For many, death is the end. But psychic mediums know that it is just a transition. Since ancient times, psychic mediums have been channeling messages from the spirit world here to the material plane. Mediums can bridge the gap between this realm and the next in order to bring forth messages from those who have passed on, as well as spirit guides, guardian angels, and more.

Medium readings are a beautiful way to gain closure after the death of a loved one, to hear their words one last time, know that they are safe, and to tie up any unfinished business. We’ve found the very best psychic medium websites featuring online mediums and, with the help of our experts in the field, are bringing these mediums to you.

Find out all about the best sites for online medium readings, how to find a psychic medium, the difference between an online medium reading and in-person medium readings, and much, much more!

Top Online Medium Reading Websites

  1. Mysticsense - The Best Website for Medium Readings Online - Featuring low prices every day, and five minutes free when you sign up!
  2. Purple Garden - Absolutely Best Website for Mobile Medium Readings - Enjoy 5% cashback on every single reading!
  3. Keen Psychics - The Best Deals for Psychic Medium Readings – Get 10 Mins for only $1.99!
  4. Kasamba - Best for Medium Readings with Your Loved Ones – Get 70% off your first session, plus a free 3 minutes with each new psychic you try!
  5. AskNow - Most Trusted Online Psychic Medium Readings - Get your first readings for $1 a minute, plus 5 free minutes with an Elite or Master level psychic!
  6. Psychic Source - Best for Video Medium Readings - $1 a minute introductory packages including 3 free minutes when you sign up! 

The Best Online Medium Reading Websites Review

Mysticsense - The Best Website for Medium Readings Online

Mysticsense Main Features


Mysticsense is relatively new on the psychic medium scene, but they’ve already proven themselves as the best website for medium readings online. If you’re looking for a way to tap into the spirit world with medium readings, without spending too much dough, look no further.

Launched in 2020, Mysticsense has made quite the splash in the world of online psychic readings. When it comes to online medium readings, they definitely hold their weight against other psychic mediums websites. With hundreds of online mediums specializing in anything from ancestor readings, to past life readings, to channeling messages from loved ones, you can be sure to find the best psychic mediums to connect with.

Types of Readings

With search parameters that are endlessly customizable, Mysticsense offers every type of online medium reading possible. You can even find mediums online who are trained in grief counseling, to help ease the pain of a loved one’s passing and provide compassionate wisdom and support through the grieving process. You can search 600+ psychics and psychic mediums who use all different kinds of tools, like tarot and astrology, as well as their own gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more, to bring forth messages from the spiritual world. Additionally, you can customize your experience even down to the style of reading you receive, with their options for a direct, compassionate, thoughtful, expressive, or wise reading.

What Customers Say

Other users of Mysticsense have great things to say about their psychic mediums.

A satisfied customer of one online medium had this to say:

“Amazing reading and extremely insightful. Answered questions and offered deep advice. HIGHLY recommended.”

Another medium reader received this review:

“Very gifted and accurate! Comforting and gives you so much hope!”

And finally, a medium specializing in grief counseling had a happy client who said:

“Very reliable. This mystic was on point.”

User reviews are the most reliable way to determine whether the online mediums you are speaking with are trustworthy and accurate.

Mysticsense’s psychic mediums have to pass a thorough checking process in order to be able to read on the site; not every person who applies to be a medium online with Mysticsense is accepted. This, along with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, lets you know that they are dedicated to offering the very best in online mediums without subjecting you to possible scammers.

Free Minutes

Along with the other great features like daily horoscopes and helpful articles like “How to Find A Good Medium” and “The Power of a Medium Psychic”, Mysticsense offers the first 5 minutes of your very first reading on the platform absolutely free! After this free 5 minutes is up, you can still enjoy some of the lowest average per-minute prices in the industry, ranging from $.99 to $9.99 a minute. You can speak with mediums online without worrying about leaving a huge dent in your wallet.

So, if you’re looking for wonderful online mediums to help give you insight into the next world, offer spiritual advice and grief counseling, or just a listening ear, check out Mysticsense and their talented roster of psychic mediums.

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Purple Garden - Absolutely Best Website for Mobile Medium Readings

Purple Garden Main Features


You don’t have to miss out on the best psychic mediums just because you’re not near a computer. With Purple Garden, you can get medium readings from anywhere, as long as you have a mobile connection. That’s right, you can speak to mediums online from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button on your phone or mobile device. It couldn’t be simpler! Whether you want a phone, chat, or video reading with an online medium, Purple Garden has you covered.

