Kasamba Review 2022 – Is Kasamba Right for You?

Well known for its diverse network of Psychic Readers and Spiritual Advisors.

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Kasamba Full Pricing

  • 3 Free Chat Minutes with each new psychic.
  • 70% off your first session.
  • Pricing range: .90 cents - $25+ per minute.

Top Features

  • Trustworthy readers
  • Phone, chat and email readings
  • Rating & pricing filters
  • Establishment in business 20+ years

Life is not a bed of roses. As we trudge on this path, it is inevitable to feel the full range of human emotions. From grief to joyous moments, or even anxiety in most of our waking moments: people feel alone. When these emotions overwhelm us, that’s when we lose sight of our true purpose and start feeling lonely, lost and helpless.

Ever heard of the saying? ‘‘When life gets tough, the tough gets going.’’

But how do you ‘get going?’

That’s when Kasamba comes in. Allow your faith to lend you a helping hand in surviving challenging times as you lean on divine assistance to aid you in your next chapter of life.

Engage experienced Kasamba psychics to tide you through difficult times to regain your peace, purpose and position in life.

From Kasamba tarot readings to psychic advisors, you can trust that you’re in safe hands with Kasamba.com

  • Finding a spiritual consultant is easy
  • User friendly platform
  • Contact physics via phone, chat or email
  • Amazing tips to prepare before a reading on website
  • Certain Psychics are not always available online
  • A favored Psychic may not always available to chat live
  • Email responses from advisors may take up to 24 hours

What is Kasamba?

Since 1999, Kasamba has been the go-to for people seeking guidance in life.

Having provided soul comforting advice to over 3 million consumers globally, Kasamba.com is a live, online platform that connects you with psychics, astrologers, mediums, dream interpreters and divination readers across the world.

From guiding you to a loving relationship to a career that aligns with your life purpose, the seasoned psychic advisors in Kasamba work on helping you attain a happier, more fulfilling life.

Types of Readings

From a Kasamba tarot reading to know more about your love life to connecting with the dearly departed in a mediumship reading: the Kasamba app has it all.

Psychic Readings and Fortune Telling 

Psychic readings entail the past, present and future events that might hold true for you. Allow psychic advisors to unlock information for you as they relay your fortune to you.

Tarot Readings

Using a deck of 78 cards invented in Italy in 1430s, tarot is the most common form of divination to help you gain insight into any situations from career to potential windfalls and obstacles that may arise.

Love and Relationship Readings

With different divination tools, these readings with a Kasamba psychic help to determine your potential love interests, soulmates and dating opportunities to prepare you for your love life.

Career Readings

This reading is to align your life purpose with your career to understand if you’re progressing in what’s best for you.

Mediumship Readings 

Engage with your departed loved ones through an experienced medium to gain insight into the afterlife and how love remains beyond the grave.

Dream Interpretations 

Understand your dreams on a deep, subconscious level with Kasamba psychics that can shed some light on how your dreams affect your reality, emotions and future.


With a comprehensive scientific chart in accordance with the stars, your birth date, location and time will help you gain insight into your past, present and future. 

Unsure of how it works? Fear not, Kasamba prides itself on providing guidance at a price that’s suitable for you. Get your first 3 free minutes with 50% off your first session!

How Much Does Kasamba Cost?

In an effort to make spiritual guidance easily accessible to the mass public, Kasamba prides itself on flexible and highly affordable pricing that are dependent on various variables: types of psychic advisors and their respective expertise as well as the form of communication chosen.

For just $1.99 per minute, you’ll be able to engage with a professional Kasamba psychic. Depending on your budget and required expertise, prices can range up to $30 per minute.


Payment Methods

Focusing on flexibility as key, customize your needs with Kasamba and either prepay your order or pay every time you choose to engage with a psychic advisor from Kasamba.com 


Start every reading hassle-free as you add your preferred amount of funds into your Kasamba account. Simply connect your debit or credit card and choose the amount of funds you want in your account to start an immediate transfer.  

