Oranum Review 2022

Provides their users with access to diverse gifted Psychics from all around the world.
10,000 Free Bonus Coins to Sign Up

Oranum Full Pricing

  • Coin Packages: $7.99 for 1,700 coins - $639.99 for 227,000 coins
  • Special offer: 10,000 Free Bonus Coins to sign up

Top Features

  • Ability to Subscribe to Psychics
  • Stream Psychic stories
  • Live video preview of Psychics
  • Live Video Chat, Video Call & Voice Call

Oranum In-Depth Review

Shanta Cameron
By:Shanta Cameron

Oranum Psychics are some of the most uniquely diversified and culturally uniting communities I’ve ever encountered regarding any online psychic platforms. Not to mention, they are highly gifted and confident in their abilities to help those in need of guidance and assurance.

Oranum has been established for over 10 years to date and is still going strong. Their success is contributed by their lively, passionate and very skilled Psychics from all over the world.

  • Live Video Previews
  • Video Chat
  • Multiple Ways to Fund Account
  • Unique Features
  • Subscribe and Favoriting Psychics
  • Satisfaction Guarantee policy unavailable
  • Option to email Psychics’ unavailable
  • Loyalty Programs unavailable

How Much Does Oranum Cost?

Oranum has multiple coin packages to choose from. Each Psychic has a rate of how many coins they charge per minute.

Coin packages start at $7.99 for 1,700 coins.

Top Payment Methods

We went over price rates. Now let's talk about how you can fund your account. There are multiple ways to fund your account.

The top ways you can fund your account is through debit card, credit card or PayPal. There are additional ways to fund your account as well, such as ACH online check, European direct debit, Click2Pay, Ukash, Pay By Phone and Bitcoin.


Is it possible to request a refund?

Not as of yet. If you have any issue with billing you will need to contact customer service.

The Most Popular Readings Oranum Offers

  • Love Readings: Learn more in depth about the dynamics of your romantic relationships or marriage. If you are getting a divorce or want to know if your partner is unfaithful. Choose a Love Psychic Reading
  • Career Reading: Connect with an Oranum Career Psychic to discover the best career choice for you. If you are struggling on your path to success or considering changing what you do for a living, choose this reading to gain deeper insight to make a clearer decision
  • Family Reading: If you feel your close or distant relatives have generational issues or you want to deeply understand your connection to them, choose the Family Reading
  • Astrology Readings: Discover what the stars have in store for you with a Psychic Astrologer. Learn about your destiny, creativity, what you value most and how you can create more peace, balance and security in your life. You can also discover if you are compatible with someone in love or business
  • Fortune Teller Reading: Have a Fortune Teller Reading to connect with the mystic realm of potentiality for positive future outcomes and events that are likely to happen in your life

Cool Tools and Features with Oranum

  • Video Voice Call - speak with an advisor and see them at the same time. If you have a camera enabled desktop, laptop or smartphone you will be able to connect with a Psychic via Video Call
  • Video Message Chat - connect with a Psychic advisor through video and chat with them at the same time. You will be able to send them messages and they will respond while you are able to view them and use their tools and gifts to receive and relay Psychic messages to you
  • Messenger - the messenger feature allows you to ask Advisors questions before or after a private session with them
  • Live Previews - view any Psychic so you can get a feel for them before connecting with them by watching their live videos that they stream from their work spaces
  • Subscription - connect with multiple Psychics that you’re interested in by subscribing to their profile to be notified whenever they post a story, message, video or live video
  • Favorites - create a list of your favorite Advisors to easily connect with them without having to search for them on their platform

How to Get Started with Oranum

  • On the homepage choose a category that matches your inquiry
  • Choose an Advisor that you are interested in take and take note of their coin rate per minute
  • Connect with the psychic you choose by clicking the call or chat icon
  • You will be prompted to set up an account
  • Select a coin package to fund your account
  • After setting up and funding your account you will be able to Video Chat, Video Call, or Voice Call your chosen advisor

How to Book a Reading?

Voice Call

When booking a Voice Call you will only connect with your chosen reader by voice. Go to the profile of the Psychic you want to talk to and click Voice Call to speak with them one on one.

Video Call

When your chosen reader is available for Video Call, simply click the Video Call button on their profile. This feature enables the video camera on your desktop or smartphone to see and talk to your chosen advisor for a more personable reading.

Video Chat

This unique feature enables the video on your desktop or smartphone to watch the readers during your reading while messaging the Advisor in the live personal chat between you both. If a reader is available to Video Chat, simply click the Video Chat button on their profile.

How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic

From the home page menu choose a Psychic Category that you’re interested in most. View some of the Psychic Advisors profile and reviews to get an idea of what specific gifts and skills the Advisors have.