Purple Garden has been providing medium readings online and on mobile for over 10 years. With over 100,000 happy customers, they provide you with everything you need to connect with real mediums across the globe, 24/7. Not only that, but Purple Garden’s free app also has lots of cool features, like the Journeys feature, which highlights individual users’ journeys, from before they started speaking with psychic mediums, and how their life has changed since chatting with the mediums online with Purple Garden. You can also post your own journey as you receive medium readings on the app, so that others may follow and gain the benefit of the best medium readings online.

Types of Readings

There are many different types of psychics and psychic readings you can choose on Purple Garden. They make it easy to narrow down your categories when searching for a medium reading, so you don’t have to spend too much time sifting through every psychic before you find the mediums. Just search for psychic mediums in the search bar. You can also filter psychics by popularity and price. With such a large variety, you can speak to several online mediums as you wish, and get as many medium readings as you have a need for!

Screening Process

Purple Garden takes great care when accepting psychic mediums for the app. Every medium is subjected to a thorough screening process in order to prove their ability. They must pass a video test to demonstrate their skills as a medium before being allowed to create their profile and begin accepting chats on the service. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your search for the best medium psychic will lead you in the right direction.

What Customers Say

Users love Purple Garden for its convenience and for the quality of medium readings available.

A recent user review of a psychic medium on Purple Garden said:

“Such compassion and has a special way of making you feel at ease.”

Other mediums on the site received reviews like:

“Beautiful in depth reading” and “Amazing, will definitely order another reading at a later date. They blew me away with the information. Highly recommend.”

With these and other rave reviews, it’s easy to see why Purple Garden is the number one choice when you're searching for a psychic medium online.

Whether you’re looking to get in touch with a deceased loved one, or get advice from a higher power, channeled through a real online medium, Purple Garden can lead you there. With the convenience of a phone app, it’s only a matter of time before you are connected with the best online medium reading of your life.

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Purple Garden
Free $10 Credit On Your First Purchase

Keen Psychics - The Best Deals for Psychic Medium Readings

Keen Psychics Main Features


When you’re looking for the best deals on medium readings, Keen Psychics delivers. As one of the most popular psychic reading platforms and psychic medium websites, Keen Psychics has a huge selection of psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, and of course, psychic mediums to choose from.

There are over 1600 readers on Keen, and many of them are mediums. As mediums they can guide you through the pain of losing a loved one, bring closure after a loved one’s passing, bring forth messages from your angels and spirit guides, and channel divine guidance.

Keen Psychics is a great go-to when you’re looking for a psychic medium website steeped in spirituality. Founded by spiritual practitioners in 1999, Keen has helped over 100,000 users with all of their psychic needs and medium readings. When you sign up with Keen Psychics, you automatically get their hottest deal, 10 minutes with any psychic medium for just $1.99. Not only that, but when you choose a psychic medium from the list of Keen’s many detailed psychic services, you get access to 3 free minutes.

Reading Methods

The online mediums on Keen Psychics use a variety of methods to contact loved ones, such as automatic writing, channeling, and direct voice mediumship.

Keen also features helpful articles, daily horoscopes, and more features. You can spend hours on this site finding out more about psychic mediums and their abilities, as well as advice about love, spirituality, and more.

What Customers Say

Keen’s psychic mediums have received rave reviews from satisfied customers, like the following:

“The most perfect reading! I felt so at peace and encouraged by the time we were finished.”

Another user who received a medium reading said: “So helpful, kind, and accurate!” and “Their reading was heartfelt and beautiful.”

Finding such rave reviews lets you know that the psychic mediums on Keen will be there to help you through your time of need, and give you the best medium readings for a fair price.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with your reading, Keen Psychics offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; this guarantee, along with Keen’s thoughtful parameters and coaching when a candidate signs up to give medium readings, tells you all you need to know about Keen and their mission to offer the best deals and connect you with the most accurate medium readings online.

With all of these perks and features, you can’t go wrong by choosing Keen Psychics when you need a medium reading online. Their trustworthy, well-reviewed, and compassionate psychic mediums are available around the clock to bring you peace and all the answers and help you need when you feel ready to contact a loved one who passed, or speak to ancestors and spirits occupying the spirit realm. Make Keen Psychics your psychic medium website of choice and take advantage of their great deals and huge network of online mediums.

