Best Love & Relationship Psychic Reading Sites of 2022

Love Psychics

Do you think your love life could use a little guidance? Try a love psychic!

Last Updated: August 2022

They say love is all you need, right? So why is it so complicated? Are you always looking for relationship advice, and find yourself getting nowhere?

A love psychic might be perfect for you!

Unlike your well-meaning friends, an accurate love reading can provide novel insights.

Perhaps you're wondering when you'll meet your soulmate. Maybe you're going through a painful breakup. Even people in happy marriages seek the help of love psychics to solve couple's issues.

Whether you’re looking for answers about ongoing relationships, insight into past failed relationships, or what direction you might be headed in your future relationships, love psychics are here to answer these questions and give you piece of mind.

We’ve found some of the very best psychic platforms offering love readings on the internet today. Take the next step in your love journey now and find out all about love psychics.

Top Online Love Psychic Websites

  • Kasamba - Best Love Psychics Online - 70% off your first session when you sign up, along with an additional free 3 minute preview reading with each new psychic you try!
  • AskNow - Best for Love and Heartbreak Questions - Your first reading costs only $1 a minute, with a free 5 minute chat with an Elite or Master level psychic!
  • Psychic Source - Best Love Psychics Website for Live Readings - 3 free minutes when you sign up, as well as $1 a minute introductory packages for live readings
  • Mysticsense - Best Website for Love Readings By Phone and Chat - Overall daily low prices are included along with 5 free minutes on your first reading!
  • Keen Psychics - Best Love Psychic for Spiritual Guidance - 10 minute readings for just $1.99 when you sign up!
  • Purple Garden - Best Mobile Love Readings - 5% cashback on EVERY reading, alongside frequent promos and referral credit!

Top Love Psychic Websites 2022 Review

Kasamba - Best Love Psychics Online

Kasamba Main Features

For over 20 years, love psychics on Kasamba have been providing relationship readings to those looking for answers. They host hundreds of psychics, tarot readers, and online mediums, some of whom are dedicated solely to answering questions regarding love and relationships.

Kasamba has helped over 3 million users like you find answers to questions about their love life. As one of the most popular psychic brands out there, Kasamba and the psychics who read there are dedicated to bringing the best experience to each of their users, and that shows in their average ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars across the board for every different type of psychic. Browsing through psychic profiles on the love psychic category page, you’ll see that nearly every one of them has been given a 5 star rating by satisfied clients.

Finding the perfect love psychic is easy on Kasamba. The love psychics are so popular that they have their own dedicated section in the upper toolbar, so that you don’t have to scroll through the main psychic category pages to look for love experts. These psychics love answering your questions, and the types of answers you are looking for are even broken down into further categories, like breakup and divorce, parent and child, soulmate connections, cheating and affairs, and marital issues. If you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you can also find love psychics who are experts in answering questions about queer love.

Kasamba also features a wide array of articles on all kinds of psychic topics, including love and relationships. You can read articles about ways to save your relationship, or signs you should leave your relationship. You can read about finding love online, how to manifest love and abundance, and twin flame and soulmate connections. These articles cover a wide arrange of love related questions, and are very useful tools to help you sort out your love life, even when you are not speaking with a psychic live. Empowering yourself with information and learning all you can about relationships and how to get ahead in them is the first step to finding the love you’ve always dreamed of.

Not only do they have the best love psychics online, Kasamba also has some of the most generous introductory offers of any psychic platform. When you sign up, you’ll get 70% off your first reading. This is a great way to try out an in demand love psychic who might be on the pricier side due to their talent and popularity. Besides this already huge discount, as you continue on with your membership, you’ll get 3 minutes free with every new psychic you try.

Every psychic on Kasamba must pay a $50 registration fee, which weeds out scammers who might just be trying to make a quick buck. Love psychics using Kasamba to give readings must agree to keep their readings confidential, and show a commitment to delivering the best love psychic experience to their clients. When you try out Kasamba, you’re guaranteed to speak with a true psychic, dedicated to giving you the answers you need.

What Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it! There are countless enthusiastic reviews for Kasamba’s talented love psychics. One member who was looking for advice about a specific person said:

“They have been right about my POI since the very beginning (June 2020). He is a really difficult person to read and while I feel like it is difficult for even the best readers to make any assumptions that hit him dead on, they have always seen through his bluff without even meeting him! They have always given detailed advice on his thoughts and actions without much info from me. Also, their time frames have always been right on target!”

Full Kasamba Review

AskNow - Best for Love and Heartbreak Questions

AskNow Main Features

Heartbreak is, unfortunately, an inevitability when you’re playing the game of love. The disappointment of a connection that ended up less fruitful than you expected can seem almost unbearable, especially freshly after a breakup. You might be full of questions that can’t easily be answered, by yourself or the person you are detached from.

