using the website or app, you will automatically be shown a list of available psychics.
    • Click the one of your choosing. There you will be prompted to arrange a call or a chat.
    • The psychic will call you back through the Keen calling system.
    • You will need to provide your phone number and credit/debit or PayPal information.
    • If you join as a member, you will be sent free minutes to be used towards a reading of your choosing.

    Keen Signup Form

    How to Book a Reading?

    Once on the site you will be shown a list of readers who are online. Scroll through, read the reviews, and pick the one of your choosing. From there you will be prompted to set up a phone call or a chat.

    Book an Appointment with Keen

    After you make your profile, you can select a time to receive your reading. Simply click on the name your favorite psychic and click the button that says “Arrange Call.” A link will pop up that says “Request an Appointment.” Click the link to schedule your call date, time, and duration of the call. Users require at least 1 minute of talk time to book the appointment.

    Book a Chat with Keen

    For an instant reading, try the chat feature. When you create a profile, Keen will show you a list of psychics who are online and currently available. If they offer chat, a “chat now” button will appear by their name. Click the button to get started with your psychic.

    Book a Call with Keen

    Booking a call is pretty similar to booking a chat. Once you have created your profile, the app will display a list of available psychics. Psychics who are available to call will have a button that says “call now” next to their name. Click the button, and the psychic will receive the phone number listed on the app. The psychic will then call you, all you have to do is answer and press “1” to accept the call.

    How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic

    Searching for the best psychic depends on what you’re looking to resolve or have answered. First decide what type of reading you want (psychic, love, life, spiritual), then on the homepage you can choose the type under “Advisors”. From there you can simply scroll through to find the right psychic for you!

    So, who should you choose?

    How are you feeling? Sometimes you’ll be drawn to a psychic as a matter of chance, like when you see 11:11 or 2:22 on your clock! You’re going to want to look at the star reviews to base your initial impression on the potential reader, and let your heart guide you.

    How to Connect with a Reader

    Have you found the one you feel right for you? To connect with a reader, you simply click Call Now or Chat Now next to their title, and then let the energy start to work! If you click on the heart next to their photo, you can save your favorites to review later.

    How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

    Were you pleased with your reading? Do you want to tell the world about your psychic? Leaving a feedback is simple. After your reading you will be prompted with your receipt to leave a review. From there you can message the reader, leave a bonus, and relay your experience to help others.

    Is Keen Psychics Legit?

    Yes! Keen has been connecting people with psychic advisors since 1999. The Keen app has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play and holds a 4.4 rating among Andriod users.

    Keen also provides users with helpful guides on how to get the most out of your psychic reading. Keen believes that psychic reading should empower the reader. For this reason, they provide you with information, so you can make the most out of your psychic journey.

    What have Keen users had to say about their platform?

    Over 100,000 people have downloaded the app through Android. It holds a 4.4 rating from nearly 2000 reviews.

    Overall, most reviews are good. Users tend to agree that their psychics helped them gain insight and overcome difficult situations. In bad reviews, users complain that some psychics take longer than expected to answer.

    Keen Psychics Mobile App

    Does Keen Psychics have a downloadable Mobile App available?


    Keen Psychics App

    The Keen app is a super convenient way to instantly connect with a psychic. It has excellent features such as:

    • Psychic search function to find the right reading for you
    • Check if your favorite advisors are online
    • Arrange a callback if your favorite psychic is not available
    • Enjoy a free daily horoscope
    • Share your daily horoscope on various social media
    • Stay up to date with latest new features

    Love readings? You can download the Keen app on Apple and Google Play.

    How to Access Help and Support

    Keen Help & Support is available Monday-Friday: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST and Saturday-Sunday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM PST.

    A FAQ page is also included to help answer any questions you may have. The FAQ covers:

    • Billing setup
    • Billing issues
    • Refunds
    • How to find an advisor
    • How to contact advisors
    • Technical issues
    • Account issues

    Bottom Line

    A great place for finding answers to life’s hard questions! Keen has nearly 2,000 psychics to choose from, each completely individual and unique.

    From psychic, love and relationship, life questions, tarot readers, spiritual readings, financial outlook, and astrology–– you are presented with thousands of answers to your most pressing life inquiries!

    Aside from the amazing array of talent to choose from, Keen offers extremely insightful and well-written articles covering hundreds of spiritual topics including love advice, psychic advice, tarot advice, spiritual advice, and astrology advice articles, as well as a Keen blog for keeping up with celebrations and giveaways.

    You can also find horoscopes for each zodiac sign, refreshed, and renewed every single day of the week! There are also personal tarot readings with interactive cards to choose from to get quick readings at your fingertips.

    With an easy to navigate site and plenty of spiritual options, there is something for everyone at Keen.


    Does Keen have any introductory offers?

    Keen offers new customers promotions upon registration. The most common offers are 3 free minutes of chat with a psychic, or 10 mintues for $10.99.

    How do I claim my promotional offer?

    These will be automatically applied to your account upon registration.

    If my first reading lasts longer than 3 minutes, will I be billed?

    Should your reading last longer than the allotted promotional time, Keen has two billing options. You can opt for Seamless pay, which pre-authorizes ten-minute increments at the psychic’s rate. This way, reading is not interrupted. You can also pre-pay for time with your psychic.

    Fuchsia Sofia has been freelance writing and editing for over five years. She received her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing & Philosophy, and is nearly finished with a double master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Addiction Counseling. Fuchsia is a lover of cats, reading, music, art, film, wisdom, meaning, and exploring the mysteries of existence. For nearly twenty years, she has studied metaphysics, divination, astrology, dream interpretation, numerology, holistic healing, yoga, the chakra system, meditation, sacred medicine, and the healing arts in general. Fuchsia loves to sing, play the piano, and the guitar. She is a gourmet chef and a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Fuchsia lives in Portland, Oregon with her two cats.