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Keen Psychics
10 Mins for $1.99

Kasamba - Best for Medium Readings with Your Loved One

Kasamba Main Features


When you lose a loved one, it can feel like you have lost a part of yourself that you can never get back. Medium readings can help alleviate some of that grief and bring peace of mind to a broken heart. Kasamba’s psychic mediums are there to help ease you through the pain and help contact your deceased loved one for any reason, including closure, important advice and messages, guidance, and settling any unfinished business that might be keeping them from being completely at rest.

Kasamba has been trusted in the psychic community for 20 years. They offer readings across the entire spectrum of psychic ability, but they are especially skilled in providing connection to medium readings online. Kasamba’s mediums are a direct connection to loved ones, ancestors, and spirit guides, channeling messages with kindness and compassion.

Great Sign Up Offers

When you sign up for Kasamba, you’ll receive up to 70% off your first reading, along with their Best Match Guarantee, which allows you 3 free chat minutes with each new psychic medium you speak with. It can be challenging to find an online medium who connects with you, and this guarantees that you can connect with many mediums online without taking too much from your budget. You can chat with a medium 24/7 on Kasamba, and they feature over 130 psychics who specialize in medium readings alone. This is an offer that isn’t available on most sites featuring online medium readings, so taking advantage of it could mean the difference between a disappointing medium reading and a profound one.

Accurate Medium Readings

The online mediums you can find on Kasamba are all guaranteed to be legitimate, accurate, and trustworthy. Online mediums, even those new to the site, are all experienced in mediumship and other psychic reading abilities. Every online medium must pay a registration fee in order to give readings, separating scammers from the real thing. Each psychic medium’s profile tells the story of their gifts, and how they can best help you, so it’s a great idea to ‘interview’ each online medium by reading their profile before speaking with them.

What Customers Say

Along with personal profiles, each psychic medium has reviews and feedback from current and past clients who have used them for medium readings. This feedback will tell you all you need to know about the medium and their reading style and accuracy, from real users just like you. Most of the psychic mediums on Kasamba have an average of 4.7/5 stars, which makes them one of the highest rated sites for online medium readings out there.

Satisfied customers say things like: “Tuned in very quickly. They knew details that shocked me. It was my first reading but I can tell they are accurate and very in touch.”

Another user said their medium was: “Very kind and very accurate.”

While still another said: “So kind and sincere and helpful. Gave me some hope.”

These reviews show potential clients that Kasamba is dedicated to bringing compassionate, fulfilling and profound medium readings to anyone in need, looking for answers.

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AskNow - Most Trusted Online Psychic Medium Readings

AskNow Main Features


When you’re looking for one of the most trusted brands for online mediums and medium readings, check out AskNow. AskNow has been offering online medium readings to satisfied users since 2005 and have a reputation for providing trustworthy and accurate readings to users worldwide. With 24/7 access to psychic mediums all over the world, you are sure to find the answers that you are looking for when you choose to use AskNow for medium readings.

Great Sign Up Offers

AskNow offers a very generous package introducing new users to the service, so you can rest assured knowing that you are saving money and getting a great deal when entrusting AskNow with your online medium readings. This psychic medium website has three levels of reader: Top-Rated, Elite, and Master. While Top-Rated readers give just as good medium readings as the others, Elite and Master level psychic mediums have that extra edge of popularity and experience, which is often reflected in their price. But when you sign up for AskNow, you’ll get up to 30 minutes to chat, for only $1 a minute, plus a FREE five minute chat with an Elite or Master level psychic, to get to know the quality of medium reading you could be working with. Sometimes, spending a little extra dough can go a long way when you’re looking for the most accurate and deep medium readings.

Vetting Process

How do we know the AskNow psychic mediums are the real deal? AskNow has a thorough vetting process in place in order to feature only the best mediums and online medium readings on their site. AskNow’s Psychic Managers test each applicant for their gifts in giving medium readings, but also for the amount of customer care, empathy, and compassion they bring to their business. AskNow mediums are required to complete ongoing evaluations throughout their tenure on the site, in order to gain an idea of their experiene and increase in popularity going forward. When they’ve sufficiently passed the evaluation, they are moved to the Elite and then Master tiers.

