Psychic Source Review 2022 - What Makes it Stand Out?

Psychic Source
Psychic Source
Psychic Source’s close-knit community provides the most gifted and genuine Online Psychics.
As Low As $1.00 Per Minute

Psychic Source Full Pricing

  • Pricing range: $1.00 - $18.99 per minute
  • Value Packages with 3 free minutes
  • Available Promo Codes
  • Free Bonus Dollars

Top Features

  • Find a Psychic Tool
  • Membership Rewards
  • Phone, chat and Video Chat readings
  • Advisor-recorded meditations and podcasts

Psychic Source In-Depth Review

Shanta Cameron
By:Shanta Cameron

The main energy I connect with when interacting with the Psychic Source platform is genuine, kind and compassionate. Established back in 1989, there’s a real feeling of positive intentions for their users to have the best Psychic experience. With 200 + carefully selected spiritual advisors on stand by, Psychic Source consultants have reasonable rates and member offers that are valuable and truly life changing.

  • Psychics Available 24/7
  • Customer Service Availability 24/7
  • Phone, Chat and Video Chat Available
  • Reasonable Rates
  • No email access to Psychics

How Much Does Psychic Source Cost?

Before connecting with a Psychic on it’s good to know that each Psychic has their own rates. The rates range from $1.00 - $14.99 + per minute.

Introductory prices are automatically applied when you try Psychic Source for the first time. Once your introductory pricing is over, the price range to speak to the same Psychic may go up from $1.00 to $4.99 per minute depending on which Psychic you have selected and how you choose to receive your reading.

There is also an option to take advantage of the new Price Protection Program. This Price Protection can lock in price rates for the members that apply.

There are also value packages that you can purchase. The most popular is the 30 minutes for 30 dollars or 10 minutes for $10 dollars. These packages all include 3 free additional minutes!

Psychic Source Pricing

Top Payment Methods

So we spoke on prices, now we explain how to fund the account. You can find your account by using the following methods:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Master Card®, Visa® or American Express® Gift Card
  • PayPal
  • Money Order


Is it possible to request a refund?

Yes! As long as you request a refund within 24 hours of speaking with one of their Psychics, you can request a refund.

To request a refund you have to call Customer Care at 1.800.732.0797 or send an email by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page. From the ‘Contact Us’ page you can send them a direct email. You also have the option to speak with a customer support team member via live chat.

The Most Popular Readings Psychic Source Offers

  • Psychic Readings: Considering a Psychic Reading? You’ve come to the right place if you desire any clarity and insight on life questions and concerns. Gifted and Authentic Psychics on this platform will provide you a peace of mind regarding spiritually, love, career, family and just life in general.
  • Love Readings: A Love Reading can cover anything regarding a romantic relationship. Psychics on the platform that are listed under the Love Reading category will have expertise in relationship compatibility, fidelity and marriage. Their gifted consultants offer the support, advice, and compassion to guide you through any thoughts, decisions, emotions or concerns you may have relating to love relationships.
  • Angel Card Readings: These particular card readings help psychics to connect with the angels that are all around us and are involved in our everyday lives. These angels are not sensed and perceived by the average person. Psychic Source Mediums are able to connect with these beings to gain a higher perspective for you to gain clarity and the bigger picture on any situation.

    • The kind of Angels the Psychics connect with:
      • Angels from the Bible, (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel)
      • Judeo-Christian lore (Uriel, Azrael, etc.)
      • Spirit guides (family spirits, guardian angels, ascended masters)
      • Your ancestors and loved ones who have passed
  • Cartomancy Readings: A Cartomancy Reading is very useful in providing insight and peace of mind. Usually, a Psychic Reader will use a deck of 52 playing cards that are usually played in poker games to give their client perspective. Each card is given spiritual meaning and significance by the Psychic Reader.
  • Astrology Reading: Similar to tarot readings, an Astrology Reading is a tool to help uncover hidden knowledge about your life, path and purpose. An Astrology Reading can tell you about what the stars have in store for you based on your birth date, birth time and birth location.