Pay Per Session Using Paypal

Reliable, safe and efficient, Paypal is an insured provider you can use to complete your payment. Choose an amount you’re comfortable with and get redirected to Paypal’s payment window to finish the transaction. Upon completion, you’ll be soon guided back to Kasamba to start your session.

Pay After Every Session 

Unable to pay before the session? No problem, just connect your debit or credit card to Kasamba as they work their magic verifying your account with a blocked amount of $15. Not deductible during your reading, it will not be charged till your reading is over to ensure you only pay what you used. 

Top Payment Methods

With the advancement of technology, Kasamba keeps up through allowing several methods for payment below: 

  • Credit card 
  • Debit Card 
  • Paypal  
  • Google Pay 

This allows your details to be safe and secure with a payment method you’re comfortable with.

How Does Kasamba Work?

Ever struggle to create an account only to find it incredibly difficult to navigate and find what you want?

 Fear not, this is not the case with Kasamba.com

 Comfort is key.

 That was Kasamba’s promise to make every psychic reading easy, effortless and enjoyable.

 To sign up, simply follow the steps below.

Create an account

You can either start with your email and chosen password or take the easy way out by linking your existing Google or Apple account.

Kasamba Signup Form

Input your details

Before starting a reading, head over to the account details to add in crucial personal info so Kasamba’s psychics can assist you further.

Adding a paymnet Method

No payment details are required during the creation of account. Seamless and free, Kasamba only needs your email and password to proceed.

However, once you’re ready for a reading – that’s when payment details are requested. When you’ve chosen a reading you would like, input your payment details to start.

From paying upfront to paying after the reading, Kasamba is highly flexible and focused on ensuring your experience is one-of-the-kind in the safest way possible.

Introductory Offers

 Armed with the dream to make spiritual guidance easily available to the mass public, Kasamba comes with a myriad of introductory discounts to enhance your first experience with them.

First 3 Minutes is Free

Once your account is created, you’re immediately entitled to 3 free minutes. This is available to all first-time users of Kasamba at no additional cost 

Save 50% on your first session

Not only are your first 3 minutes free, enjoy your first Kasamba tarot reading or others at 50% off.

In addition, keep a lookout for Kasamba coupon codes in your email that helps you save a one time off discount of 10%-50% per reading in the future!

Cool Tools and Features with Kasamba

Kasamba offers a wide range of features below that makes it highly accessible. 

  • Filters to help you choose the right Psychic - choose a Spiritual Advisor for you based on ranking, pricing, category, newest Physic on the platform
  • Fund your account - create an account to fund it with the amount you're comfortable with spending. This way you have control over how much is ultimately spent
  • Read Spiritual advice articles - the Kasamba platform is enriched with updated articles relating to spirituality, horoscopes, learning tarot, career and well being
  • Various Contact Methods - Uncomfortable with video calls? Fear not, Kasamba is aimed to be seamlessly comfortable. Connect with Kasamba’s psychic advisors in the comfort of your own preference and home through multiple channels by phone, email or even online chat windows.
  • Introductory Offers -  Unsure of how accurate the reading is? Take advantage of the first 3 complimentary minutes with an additional 50% off your first reading to determine your next course of action
  • Psychic Available 24/7 - With psychic advisors across the globe, Kasamba is readily available for any users seeking guidance. Pay no heed to time zones as you’re sure to find one at a time of your convenience
  • Various Reading Types - Tantalize your spiritual experiences with a vast range of different readings offered. From Kasamba tarot readings to dream interpretations, you’re guaranteed to find the answer you seek
  • Have a Mobile App - Efficient and easily accessible on a smartphone, Kasamba is designed for your comfort. Use it any time and place of the day to your preference

The Most Popular Readings Kasamba Offers

As much as the future lies in your own hands, psychic readings are meant to help you find your true purpose.

From determining your past lives, traits and present situations, understand the correlation of your life’s events with the help of experienced Kasamba psychics as you navigate difficult waters together.