Watch the free recorded videos, stories and posts that can give more insight on the reader's style and personality. Most importantly use your own intuition to guide you towards a Psychic that you are drawn to.

Get to Know The Readers

Get to know each reader by viewing their bio describing their natural gifts. View their posts, and stories by subscribing to their personal page and send them messages.

How to Connect with a Reader

There're many ways you can connect with a reader on Oranum. You can message them, subscribe, watch free recorded or live videos including free chat sessions.

The free chat sessions make for a more personal connection with the Psychic advisor you're interested in. Another way to keep up with readers is by favoriting them. This is done by going to their profile and clicking on the heart icon.

When you favorite a Psychic Advisor, you create a list that makes it easier to access your top Psychic Readers. There’s also an option to digitally gift Advisors if you would like to or have had a great session with them.

How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

After setting up an account you will be able to message Psychics and send them digital gifts to express how your experience with them has been. You can also chat with their live online chat support that’s available 24/7 to leave any questions, comments or suggestions.

Is Oranum Legit?

Yes, Oranum is an official Psychic network dedicated to assisting others on their life journey 24/7. They have been in business for over a decade and only bring the most talented and compassionate Psychics on their platform.

They operate by allowing those with a spiritual message and special Psychic skills on their online network to empower and guide others to more clarity.

What have Oranum users had to say about their platform?

It’s fair to say that Oranum’s clientele thinks highly of their spiritual advisors. Psychic advisors often have loyal clients that follow, subscribe and even send their trusted advisors digital gifts to show their appreciation.

Often their customers and those who are interested in getting a reading will watch and engage with the network often for spiritual support. enlightenment and entertainment.

Oranum Mobile App

Does Oranum have a downloadable Mobile App available?


Oranum has a downloadable app where you can find it in the Apple Store or Google store. It’s absolutely free to download and give you the same access to all the same features as the desktop version of the platform and more!

Here is a list of features on the Mobile App:

  • Free live stream &. chat with the best Psychics
  • Live private readings from your mobile phone
  • Over 200 experiences Psychics at your fingertips
  • Over 30 esoteric services
  • Updated esoteric articles
  • Member testimonials
  • Favorite Psychic list
  • Login notifications from your top Psychics
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Extended FAQ

How to access help and support

If you have any questions that are not listed on the FAQ page you can message their support team live. Their live chat support is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have about their platform or Psychic community. They are very pleasant to chat with and value your time and interest.

To access help and support scroll to the very bottom of any web page and click ‘Online Support’ to send a direct message to online support or ‘Contact Us’ to send an email.

Bottom Line

Overall, Oranum is a Psychic network where you can have the most personable experience with a Psychic Entertainer. Their diverse and innovative platform is likely to make anyone from any culture feel welcomed to gain enlightenment, advice or confirmation.

Creating an account and funding it is easy and stress free. Oranum has more options to fund an account than any other Psychic network in the world.

With the various ways to connect with such a diverse and gifted psychic community, Oranum is a great resource for guidance and spiritual insight. It’s obvious why people from all around the world go to Oranum for assistance with life questions, concerns or for a compassionate ear.

Unlike any other online Psychic community, Oranum’s platform allows its users to chat live with their Psychics around the clock for free. Their features help potential users decide if they want private sessions with their Psychics.

The level of transparency and openness to connect with others on Oranum  is unmatched and worth giving a try if anyone is interested in deeper insight into their personal reality.


What are the Coins used for?

The Coins are used as currency on Oranum.com to pay the Psychic Advisors for their time connecting with their clients. To get a personal one on one session with your chosen Psychic Broadcaster, you will need to fund your account to have coins for their Advisor services.

What is a Subscription?

Once an account is created the ability to Subscribe is enabled. Notifications on your account will alert subscribers when Psychic Advisors update videos and stories for a low cost. Many subscriptions are actually free.

How can I send a Message to a Spiritual Advisor?

Use the messenger feature to connect with the advisors by going to their profile and clicking the message button. Messages are accessible by clicking on the menu button and then clicking on the message icon.

Shanta ‘Cosmic Cam’ Cameron has studied and applied the science of Astrology and Metaphysical knowledge for over 12 years. As a Certified Astrologer and Soul Coach she’s devoted to bringing clarity, healing and peace of mind to those who request her assistance. She’s often been called a Psychic and her associates have wondered if she performs automatic writing. Her strong intuitive faculties and connection to spirit assist her in drawing very accurate Astrology Readings and Horoscopes while suggesting both practical and spiritual advice. In her spare time, she enjoys conversations with loved ones, cuddling with her dog Grace and obtaining occult knowledge.