    Astrology is more than just your Sun sign. Astrologers have an in-depth understanding of the concept: As Above, So Below. So if you would like an in-depth analysis of your personality, motives, desires influenced by the celestial bodies above, you may want to connect with a seasoned astrologer from Psychic Source.
  • Tarot Card Readings: A Psychic Tarot Card Reading involves a spread of 78 cards that the psychic will use to interpret your current situation or your near future. These cards are designed for the Psychic to get in tune with your energy, environment, and situation to relay messages related to any inquiry. Tarot readings are available via Chat, Phone or Video Chat. These readings are just as powerful as meeting your Tarot Reader in person.

    In addition to tarot chat readings, you’ll also have access to free transcripts after your personal tarot reading.

These readings can reveal what you’re destined to experience regarding love, family, career/work environment or even if it’s best to be self employed.

Cool Tools and Features with Psychic Source

  • ‘Find a Psychic’ Tool - this is a tool that will guide you through hundreds of Psychics to find the perfect match for you. This feature will ask you a series of questions to narrow down a selection of Spiritual Advisors based on the answers that you provided. By the end of the short questionnaire, you will have a selection of 3 top expert Psychics based on your answers.
  • Online Video Readings - online video reading is a feature many other Psychic networks do not provide but not Here, you have the option to see your reader face to face and have a more personal interaction with them as they perform your reading.
  • Free Facebook Readings - it will be a great idea to follow Psychic Source on their Facebook page. They have Psychic and astrology readings that are absolutely free to watch and read. These posts provide inspiration, guidance and healing. What I love most about their Facebook posts are the heartfelt individual and group recorded readings that they share with their followers. This way you’ll know what to expect when having your own personal reading with their gifted Psychics.
  • Appointments - the appointment feature allows you to schedule an appointment with the Psychic you choose. All you have to do is click on Schedule an Appointment on the advisors profile page. Select the date, time and length you would like to connect with them.

    Once you’ve committed to a scheduled date and time you can log in your account for your appointment. You will be able to join your meet 5 minutes before the scheduled time and receive a call 2 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • One-Click Calling - once you set up your account and choose an advisor you can take advantage of the One-Click Calling feature. This makes it simple to talk to a Psychic with just one click. Simply click the ‘Call me’ button on the advisor’s profile and instantly receive a call from them.
  • Membership Rewards - becoming a member of Psychic Source is absolutely free. When you log into your account click on the Membership Rewards section then click on Reading Rewards. There you will see a column of membership options.

    • Here are some reward membership benefits:
      • 3% Rewards Dollars for every purchased reading
      • Up to $50 Bonus Dollars, monthly
      • $25 Bonus Dollars for accumulating 175 minutes within a month
      • An added 15 days of price protection for a total of 45 days.
  • Psychic Source Promo Code - to receive additional promo code discounts or Psychic Source Coupons after the introductory promo, you’ll have to become a member. Just so you know a legit promo code has 4 to 5 digits or alphabetical letters. These exclusive offers and access to special rates will be applied to your purchase. You’ll be notified about their promo codes via email, regular mail and text.

How to Get Started with Psychic Source

Create and account with Psychic Source over the phone by calling customer service or online by visiting

Psychic Source Signup Form

You will need a valid Credit or Debit card to add funds to your account or to be kept on file.

You are able to add funds to your account online or over the phone, whichever way you’re most comfortable. Add as little or as much as you desire starting from $15 dollars to $5k at a time.

If you do not have access to a credit or debit card, you have the option to also use a gift card or money order. To gain access to information on where to send the money order, call customer service or go to their website. Click on Getting Started and you will have access to the money order information to mail it. Allow up to 2 weeks for the money order to process.