With the continuous growth of your life, allow insights flow in from various forms such as remote viewing, aura and crystal readings meant to enhance your life.

If you’re unsure of what to expect, Kasamba’s psychics will relay crucial information that links your past to your future meant for your growth.

Love and Relationship Readings 

From understanding yourself better to open your heart for a more fulfilling relationship to making your marriage work with hands-on advice: this reading is meant to bring clarity, guidance and direction to your relationships with others.

What sets this reading apart from others is the fact that you’re also able to gain first-hand insight into your own love life. Apart from lovers, friends can also be added into the equation as you rely on psychic advisors to help you enhance your quality of life and type of people around you.

Seek out the answers you need to carve out the relationship with a soulmate with Kasamba as you receive advice that is easily understood for you to act on.

Fortune Telling

Attain guidance from accurate Kasamba psychics that prepare you better for your future. Often confused with psychic readings, fortune telling primarily focuses on the future.

Not one to determine correlations with the past, fortune telling is aimed to encourage you on future outcomes of different personal ventures as well as warn you of upcoming mishaps.

If you’ve been feeling restless, aimless or even uneasy of your future, this is the reading to go for. Chronicling your immediate future in the next 1-2 years, seek guidance on matters that will help you understand your possible positions in order to make better choices.

Dream Analysis

Wildly different from all the other readings, dream interpretations are a comprehensive deep dive into your subconscious. 

As your dreams plague your night, it is usually an indication of your reality, fears or even trauma. In most cases, the dreams are often difficult to understand because of how wacky or unexpected it is. From flying in the sky to dreaming of seeing all of your ex-lovers in an escape room, our dreams can be haunting if we fail to understand it. 

This is where Kasamba comes in. Allow Kasamba’s psychics to help you decipher your dreams to better tackle your issues in real life. 

Astrology Readings

Commonly known as the goldmine of readings, astrological charts are one of the most comprehensive ways to get to know you.

With your birth date, name and time, your whole life can be read to you from past lives to possible future events within specific periods.  

If you’re looking to get an in-depth overlook of your life, Kasamba’s astrologers can assist significantly. From time periods that are important for you in terms of your personal or working life, this reading covers a general outlook for every aspect of your life.

Understand yourself a little deeper as you enter the waters of personal growth one step at a time. 

Career Forecasts 

When your career is your main focus, it is inevitable to be worried when challenges arise.  

In this reading, it chronicles the ups and lows in your career – from helping you understand your purpose in life to how aligned you are with your soul purpose, Kasamba is here to bring you clarity. 

While you charge head on in your career, understand the potential obstacles ahead with its subsequent lessons with Kasamba’s psychics.  

In addition, if you’re due for any promotion or upcoming issues: you can be sure to receive first-hand information meant to aid you. 

Choose The Best Reading For You

What information is there about Kasamba’s Readers?

Upon entering a reader’s profile, you’ll be greeted with a load of useful information that could help you make the right choice.

Simple and at times not as uniformed, the ‘about my services’ area can vary with different capitalized letters due to the way each reader writes.

Make full use of each reader’s profile by going through these steps:

Kasamba’s Specialization 

Every reader is gifted in multiple ways hence it is best to understand what they offer in the ‘specializing in’ section to see they can do for you.


Engage with your Kasamba psychic advisor in a language you are comfortable in by finding out what they are fluent in. It is recommended to go for a reader who is proficient in your native or more fluent language so you can get the most out of your reading.

Price and Types of Communication

Choose a psychic advisor of your choice within your price range under Fee/Minute/Chat/Phone as you are given free reign to communicate a way that suits you best.


If you’ve been wondering if your Kasamba reader is legit, you can find their reviews and ratings on the left of their profile.

Make an informed choice

Understand what your Kasamba psychic can offer you through their comprehensive explanation on their profile under the ‘about my services’ and ‘experience and qualification’ categories to make up your mind.