AskNow’s psychic mediums can be found by using their filter system in order to find just the right person to give your online medium reading. You can browse by price and advisor type, categories, and reading type (phone or chat). They even include the mediums’ sun sign on their profile for the astrologically inclined to check for extra compatibility. If you’re not well-versed in astrology, don’t worry: each advisor has a detailed profile explaining their background, gifts, and strengths.

What Customers Say

Users who trust AskNow had this to say about its top-rated psychic mediums:

“Wonderful reading. They got right to the point and the answers came.”

A review for an Elite-level medium said that “They have been straightforward and transparent in my readings. They are precise, articulate, and give a clear picture of what exactly is going on.”

Finally, a Master level psychic medium received this review: “I’m at a loss for words; they are so amazing!”

So when you’re ready to use a psychic medium website trusted that's been trusted by users for over a decade, choose AskNow.

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15 Minutes for Only $10

Psychic Source - Best for Video Medium Readings

Psychic Source Main Features


Getting a medium reading online has the same benefits of receiving one in person no matter what method of reading you choose, but for some people, nothing beats the face-to-face interaction of a medium reading, especially when you are inviting somebody into a very personal space in your life. Luckily, you can get all the benefits of an in-person reading online by choosing Psychic Source as your psychic medium website of choice.

Psychic Source has been in business since 1989, even before there was a computer that connected to the internet in every household. They’re still going strong over 30 years later, bringing talented, trustworthy, and reliable psychic mediums and medium readings right to you from the comfort of your own home. Their mediums are subject to a rigorous vetting process that ensures their ability to connect to the spirit world, channel voices from beyond, and do so in a compassionate, empathetic manner. While they might feature fewer mediums and advisors than other psychic medium websites, you can rest assured that the quality of medium readings they are providing are second to none, because not every person who applies is allowed to join the prestigious ranks of online mediums on Psychic Source.

Along with helpful articles that dive deeper into the world of psychic mediums, Psychic Source offers their manifesto and code of ethics for everyone to view. Their readers are constantly evaluated for adherence to this code of ethics, and this attention to the user experience and validity of each online medium really shows in their readings. You can also read all about how to avoid scams from false psychics, as well as tune in to a myriad of podcasts covering topics that range from astrology to tarot to, of course, mediums and all that they offer.

Great Welcome Offers

Psychic Source is the best source of video medium readings; that is, a face to face video chat with your medium. While some sites that offer video readings charge extra for the video chat, Psychic Source’s mediums charge the same amount for phone, chat, and video, so that you can have the experience you prefer without spending any extra money. Along with this feature, Psychic Source offers readings starting at just $1 a minute – a huge bargain, especially on video! Additionally, when you sign up for Psychic Source, you’ll get 3 free minutes off of your first paid reading, as well as 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can’t beat this deal!

What Customers Say

Psychic Source’s online mediums also have the feedback to back up their claims. They’ve helped countless users over their 33 years in business.

One review for a psychic medium said:

“They have been amazing and accurate about a lot! Their kindness, clarity, and amazing ability to be a messenger for our loved ones is a gift indeed.”

Another User Wrote:

“Absolutely phenomenal! So direct, yet compassionate. Was spot on regarding my situation.” and “Very insightful and helped me refocus my energy.”

So when you’re looking for a video reading from one of the best psychic mediums in the field, give Psychic Source a try and see how amazing their online mediums are!

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Psychic Source
As Low As $1.00 Per Minute

What is a Psychic Medium?

While all mediums are psychics, not all psychics are mediums. A psychic medium is someone who specializes in making contact with the dead. They can help assess the spirits that guide you. They can also give and receive messages from loved ones who have passed.

Some psychics specialize in subjects like love. Some read tarot or astrological charts. Mediums may also dabble in other psychic arts, but they have to gift that allows them to contact with the dead. Mediums have a sort of “sixth sense.”

Mediums can work by using their special senses to directly contact a deceased loved one, or they can use the help of a spirit guide or familiar. Often, this familiar is who reached out to them in the first place and made them realize their psychic abilities. In the case of a spirit helper, this is the being that is doing the actual channeling and speaking with the spirits of the dead, and passing this information along to the medium. Mediums often use these helpers to keep themselves separate from the spiritual plane and to protect their own psychic boundaries against the many energies they can sense in the world beyond.