Luckily, there are some questions about love and heartbreak that can be answered – as long as you know where to look. AskNow is a psychic platform that is known for its trustworthy psychics of all kinds, but its love psychics are particularly skilled at answering questions pertaining to heartbreak and breakups.

Founded in 2005, AskNow has been trusted by users worldwide to answer their love and heartbreak questions. Relationship psychics can be found from all walks of life, ready to help heal your relationship wounds with psychic love abilities. They can answer questions about how to start anew, give some insight into why the relationship wasn’t meant to last and how to find someone else, or even tell you if this break is temporary, or meant to be final.

You can find a psychic for love easily by using the filter tool to find psychics that only answer questions about love and relationships. For the astrologically inclined, AskNow psychics have their zodiac sun sign displayed on their profile, so you can have an extra layer of compatibility with your reader, which will help establish a connection that will provide the answers you are looking for. If you’re not well-versed in astrology, you can dive deeper into the psychic’s profile to get a feel for their reading style and what they’re all about.

AskNow has 3 tiers of psychics to choose from – Top Rated, whose rates vary between $4.99 - $9.99 a minute, Elite, whose rates are between $10 - $12.99 a minute, and the Master psychics whose rates range from $13 a minute and up. The Elite and Master psychics are especially experienced and in demand, but the Top Rated advisors are also perfectly capable of delivering the best love life psychic reading you could ask for.

AskNow has remained one of the most trusted psychic networks in the industry because they take the skills of their love psychics very seriously. In order to become a psychic on AskNow, applicants must complete an in-depth onboarding process that includes a test reading with one of AskNow’s Psychic Managers, and prove their ability as well as a commitment to customer experience. Not every applicant who tries out for the service is accepted. Throughout a love psychic’s time with the network, they are frequently given evaluations, and with each passed evaluation are graduated to a higher level. Thus, Master level psychics have been with the service for a long time and proven ability and experience consistently over the course of many years.

When you sign up, you’ll have a chance to receive your first readings for just $1 a minute, as well as a 5 minute free psychic love question with an Elite or Master level psychic. If you need heartbreak advice fast, this is a great opportunity to utilize the Master psychics’ experience and expertise.

What Customers Say

Of course, it’s important to know what previous clients think about the psychics on AskNow. One Top Rated psychic received this review:

“WOW absolutely wonderful. I can't believe everything which was said. Only confirmed my beliefs. thank you so much.”

A client who had a reading with an Elite level psychic said:

“Very good information! Great as always, strong connection.”

And a Master level psychic giving heartbreak davice got this review:

“They were so inspiring and they gave me  very positive insights about my relationship and encouraging advice to help me to see the whole picture of my situation.”

Hopefully these great reviews will give you a picture of the quality of reading you will receive when you choose AskNow psychics.

Full Review

15 Minutes for Only $10

Psychic Source - Best Love Psychics Website for Live Readings

Psychic Source Main Features

Sometimes, when you are getting a reading, especially about something as personal as love and relationships, you want to have a little bit more of a connection with your relationship psychic. While most psychic platforms offer readings by phone and chat, not all of them are able to give video readings - that's where Psychic Source comes in.

Psychic Source has been in the business for over 30 years, before internet psychics were even a possibility. Their longevity speaks to the superb quality of their psychics and the psychic love readings they give. Their psychics must go through a lengthy vetting process in order to be considered for the site, and Psychic Source keeps their roster of psychics relatively small in order to focus on quality over quantity. This is obvious simply by the fact that they have remained a popular and successful psychic network that still stands out among the competition after 30+ years.

Psychic Source also maintains a strict Code of Ethics and Manifesto within their ranks, and every psychic must adhere to it. Besides this, they also provide resources to help users protect themselves from psychic scammers, which seem to have become much more prevalent in recent times. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are dealing with a genuine love psychic cannot be overstated - when the stakes are high, and your emotions are at stake, you don’t want to be taken advantage of in a vulnerable moment.

But what about their psychic love readings? Psychic Source lets you find a psychic who is an expert, not only in love and relationships, but also in many different aspects of love and relationships, and you can filter them down using very specific categories such as cheating hearts and affairs, breakups and divorce, finding love, soulmates, toxic relationships, and even social media influences; so you can get a read on that person you met on a dating app before meeting them in person.

The best part about Psychic Source’s love psychic readings is that you can receive a live video reading for the same price as a phone or chat reading! While some networks that offer video readings scale their prices higher for video, Psychic Source lets the psychics decide their rate and keep it consistent throughout their reading methods. You can start out by choosing only psychics who work with video - although most of them are able to help with any reading method.