Do readers have customer reviews?

Yes, each Kasamba reader comes with detailed ratings and reviews meant to aid you in making an informed choice.

It includes two aspects, ratings and written reviews.

The ratings determine how satisfied each customer is after a reading. In addition, the review section highlights the number of reviews a reader has: which typically adds up to the number of readings that has been done.

In Kasamba, sorted by the latest review first, the written reviews pinpoint your reader’s strong suit. Occasionally, as above, the names look slightly off the track with ‘user_...’ depending on how each client has customized their own name in Kasamba.

Don’t be surprised to see some readers have as many as over 20K reviews due to their popularity.

Take your time to look through the written reviews to help you decide if the reader is to your liking and suitable for you.

The more accurate the reader, the higher the ratings, reviews and demand. Make your choice wisely based on the tried and proven testimonials of many others before you.

How to Book a Reading?

To Call/Live Voice Chat

  1. Find an advisor that you’re most drawn to.
  2. Clicked on the Call or Call Now button.
  3. Next, Enter your phone number.
  4. You’ll immediately receive a call to the number you have provided.
  5. Press 1 to get connected to the advisor you choose.

To Connect via Chat

To chat live with one of Kasamba’s advisors, click on the "Let's Chat" button under that advisor’s profile to chat instantly.

To Connect via E-mail

To hire an advisor for an email session, you will need to send a message to your chosen Advisor with the service required and establish a price you are willing to pay to correspond with them.

The Advisor will then respond to your request with an offer. In your Mailbox, the message will say "Hire" listed on the right-hand side. Before opening the message, you have the option "Hire Psychic”, "Message Psychic" or "Withdraw Question".

When the price you agree  on with the advisor is confirmed, you can click on “Hire Psychic” to get started with your email session.

How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic Reader

How to find a reader in the Kasamba platform is fairly simple. It all depends on the question you would like to ask or the topic of your concerns. If it’s about a relationship, choose Love Psychic. If you have any spiritual concerns, choose tarot reading.

  1. First you need to browse Kasamba’s categories.
  2. Then click on the type of reading that you believe will best suit your needs.
  3. Once you’ve clicked on the type of reading you would like, the next step is to choose a psychic that has great reviews or a psychic that you are drawn to. Click on Call now to have a voice conversation and click Chat now to have a text message conversation.
  4. If you have not made an account, the website or app will prompt you to log in or sign up before speaking with a Psychic.
  5. After signing up or logging in you will then have access to speak with the reader you’ve chosen right away!

How to Connect with a Reader

To connect with a reader use the Messenger Feature

This is a great way to get in touch with an advisor before starting any paid sessions.

To contact an advisor using the message feature, wait until he/she is “Away” to send them a message.

Checking  your messages between you and advisors you contact is easy. Just click the envelope icon to the right of the ‘My Kasamba’ menu.

How to add an advisor to your favorite’s list

Advisors are added to your list in one of two ways:

  1. Hiring advisors immediately and automatically adds them to your 'My Psychics' list.
  2. You can add advisors to your 'Favorites' list after a session with an advisor (on the rating page), or by going to the advisor's profile on the website and clicking the 'My Favorite' link.

Advisors can also be deleted from your 'My Psychics' list or as one of your 'Favorites' as well. 

  1. First, sign into your Kasamba Account.
  2. Select 'My Psychics'.
  3. Scroll to the bottom, click ‘Edit My Psychics’.
  4. Click on Psychic you would like to be removed from the list, then click on ‘Delete Psychic’.

How to block an advisor

By using similar steps to remove an advisor from your favorites list, you can also block an expert advisor.

Locate the Psychic you wish to block and click ‘Block Expert’ to prevent them from being able ever  connect or contact you.

If you accidentally blocked an advisor you can still start a live session with them by messaging them through dated messages between you both.

How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

When your session ends with a Psychic you have the option to rate your advisor.

You can give the Psychic you had a session with a star rating and a more detailed review about your experience if you desire.