Online Psychic Mediums

Types of Medium Readings

  • Mental mediumship - Mental mediumship is the type of medium who simply uses their mind when channeling messages – they don’t have to do anything more than perhaps some light meditation beforehand, but often thoughts, images, and sounds from the beyond will come to them unbidden, even if they are not dropped in to do a reading. The majority of mediums you will meet are mental mediums
  • Trance mediumship - As its name implies, Trance Mediumship refers to mediums who find their channeling abilities whilst in a deep trance state. Due to the intense nature of preparing for and entering the trance state in order to channel, trance mediums usually do not ply their trade in quick online sessions. Trancing takes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional energy, and most trance mediums work with individuals in person or just a few longer sessions a day in order to protect themselves and avoid burnout
  • Physical mediumship - Physical mediums only differ from mental mediums in that their abilities and senses tend to manifest in more physical forms – rather than seeing images or pictures in their head, or hearing words in their head, they see physical manifestations surrounding the people they come into contact with, and hear sounds as though they were generating from somewhere in real life, not just in their mind. Often physical mediums are mistaken for people with mental illness because of their visions, but in reality they are just more open to the spiritual plane
  • Direct voice - Direct voice mediums can be mental or physical; the direct voice means that they are the ones speaking directly to the spirits on the other side, and rather than receiving impressions or visions, they are being spoken to as if in a real conversation. This can be through their spirit guide in the spiritual plane, or from the being they are trying to communicate with directly
  • Channeling - Channeling is another word for what psychic mediums in general are doing when they are using their gifts. They are acting as a mediator between the material plane and the spiritual or astral plane, channeling information to interpret, translate, and divulge to those they are channeling for

Psychic Medium Senses

  • Clairvoyance - By far the most well-known of the medium’s senses, clairvoyance means “clear sight”. When a psychic medium has the gift of clairvoyance it means that they are receiving their information from the spirit plane via images, visions, and impressions, clearly visible in their mind’s eye. Often, such as with physical mediums, they are seeing the images as if they were manifested in the material plane, even though nobody else is able to percieve them
  • Clairaudience - Clairaudience means “clear hearing” and refers to those mediums, psychics, and intuitives who hear rather than see the information they are channeling. This often manifests physically, with the medium literally hearing the voice of the being they are connecting with in the spiritual plane. There is no physical generator of this voice and nobody else can hear it. This is not to be confused with auditory hallucinations, as the voices they are hearing are coming from a different, yet parallel plane, not as the result of a mental illness
  • Clairsentience - Clairsentience is more of an ephemeral concept than some of the other ‘Clairs.’ Meaning “clear feeling”, clairsentience refers to feelings and emotions that do not belong to the medium coming up, that they then relate to the person they are speaking with. This differs from empathy in that most humans possess the skill of empathy; it’s not a special ability. Those who claim to be ‘Empaths’ are either experiencing empathy as is normal for human beings, or have the gift of clairsentience and do not have the language for it yet, or have never heard the term
  • Claircognizance - Claircognizance is another ephemeral sense that means “clear knowing”. This is that sense of knowing something is going to happen before it does. It is different from intuition in that intuition is based on gleaning information from situations around you, while there is usually no prior information gathered before having a moment of claircognizance, and often there is no way to know that you knew until after the event happened
  • Clairalience - Clairalience means “clear smelling”. Like Clairgustance, it is a rather lesser well known sense or psychic ability, as it doesn’t often come into play when a medium is performing a psychic reading, although it certainly can. Someone experiencing clairalience is smelling something that is not there in real life, such as the perfume a client’s deceased loved one used to wear
  • Clairgustance - Finally, clairgustance refers to “clear taste”, the ability to taste things that are not there as part of a medium’s special psychic abilities. Again, this often does not come into play as part of a medium reading, but it can if the medium has this ability and it manifests as something that would make sense to their client

How to Prepare for Medium Reading?

When preparing for a medium reading, it is crucial to have an open mind. If you don’t believe in the medium’s ability to connect with the spirit realm, your chances of receiving an accurate reading are much lower. If you keep an open mind and heart, and allow the medium to reach you deeply, you can have a profound and fulfilling experience. If you reach out as a skeptic, you might still be able to have this experience, depending on the medium, but the channel connecting you to the spirit you are trying to speak could be more staticky.

Another way to prepare for a medium reading is to have all of the things you want to say to your loved one prepared. Reaching out and connecting with a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, and being prepared with the things you’d like to ask can go a long way in making sure that you have covered all the ground you want to cover, since you no longer have the ability to speak to them whenever you want. Even if you forget everything you wanted to ask and end up letting the connection flow organically, being prepared is a big step in getting the best medium reading possible.