When you sign up for Psychic Source you’ll have access to prices as low as $1 per minute for your reading, as well as 3 minutes free for your very first reading – including video readings! Every reading comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if your experience wasn’t what you wanted, you are able to receive your credits back onto your account to use with another psychic.

What Customers Say

Let’s hear from some satisfied customers who have already enjoyed a psychic love reading from Psychic Source’s talented love psychics:

“They are very kind and compassionate. They remember my situation each time and always tunes in very quickly to provide accurate insights.”

Another reader who had questions about a Person of Interest said:

“Good reading provided plenty of information and picked up on poi. Looking forward to seeing things happen. They were quick to answer and don’t waste time. I would definitely give them a try.”

As you can see, trying out Psychic Source’s live video love readings could be the best step you take in your love life!

Full Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source
As Low As $1.00 Per Minute

Mysticsense - Best Website for Love Readings By Phone and Chat

Mysticsense Main Features

Mysticsense is new on the scene in the psychic community, but in the last 2 years since their founding have proven themselves one of the most reliable psychic platforms to receive a love life psychic reading. Sometimes, you need a fresh start and a fresh face in order to get the answers you’re looking for and some of the up and coming talents of the psychic world have flocked to Mysticsense in order to provide the best psychic love readings that can be found anywhere.

Though they are one of the few psychic networks that provides an option for video readings, where Mysticsense really shines in their phone and chat readings. Their psychic love advice comes through with a strong connection, even if you can only hear their voice or see their words typed on the screen. Some of the best online love psychics are found on Mysticsense, and they can give you advice for all kinds of topics, from breakups and cheating hearts, to finding new loves and maybe even your soulmate! Mysticsense’s love psychics can also provide advice and insight into LGBTQUIA+ relationships and create a safe space for you to receive wonderful advice with no judgement.

Mysticsense even allows you to choose the style of reading you receive - whether you need your advice to be direct and to the point, or compassionate and expressive, or thoughtful and wise. Since love is a very sensitive and personal subject, it’s important that you can be able to choose the direction of your experience and be spoken to in the way that works best for you.

Mysticsense is one of the best places to find love readings out there. They provide a variety of methods, so you can receive a medium reading, get your fortune told, or speak to a tarot specialist or astrologist - all dedicated strictly to love and relationships. Their extensive filters allow you to choose exactly the type of reading you’d like without having to read profiles over and over in order to find what you’re looking for. Speaking of profiles, each Mysticsense psychic has an in depth profile detailing their experience and reading style as well as any other tidbit that might be useful to help you choose the perfect psychic for your needs. You can find a psychic that you have a great connection with easily as you peruse their profiles and find the one that stands out the most to you.

Mysticsense is yet another psychic platform that is serious about providing the most accurate and reliable readings out there. They subject their psychics to a checking process in order to get a sense for their abilities and don’t allow just anybody to advertise their services on the site.

When you get a phone or chat reading with Mysticsense, you have 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk when trying out the service. Even better, your first 5 minutes are absolutely free when you get your first reading! The next step in your relationship is awaiting you, and it’s only one simple phone call or live chat away!

What Customers Say

Despite their relative newness in the psychic community, Mysticsense’s advisors have received stellar reviews from satisfied customers. One love psychic under the Very Popular tag got this review:

“This by far has been the best reading of all time. I was feeling a little down concerning my situation. However I was ready to hear the truth good or bad. They confirmed what I was already thinking. They connected with my current situation and bought clarity. I am please with my reading and I highly recommend them. Thanks!”

A rising talent on the page, who specializes in finding new love, received a reading that said:

“I like them..they connect fast and get right to the point. Answers questions direct... They are very sweet and I enjoyed them...I really didn't give them much details for them to connect...”

Learn for yourself what made these readers give such great reviews and sign up on Mysticsense today!

Full Mysticsense Full Review

Keen Psychics - Best Love Psychic for Spiritual Guidance

Keen Psychics Main Features

For many people, love is a spiritual experience. Those who are looking for their soulmate want to be able to connect with a psychic on a spiritual level, in order to make the best decisions and find the love that they deserve. While some psychic networks don’t take this into account, Keen Psychics understands the spiritual experience that love can bring, as a network founded by spiritual practitioners.

Keen psychics has over 1600 psychics on hand to give advice on your spiritual matters, and hundreds of those are dedicated specifically to answering questions regarding love and relationships. You can easily find these by browsing their advisors menu. Each advisor on Keen has an extensive bio with their experience, and more details about their reading style and how they came to the life of psychic reading love relationships. They even include pictures in their bio so that you can get more of a sense of connection with your chosen advisor before you begin your reading.