Is Kasamba Legit?

Kasamba has been a well-established Psychic Platform since 1999.

It’s well known that Kasamba is a legitimate online psychic community that is dedicated to spiritually assisting its users for over 20 years. They are committed to making it easy for everyday people to connect with Oracles, Tarot Readers, Astrologers, and Numerologist with real abilities and occult knowledge.

Once an advisor is a part of the platform, they have to adhere to Kasambas rules and policies. These rules and regulations consider everything from how to respond to customers in a compassionate manner to confidentiality regulations. Your private information and identity is secure with Kasamba and their Psychic Readers.

What is the screening process for Kasamba readers?

Once a reader chooses to be a part of Kasamba, they have to follow a few steps to be verified. Like most careers, a resume with professional experience is required.

Firstly, potential readers are encouraged to sign up here with their relevant qualifications. Applications with a resume are given priority as Kasamba holds itself to high stringent standards.

In addition, a $50 registration fee is required for each reader to be a part of Kasamba.

Upon processing, readers are requested to sign up and create a personalized online profile. It is usually recommended that readers curate their photo, profile and bio with unique traits to set them apart from others.

Does Kasamba have in house readers?

Yes. Kasamba has a strong base of in house readers specializing in vast range of different readings.

From palm readings to astrology, occult and even past life readings, Kasamba has it all. With 74 top in house readers consistently available for your needs, Kasamba takes pride in accuracy to provide their clients with the best. 

The in house readers vary based on the readings preferred by the client. However, there’re always available psychic advisors available due to their large numbers of international readers.

Hence, a wide variety of readings are always easily accessible at any time, place and time zone with Kasamba’s current pool of in house readers.

What do Kasamba users have to say about the platform?

With over 685 reviews on Trustpilot, Kasamba is a trusted source for psychic readings around the world.

Verified and certified as a legitimate company, Kasamba’s long history puts it in stead as one of the most reliable psychic advisor platforms.

Not just verified on Trustpilot, Kasamba is also highly ranked in the App store for Apple products. Armed with over 11K reviews and ratings, Kasamba is a well-known platform and app for Iphone users.

One user on App store said:

" Very Accuarte and helped me deal with a bunch of life issues"

It is also important to highlight that finding the right psychic advisor is crucial in order to help you fully enjoy your experience.

A simple review again focusing on the importance of finding the right psychic advisor:

A user on Truspilot had the following to say about Kasamba:

" The most reliable, honest psychics who provide in-depth readings on Kasamba are The Devine, Ask Kitty, and True Reader Tracey.They give alot of detail and their timeframes are basically spot on everytime"

Does Kasamba Have an App?

Does Kasamaba have a downloadable Mobile App available?

Yes, Kasamba has an app in both the App store and Google Play store.

Easily accessible, the Kasamba app can be found for smartphones on the IOS and android system. With high ratings and reviews, the app has gained popularity in numbers that exceed thousands.

Kasamba App

Sleek, simple and seen as a purple icon, the app is a user-friendly platform that holds the same functionality of Kasamba in desktop version.

Just like the desktop version, you will be able to register an account and utilize the freebies. Not only that, your whole Kasamba experience can be re-created on the app seamlessly.

Upon creation of your account, you can move on to find a Kasamba psychic of your choice, book a call and eventually pay for your reading.

From calls to online chat, the Kasamba app supports all versions of communication with your chosen psychic advisor to make your experience much more enjoyable and efficient.

Safe and secure, make payments within the app that connects to third parties such as PayPal all within the comfort of your own home and smartphone.

Fuss free with simple procedures, having a psychic reading at your convenience is key with Kasamba.

* Please do note that the app is supported in devices with Android version 5.0 and above or iOS version 8.2 and above.

How to access help and support

Still not finding the answers you need in the FAQ? Fear not, simply start by creating a new ticket.

Follow these simple steps below to access the help you need.