What to Expect from Medium Readings?

If the aim of your medium reading is to speak with a loved one who has passed from the material plane, expect an emotional, intense, and profound experience. Since the medium is channeling information to you from an outside source, you might be unable to control the direction that the session goes, so expect to hear things you weren’t expecting to hear, or to feel emotions you weren’t expecting to feel, even if you think you completely prepared yourself for the reading.

You can also sometimes expect to hear from people you weren’t preparing to speak with, such as ancestors or spirit guides. If there is a being on the other side who wishes to convey a message to you, and you open the channel with a medium, they could take this opportunity to come forward even if they were not who you were hoping to hear from.

As with any psychic reading, you should always expect to receive information that might be direct or forward, or not what you were hoping for. This is part of keeping an open mind when preparing for a reading; don’t attach yourself to any one outcome or message.

Myths and Facts About Psychic Mediums

Myth: Mediums Can See Dead People

While all the top rated mediums have a well-honed sixth sense, they often don’t see ghosts.  Most describe feeling a spirit presence as a multi-sensory experience.

They may see flashes of color or hear words in their head. Often, a spirit can be felt as a bodily sensation. Some mediums do see distinct images, but even those who do often don't see spirits all the time.

Fact: Bringing Objects Helps Most Mediums Connect To The Spirit

The best medium readings happen when there is a clear open channel from your loved one to you. When you keep objects of your passed loved one, it keeps their energy with you.

The more sentimental an object is, the stronger a channel it opens. You may also want to bring multiple objects, or even construct a personal shrine to the spirit you wish to reach.

Myth: Mediums Can Help You Contact Dead Celebrities

Even the best psychic mediums cannot reach a spirit that has no personal connection to you. In order for a channel to be open, a spirit has to want to reach you. For this reason, mediums can't contact just any historical figure with whom you'd like to share a drink.

If a departed celebrity or historical figure has a connection to you, you might be able to contact them. Ancestors and students of great thinkers may have wisdom passed through the channel.

Fact: The Amount Of Time Someone Has Passed Impacts The Clarity Of The Medium Reading

This is another reason it is hard for even the best mediums to contact historical figures. After a while, even spirits move on. The more time a spirit has spent on the other side, the less attached they are to Earthly matters.

This isn't to say they cease to care about you. They simply begin a return to the peaceful universal energy that is within us and without us.

Myth: Spirits Follow People Home After Medium Readings

While our loved ones are connected to us, they're not watching us in the bathroom! A spirit has no physical form. How could anything that both everywhere and nowhere possibly follow you home?

But hey, we get you're jumpy. Perhaps you are contacting a spirit you ended on bad terms with. We'd like to reassure you, spirits experience the peace of detachment and release all anger felt in their lives.

What Kinds of Questions Should I Ask a Psychic Medium?

male hands holding a crystal-ball with questions  

In order to get the best medium reading possible, you should come prepared. You will want to come with some questions and an open mind. If there is someone specific you want to contact, let your medium know so they can open a channel.

If you're not sure what to ask a medium, here are some examples of great questions to ask. Feel free to pick two or three that jump out to you. Jot them down before you enter your session.

  • What spirits are guiding me?
  • What do my guiding spirits want to tell me?
  • I have a burning question I never got to ask. What do they have to say?
  • Am I living in a way that makes my deceased loved ones proud?
  • Do you hear any guiding messages from my passed loved ones?
  • Do they still carry their anger for me in the afterlife?
  • I never apologized to them while they were alive. What do they have to say?
  • What signs should I look for to know they are with me?
  • What actions should I take to best move on?
  • What final words do they have for me?

When you set your intentions, you make it easier for spirits to find you through the medium. By clarifying what you want to know, you get the best medium reading a psychic can provide.

Psychics vs Mediums

You may be wondering about the difference between psychics and mediums. Mediumship falls under the umbrella of psychic ability, but the two are not exactly the same.

The main difference is the information that the psychic medium is relaying to you. A psychic will focus mostly on you, and what energies are surrounding you from the past as well as the present. Some psychics are also able to get a glimpse into how future events might play out for you. When you are speaking to a psychic, they will be mainly speaking and relating to you, and very present in the moment as they receive the information to questions you might have asked. Psychics mostly deal with the material plane and events happening here.