Once you’ve funded your personal account with Psychic Source, you can speak with a Psychic right away! It’s that simple!

As a new member you can expect to have access to introductory rates. This allows you to speak with the most high-ranking psychics at a lower rate than usual. You’ll also be able to have 3 free minutes with new advisors.

How to Book a Reading?

Booking A Chat Reading

To book a chat reading on Psychic Source; all that is required is making an account, funding your account, then choosing a Psychic. The Psychic you choose will have a Chat button and you will instantly be able to message them to start your session. You can also click on the menu button, then click ‘Our Psychics’.

From there you can click on ‘Psychic Phone Reading’ and view all the Psychics willing and ready to chat immediately.

Booking A Call Reading

To book a Call Reading with Psychic Source; create an account, fund your account then choose a Psychic.

The Psychic you choose will have a Call button and you will instantly be able to call them to start your session. You can also click on the menu button, then click ‘Our Psychics’. From there you can click on ‘Psychic Chat’ and view all the Psychics willing and ready to have a voice call immediately.

Booking A Video Reading

To book a Video Reading on Psychic Source; have an existing account, fund it, then choose a Psychic. The Psychic you choose will have a Video button. You will instantly be able to have a video session with the advisors available for video. You can also click on the menu button, then click ‘Our Psychics’. From there you can click on ‘Psychic Video Reading’ and view all the Psychics willing and ready to have a Video Reading with you. A pop up window will display how many minutes you have remaining for the live video session.

How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic

Getting to know the Readers

Before and after you create an account, you’ll have the option to get more acquainted with the reader. All you have to do is click on a psychic’s profile to view their expertise, tools and reading styles. You’ll also be able to view their bio which will provide you with more information about their experience, skills and personality.

Here are the steps to pre-connect to readers:

  1. Click on ‘Our Psychics’ and choose the type of Psychic Reading you wish to have
    Pre-Connect a Psychic - Step 1
  2. Click on the Advisor’s picture or screen name
    Pre-Connect a Psychic - Step 2
  3. Scroll down to their about section
    Pre-Connect a Psychic - Step 3

How to Connect with a Reader

Connecting with a reader requires having an existing account. Once you have that completed you have the option to favorite a reader before or after speaking with them by clicking the call, chat or video button under their screen name.

You’re also able to send advisors direct messages to ask questions or share any concerns. When you do this, funds will be held on your account until the advisor responds.

The rate that you will be charged is based on the advisor's rate multiplied by 2 or 2 minutes. You’ll also be charged by the amount of characters being sent and received. The maximum number of characters you can type without being charged for more than 2 minutes are a total of 560 characters between you and the Psychic.

How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

You will be able to rate and review each Psychic after connecting with one for more than 3 minutes. You will have up to 48 hours to leave feedback for an advisor after having a session with them. After your sessions you will be prompted to leave a review.

They really would like to know what you think! At The bottom left of each page you will see a red outlined Feedback button. Here you can leave feedback about Psychic Source’s services, content or website functionality.

Is Psychic Source Legit?

Absolutely! Psychic Source is one of the most trusted and eldest Psychic networks in the Psychic business. If they were not legit I’m sure they would not last for over a quarter century. They are definitely a leading brand that even gives info on how to avoid scams and fake psychic platforms by providing infographics on their website. These infographics highlight how to wean out the inauthentic psychic networks and gimmicks.

It’s clear that Psychic Source understands the great responsibility of their network of Psychic Advisors. They clearly explain their code of ethics on their website. To learn more about how they operate click on the About Us tab and then click on the Code Of Ethics button.

Also feel free to follow their Facebook Business Page to learn more about their top Psychics and how readings are performed. They post heartfelt videos and articles to connect with their many followers and long-lasting supporters.

What have Psychic Source users had to say about their platform?

Most of the users are satisfied or their expectations are exceeded when interacting with the Psychic Source’s platform. Many users have expressed their gratitude for the psychics, customer service reps and their user friendly website.