  1.  Create a new support ticket

    If your questions can’t be found in the search button, simply click ‘new support ticket’ to generate your own personalized question.

  2. Choose your desired category

    Remember to choose a relevant category for the particular question you have in mind.

  3. Choose the subcategory

    Once you’ve decided on the main category, move on to the sub-groups and choose one that’s suitable for you.

  4. Fill in the details

    Simply write down your information in key details for Kasamba to start processing your ticket. 

Once the steps above are done, click ‘submit’ and expect to hear a reply from Kasamba in the earliest time possible. 

Kasamba Refund

When the reading with Kasamba is not ideal, refunds are entitled on discretion. Putting customers first is a substantial part of Kasamba’s goal to increase satisfaction, accuracy and reliability on their psychic advisors.

Kasamba’s refund process which makes it easy, fuss free and efficient where every client is encouraged to enjoy their psychic experience.

However, it is crucial to note that refunds for all psychic readings are only available if filed within the first 72 hours upon completion of your reading.

Therefore, any refund requests have to be made promptly to prevent a delay or lack of Kasamba refunds.

How to Get a Refund?

Once you’ve decided on getting a refund within 7 days of your completed psychic reading: simply head over to Kasamba to get started.

Take note to have the session's date, advisor's name and session fee before you proceed:

  1. Click ‘Contact Us’

    Start by going to the homepage to contact Kasamba and start your refund process.

  2. Create a New Support Ticket

    Generate your refund by customizing your own support ticket to Kasamba.

  3. Payments and Refunds

    Choose your main category as ‘Payments and Refunds’ to kickstart the process.

  4. Refund Request

    Focus on the sub-category: refund request to ensure you’re on the right track.

  5. Key in the Details

    Before you key in the details, it is best to have the necessary information close to you for easy reference. From transaction amount to Reading ID, simply peruse your account activity to find out more.

    Once you’re done, click ‘submit’ for Kasamba to process your refund request.
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Kasamba vs Other Psychic Services

Kasamba vs Other Psychic Services

Like Kasamba, there’re other psychic platforms that provide the same service. In this section, we’ll be focused on comparing Kasamba with its main rivals in accordance to:


Modes of communication

Introductory Offers

Kasamba’s rates starting at $1.99 per minute puts it in stead when it comes to prices. With an application that allows readings in the comfort of your own home via phone, chat, or email sets it apart as easy to use and enjoy.

In addition, the first 3 additional minutes and 50% off the first reading allows you to get a hang of a psychic reading at a price point made for you.

Kasamba vs Purple Garden

When it comes to pricing, Kasamba and Purple Garden are in close competition as the best-known psychics typically cost much more per minute.

The distinct difference is that Purple Garden offers video calls which sets it apart from Kasamba. In most readings, face to face or videos frequently bring forth information to varying degrees.

However, the introductory offers are worlds apart when as Kasamba offers 3 complimentary minutes and 50% off first readings, Purple Garden pales in comparison with $10 free credit.

Comparing the number of benefits per dollar, an ideal first reading is best done with Kasamba as you’re entitled to more discounts with 50% off first readings of up to $50.

With Purple Garden’s 2 star rating on Trustpilot, you’ll be better off choosing Kasamba with its 4.2 star rating of positive customer satisfaction.

Kasamba vs Keen

Comparing Kasamba and Keen, they are largely similar in terms of prices, communication channels and introductory offers.
Firstly, Kasamba and Keen has similar price structures starting at $1 per minute going up to $30 per minute in accordance with the quality, type and preference of psychics.
In terms of communication channels, they are identical in providing phone, email and live chat services.
Depending on your needs, Kasamba’s complimentary 3 minutes and 50% off first reading is much more enticing than $1.99 per 10 minutes or 3 free minutes with Keen.
Lastly, if you’re looking for a company that cares, you’ll prefer Keen given the fact that they respond to over 98% of negative reviews within 2 weeks while Kasamba only replied to 73% within a month.