A psychic medium possesses the same inherent abilities as a psychic, but their main focus is on channeling information from beyond this realm into realms like the spirit realm, or astral plane. When you speak with a medium, their focus is on being a mediator between you and another person, almost like a translator or spirit operator, where the language is that of the spirits, which often does not come across in logical, linear terms that we understand here in the world of the living.

Online vs In Person Psychic Medium Readings

 a woman spreading her arms around a glowing crystal ball  
Some people might believe that in order to get the full experience from a psychic medium, you have to conduct your session in person. While there is certainly value in receiving a medium reading in person, there is no difference in quality between an in person reading and an online medium reading.

Due to the nature of energy transference, mediums online can gain every bit as much information and be able to connect in the same way that an in person medium can.

We’ll take a look at the benefits of both, so that you can make an informed decision when making your choice.

Benefits of Finding Psychic Medium Online

It might seem weird to seek out a psychic medium online. To many, it seems counter intuitive. However, there are many benefits to choosing an online medium.

  • Better Selection - a good medium can be hard to come by unless you look online. Most people seeking medium services are in a delicate place. It’s best to take the time to find a great website with top rated mediums.
  • Lower Prices - we’ll be frank: funeral costs can add up. Seeking additional psychic services might be difficult for someone who is recently bereaved. At, we have a lot of psychic medium websites listed, so you can find a service that fits within your budget.
  • Access to Reviews - psychic mediums get a lot of flak because there are con artists out there who make money off bereaved people. We want to help you avoid a scammer. That’s why we review all our websites listed. We want you to find the best psychic medium from a reputable website.
  • Access to Psychic’s Profiles - you will likely be asking your medium some intimate questions. You will want to find one you are comfortable with. Many of the websites featured on have detailed profile and top rated psychic mediums.

How Do I Get An Online Medium Reading?

Interested in finding a top rated online psychic medium? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  • Clarify your mind and decide on some questions for your medium.
  • Browse our listed sites with the best mediums.
  • Create an account.
  • Begin the search for a psychic medium.
  • Select a means of communications.
  • Keep your mind open to messages from the other side.

In Person Medium Readings

You might be asking, “but what about medium readings near me? Shouldn’t I try to receive my reading in person?” Despite the benefits of online medium readings, you might still want to reach out to psychic mediums in the area in order to receive a reading, and that’s valid as well. For some personalities, being in the room with their medium really brings the experience closer to home. If you wish to speak to a medium who goes into a trance or allows themselves to be taken over by the spirit you wish to speak to, an in person reading is probably your best bet. This ritual requires deep concentration and often takes longer than an online reading.

Finding legitimate psychic mediums nearby can be a bit tricky. Oftentimes, searching ‘psychic mediums near me’ will bring up few results, or even just send you to some of the psychic medium websites we recommend. When you live in rural areas, even searching ‘best psychic medium near me’ might not be helpful if there are little to no psychic mediums in your area. However, if you’re near a metropolis, searching for the ‘psychic medium near me’ can guide you to many talented and legitimate in person mediums who can guide you through the experience in the same way as an online medium.

Are there Free Medium Readings?

It’s only natural that you might want to talk to dead loved ones online free; and it is possible to receive free medium readings, but there is often a catch.

The work that spirit mediums do is very draining and energy consuming. Free mediums can be hard to come by, and if you do come across one, their validity and accuracy might be in question, although there are some that believe accepting money in exchange for their abilities lowers their vibration (there is, however, no evidence for this).

Oftentimes you can get a free medium reading simply by signing up on any one of the websites we recommend. Brands like Kasamba and Psychic Source provide free minutes along with their already heavily discounted introductory specials. AskNow even lets you speak to Elite or Master psychic mediums for 5 minutes absolutely free.

Psychic Medium Reading Legitimacy

The big question in all of this is: “Are mediums for real?” It’s totally natural, and even preferred, to question the validity of the psychic mediums you are speaking to. You don’t want to get scammed out of your hard earned money, and disappointed in the process, thinking you might get the chance to speak to a loved one only to find out you were never speaking to a real psychic medium.

You can protect yourself from scams by looking for top rated mediums, such as those available on the websites we recommend. Each of the online mediums available on these sites has been tested for their ability, and you can see for yourself how real their abilities are when you check out feedback left by other customers like yourself.