Psychic Source Mobile App

Does Psychic Source have a downloadable Mobile App available?


Psychic Source App

You can download the mobile app from your phone on either iOS Apple Devices or the Google Play Store. It’s also completely free!

Here are some of the mobile app features:

Return Call feature

  • This allows you to view your current position in line virtually
  • Cancel a call and update/modify your call number.

Favorite Advisors

  • View your favorite advisors availability for phone, chat or video
  • Access to remove any advisors from your favorites


  • View any new or read messages sent between you and your trusted advisors

How to Access Help and Support

Customer support is available 24/7 and is devoted to assisting you with any concerns or issues you may have. You can contact customer support via their website, phone number or mail them a letter.

You can message customer support or access Live Help on their website by going to the menu, clicking Contact Us. On the Contact Us page you have an option to fill out a form that will be sent to their email or click the Live Help tab. The Live Help tab gives you immediate access to message Customer Care Specialists that are happy to help.

If you would like to view the FAQs, go to the menu button and click How it Works. Then scroll to the FAQs button. There you will find frequently asked questions regarding advisors, payments, memberships and so much more.

Bottom Line

Psychic Source is one of the top leading Psychic Networks that understands their responsibility to provide access to authentic, compassionate and gifted Psychics. This psychic platform consistently displays their reliability and dedication to new users or long lasting members. Their options to various types of readings and Psychics make it easy to connect with the right advisor.

They offer an easy to navigate website and a free downloadable mobile app for on the go purchases. Along with but not limited to 3 Free minutes to chat with new advisors and low introductory rates.

Special offers, memberships and promo codes are also available with Psychic Source. Allowing you to save on readings from new or favorite advisors.

Psychic Source has turned skeptics into believers with their unmatched brand. They actively supply the public with free readings, blogs and articles containing relevant resources and useful tools. Their Psychic Network Platform in general is transparent and informative, with no hidden fees or agenda.

Overall you can depend on Psychic Source to provide a sense of expertise and insight.


How do I choose a Psychic Advisor that’s a match for me?

Take advantage of their ‘Find a Psychic’ tool, or click on Types of Psychic Readings to view your options. Next, click on Our Psychics and choose the type of reading you're most interested in. Here, you can discover the advisors by name and extension. There are filters to narrow your choices by specialties, expertise, or style. Some top pick Psychics will also be highlighted so that you can easily view the staff choices.

How do I know I won’t be charged more than I expect to?

You’ll always be in charge of how much you spend under your account. Simply because you're the only one who has access to add funds. Each of the advisor rates are always shown and you’re not allowed to speak to a psychic if you don’t have sufficient funds to cover the purchase.

Once you receive your reading you will only be charged for the time you connected with him/her. You’ll also have the option to add more funds to your account if you would like a longer reading. You’ll be able to do this while still in connection with your Psychic.

How do I know your psychic service is legitimate and trustworthy?

Psychic Source had built a long lasting and reliable reputation for over 25 years. They offer a Satisfaction Guarantee along with making sure all psychics are well screened. They build a close community with their Psychic experts and pay close attention to each advisor's reviews to ensure customer satisfaction. They also educate the public using infographics. Highlighting the obvious and not so obvious scams other psychic networks may use to bait people interested in Psychic Readings.

Shanta ‘Cosmic Cam’ Cameron has studied and applied the science of Astrology and Metaphysical knowledge for over 12 years. As a Certified Astrologer and Soul Coach she’s devoted to bringing clarity, healing and peace of mind to those who request her assistance. She’s often been called a Psychic and her associates have wondered if she performs automatic writing. Her strong intuitive faculties and connection to spirit assist her in drawing very accurate Astrology Readings and Horoscopes while suggesting both practical and spiritual advice. In her spare time, she enjoys conversations with loved ones, cuddling with her dog Grace and obtaining occult knowledge.