Kasamba vs Psychic Source

Unlike Kasamba’s rates of $1-$30 per minute, Psychic Source is significantly lower for well equipped psychics at $1-$15 per minute.

Kasamba’s offer of emails, phone and online chat varies greatly from Psychic Source that only offers videos, emails and phone. Previously highlighted on the benefits of video readings, Psychic Source might be a more tempting choice especially with $1 per 10,20,30 minutes compared to the free 3 minutes and 50% off for Kasamba.

However, it is important to note that Kasamba and Psychic Choice differ greatly as in offers as well as trustpilot reviews. With only 2 stars and an unclaimed profile, Psychic Source does not seem as reliable as Kasamba’s hundreds of reviews, 4.2 star rating and a claimed profile aimed for customer satisfaction.

Kasamba vs AskNow

At a higher rate of $4-$13+ depending on the tiers of psychics for Asknow, Kasamba is significantly lower at $1-$30 per minute. 

Unlike Kasamba’s offering of phone, online chat and mail, Asknow do not have emails as part of the communication channel which can prove tricky if you like having a record of your reading.

In addition, like Psychic Source, Asknow lacks a claimed profile with a mere 2 star rating on Trustpilot which seems much less trustworthy than Kasamba’s strong 4.2 rating and hundreds of reviews with consistent replies from the site to solve issues with consumers.

If you’re deciding between Kasamba and Asknow, it is clear that Kasamba is a clear winner due to its reliability. With Asknow’s affordability at $10 for the first 15 minutes compared to Kasamba’s 50% off and 3 free minutes, you will have to ask yourself if you prefer quality over price.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Kasamba platform is reliable, legit and user friendly. Their experienced and knowledgeable Psychics are committed to advising you around the clock. With their cross-continent locations across the world, you’re guaranteed to find a psychic of your choice in the comfort of your own home and time zone.

Many of the Psychics are extremely dedicated to aligning you with the life you desire to lead. Kasamba Psychics assist with personal growth, empowerment and optimism. Hence, it is vital that you choose the right type from Kasamba tarot readings to dream interpretations; your future lies in making the right choices for you.

Being that Kasamba has been in business for over 20 years, this lets us know that its customers are priority. Armed with over 11k+ reviews on the App store, Google Play and Trustpilot, Kasamba is a recognised for its brand, reputation and image.

With first hand experiences in over thousands of reviews, you can rest easy knowing Kasamba’s psychics are experienced, well-reviewed and recognised for your needs. Therefore, you can count on finding the right psychic on this platform to give life changing advice and insight.

Pro tip: Make sure to conduct proper research on your chosen psychic through their respective reviews and ratings to make an informed choice.  

In addition, allow your horizons to expand as you explore different types of readings to answer the varying questions you might have.


Is Kasamba Legitimate?

Yes. Kasamba has built a reputation for itself as a legitimate corporation since being founded in 1999. Highly rated and reviewed across several platforms:

  • Trustpilot: 4.2 star with 600+ reviews
  • App Store: 4.6 stars with 11.1k+ reviews
  • Google Play: 4.2 stars with 3.5k+ reviews

Kasamba has enhanced its brand image as a reliable psychic platform with a global impact. In addition, all psychic advisors have to adhere to internal rules and regulations in order continue working for Kasamba.

With such large numbers of reviews and ratings, there is no doubt that Kasamba stands out as a long-time psychic platform with firsthand experience.

How do Psychics get their Information?

From Psychic to Psychic this answer may vary. Some readers get their information from tarot cards, the stars, and tuning into your energy field. Many of them have visions or connect to spirit or their higher selves.

Clear-audience and clairvoyance is the term that is used to explain the intuitive and psychic phenomenon that are used to bring clarity for clients seeking answers.

Where can I find Kasamba Psychic Reviews? 

You can find Kasamba’s psychic reviews in several places. Well-known across the internet, authentic reviews could even be found on its direct site.

Here are a few places to find them:


Read review easily through the profile of psychics you have chosen or would like to choose.