Another way to protect yourself against scammers is to educate yourself on mediums abilities and what to expect from a medium. Real mediums will only ask you for very general information about the person you wish to speak to, like their name, birthday, and date of death. If you find that a medium is pressing you for questions, rather than providing you with details, you might be speaking with a scammer, in which case, you should break contact as quickly as possible.

Additionally, most psychic mediums are not going to reach out to you, especially in social media direct messages. There has been a scourge of psychic scammers attempting to trick people on social media by posing as a well known medium. All of the work that psychic mediums do is often overshadowed by the prevalence of scammers, which is why there are so many skeptics out there today. But with the overwhelming amount of people who have received positive, real medium readings, it is clear that there really are psychic mediums out there who can speak with the spirit realm. Just remember, you should be reaching out to them, while they should be answering questions more than asking.

Psychic Mediums Articles

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What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium is a person with psychic abilities who is able to channel messages from the spirit realm and beyond. You can reach out to a psychic medium in order to speak to loved ones who have passed on from this life, or even to get in touch with ancestors and spirit guides. As long as you have a connection of some sort to the being, and they wish to speak with you, a psychic medium can facilitate a conversation.

Psychic mediums can also bring advice, wisdom and guidance from the spirits that they speak to. While not every spirit has the ability or inclination to give advice on your personal life, there may be some who do, and psychic mediums can find them and connect you to them. Psychic mediums can work mentally, physically, or directly with the spirits in order to bring you closure after the death of a loved one.

Are psychic mediums real?

The short answer to this question is: yes! Psychic mediums have been channeling words and conversations from the dead for thousands of years, and there are many people with stories and experiences with mediums to prove it. So yes, psychic mediums are real and mediumship is a real ability.

However, everyone who claims to be a psychic medium is not. There are many online scammers who wish to capitalize on the vulnerability of those who have experienced a loss and would do anything to speak to their loved one again. Scammers will often do ‘cold readings’ where they just bring forth the most general information and no real connection to the spirits. It is important to guard yourself against psychic medium scammers by educating yourself and reaching out to mediums who have been tested and proven their abilities, such as those on the psychic medium websites that we recommended here.

How much does a psychic medium reading cost?

Psychic medium reading costs vary depending on who you are speaking with. While it is possible, and for some people, preferable, to speak with a free psychic medium, due to the amount of energy that is needed to conduct medium readings, most mediums do charge for their services. However, you can easily find medium readings for a bargain, if you’re worried about your budget.

Generally, psychic medium readings can cost anywhere between $.99 a minute to $30 a minute, for the most in-demand and gifted mediums. If you have the money to spend, and truly wish to be part of a special experience, higher cost mediums are absolutely worth it, especially considering they are giving you extra time to speak with a deceased loved one, who you will not meet again until you yourself pass from this world. That’s an incredible value at any price! You can also receive medium readings of amazing quality for as low as $1 a minute. As long as you make sure to research the mediums you are speaking to, you can find a wonderful connection even at a low cost.

How does medium calculate read time?

Generally, all mediums on the websites we recommend will calculate the time of your reading from the moment your call, live chat, or video chat connects, until it disconnects. If you are using an introductory offer, such as the 3 free minutes from Kasamba, the read time will be calculated from beginning to end, but the paid minutes will only begin to count down once the first 3 minutes are up.

There are also some sites offering medium readings through email. Instead of calculating the read time in this case, most online mediums who do email readings will simply charge a flat rate for these, to account for the time taken to give the reading, as well as to write out the information in a one-sided email format. If a psychic medium does offer email readings at a flat rate, you will be able to find that information on their personal psychic profile.

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned all there is to know about psychic mediums, are psychic mediums real, what to expect, and the best brands for medium readings from loved ones, video medium readings, mobile medium apps, the best deals on medium readings, and the most trusted online mediums.

With this information at your fingertips, you can be sure that you are fully empowered when it comes to searching for the most legit psychic mediums and the best medium sites online. Our experts in the field of psychics and psychic mediums have chased down every possible detail in order to bring you the very best information about all of these brands as possible, so you can make the most informed choice when you decide it’s time for an online medium reading.

Speaking with a medium can be an emotional experience, which is why it is important to us that we found psychic medium brands that have sensitive, compassionate, and of course accurate and reliable online mediums. You’re already experiencing grief, and don’t need to be scammed when you are most vulnerable. The psychic medium websites listed here are guaranteed to have real psychic mediums, ready to connect you to your loved ones and bring you peace of mind.

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".