Easily found on the site, you can simply click ‘view all’ to read ALL the reviews for a particular reader.

Not satisfied? If you prefer a more general outlook, there’re options for reviews below.


Read up more on the types of readings that has been done and real time reviews (4.2 star rating) written by clients of Kasamba. Genuine, direct and blunt, you will only get to read testimonials that can be both positive or negative.

 App Store

With a 4.6 star rating and over 11k+ reviews, find out more about psychic advisors of Kasamba from Apple users. Ranging from the app to actual service, you’ll get real time, unfiltered results.

Google Play 

Let Android users of over 3.5k+ reviews sway your mind on Kasamba. With a solid 4.2 star rating, allow reviews from customers of Google Play tell you more about their experience.

Can I Find a Good Psychic on Kasamba?

Yes. It is completely possible to find a great psychic on Kasamba if you know how to find one.

When it comes to choosing a good Kasamba psychic, their ratings and reviews are your best friends. Spend time researching on the types of readings you prefer and know how it works before signing up for one.

The best way to determine a good psychic on Kasamba is to check out various profiles. If you tend to be cautious and prefer on the safe side, it is recommended that you check out their top few psychics here.

This ensures that you’re only in touch with their highest performing Kasamba Psychics who have a relatively lower chance of giving a disappointing experience

Is Kasamba Confidential and Secure?

Yes. Like any careful site, Kasamba has put in effort to ensure all personal details are strictly confidential on all levels. There’re a few steps to determine how safe the site is and here is Kasamba’s example.
Secure Payment
 All payments in Kasamba are secure and DSS compliant. This can be viewed on the right of your screen when you try to add funds into your account for a reading.
Secure website
Apart from payments, Kasamba has a valid digital certificate to ensure all your sensitive information are strictly encrypted and unable to be deciphered.
With proper digital steps in place, you can be rest assured your transaction and personal details would not be easily leaked for safety purposes.

How to Delete a Kasamba Account?

Unfortunately, Kasamba does not have any options for self-deletion of accounts. Hence if you prefer to remove your account, a new ticket will have to be raised.

Follow these steps below for a complete deactivation or closing of your account.

Raise a new support ticket

Simply click ‘new support ticket’ to kickstart your process on closing of your account.

Choose the right main and sub category

For the main category, choose ‘my account’ and ‘close my account’ for the second category.

Remember to fill in the rest of the details and click ‘submit’ in order to ensure your application is received.

This ensures that your contact form goes straight to Kasamba’s office to facilitate your departure from their website.

How to Remove card from Kasamba?

Just like closing your account, there is no self-directed way to remove your credit card in your account. Again, it would require you to raise a new support ticket in order to completely eradicate your credit card.

Follow these simple steps to remove your credit card:

Raise a new support tickeT

Simply click ‘new support ticket’ to send in your form for removing your previous card details.

Choose the main and sub category

For the main category, choose ‘my account’ and ‘remove my credit card’ for the subcategory.

Upon completion, add in the necessary details and click ‘submit’ to finish your application.

Unfortunately, there is no lead time on when they would respond so sit tight and wait for their upcoming email.

How do I get my 3 FREE minutes and what should I expect?

You will receive 3 free minutes for your first voice or chat reading with Kasamba, after which you will get 3 free chat minutes with each new advisor you try (online chat readings only, does not include voice readings).

How do I apply for a promotion I revived via E-mail?

To apply for your promotion all you have to do is go into your Kasamba account, then go to your EMail that has the promotion. Then, click the link inside the EMail that displays the promo  button. The promotion will then automatically apply to your next session with an advisor.

What kind of promotions are offered by Kasamba?

  • Percentage Off Promotions: ranging from 10%-50% off readings
  • Cash off Promotions: An amount of credit will be added toward your following consultation with an advisor

You have to be sure to opt-in for their emails and updates to reap the rewards Kasamba offers. Which are usually sent via email.

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