Keen Psychics give readings by phone or chat, and you can schedule a reading in advance or let your chosen reader know you are waiting for them, even if they are already currently giving a reading. Their schedules are posted so that you can always be sure to catch your reader of choice when they are available – no guessing and hoping only to be disappointed – although even if the reader you’d like to talk to isn’t available, you will still be able to find a capable, trustworthy, and accurate reader from their long list of advisors available on the site.

Your first 10 minutes of any session on Keen Psychics costs only $1.99, and you can even find some advisors who offer the first 3 minutes of your first reading for absolutely free! Not every advisor on the site offers these discounts, but you can easily filter out the ones who don’t before you even begin your search, so you can get the best deal possible while also receiving the very best spiritual love advice out there.

Even if you’re not looking for live love and relationship advice, Keen Psychics has a huge catalog of articles and resources on the subject that you can spend lots of time perusing and learning information. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to love and spirituality! You can find articles giving the meaning of different tarot cards in love readings, love languages, how to self soothe after a breakup, your twin flame separation leading to a reunion, and many, many more – and that’s just under the love advice tab. There are more articles about topics like medium readings, astrology, and more. Speaking of astrology, Keen also provides daily horoscopes sent right to your mailbox, along with special promotions. Each zodiac sign comes with love advice as well. There’s so much more to do on Keen than just getting a love reading!

What Customers Say

Keen’s been around since 1999, so you can bet that they’ve aggregated a healthy number of satisfied customers. One of their past clients for a love reader had had this to say:

“I’ve been speaking with them over the past several months since my break up. Every single thing they stated would happen and the time line went exactly as they stated. They said that my ex and I would come into a stride in late December towards the new year and we did. We’ve been rebuilding our relationship and doing our best to make it work. They spoke on outside stressors my boyfriend had coming in and they all were true. They did not fall short on not even one instance. It is beyond me. I trust that they would always be honest with me and tell me the truth. Their accuracy rate in my book is 100%.”

Give yourself a chance at these amazing results, and give Keen Psychics a try!

Full Keen Psychics Review

Keen Psychics
10 Mins for $1.99

Purple Garden - Best Mobile Love Readings

Purple Garden Main Features

In today’s fast paced world, it can be difficult to set aside time, especially for things that often seem to fall to the wayside, like the health of your relationships. Luckily, there’s Purple Garden, which is a psychic platform that specializes in mobile readings on a sleekly designed app, as well as on web browsers.

If you’ve ever been strapped for time, or needed advice but were away from your computer, you know how frustrating it can be. But Purple Garden allows you to connect to the best love psychics no matter where you are. If you’ve got a phone signal, you’ve got Purple Garden and their extensive roster of psychics, fortune tellers, tarot readers, and more - all at your fingertips.

Purple Garden’s experienced love psychics can offer their gifts to you any way you choose - from phone calls, to live chats, to video readings! Imagine having a text conversation with a friend, while out taking care of important errands, but this friend has amazing gifts of psychic abilities and can give you the best wisdom and insight into your love life possible! Every advisor has an introductory video alongside their profile, so that you can get an in person glance into them and see if you feel a connection before you even choose the reader. Having a connection to your reader is important for your comfort as well as the accuracy of the reading. You’re not likely to connect with every single reader featured, which is why it’s great that Purple Garden not only offers an extensive list of psychics, but also the opportunity to get a feel for them and their reading style before you begin your session.

Purple Garden has been bringing love psychic advice to their 10,000+ users for over 10 years. Each and every psychic reading on the app must go through a screening process that includes a video call where they must prove and show off their psychic abilities. Rest assured, you are speaking to a real, legit psychic any time you connect to anyone on the Purple Garden app. Purple Garden features many love psychics who have over 10 years of experience reading for clients, and some are even certified!

You can search for exactly the type of psychic reading you’d like using their advanced filters, and besides user testimonials, you can take a look at the Journeys feature, which is only on the mobile app – detailing one customer’s experience from before they began their Purple Garden journey, to the amazing, life changing advice that they received from advisors on the app. The best part is that your chat conversations are kept in transcript form on your member page, so you can refer back to your reading any time you like!

You can trust Purple Garden to bring you the very best love psychics to answer all your love and relationship questions. When you sign up, you have access to 5% cash back on every single reading, special promotions and referral credits, and new users can get a free $10 credit on their first purchase! Try Purple Garden today and get the greatest love advice right away!

What Customers Say

There have been countless users were satisfied with their love psychic reading, let’s take a look at what they had to say:

“Very kind and honest. Quick to assess situation and spot on! Would definitely recommend. Didn’t feel like they were just telling me what I wanted to hear. Could tell they were authentic. Also, I believe very accurate.”

Another user said:

“Awesome reading and made perfect sense based on my current situation. Thank you so much!”

Full Purple Garden Review

Purple Garden
Free $10 Credit On Your First Purchase

What is a Psychic Love Reading?

A psychic love reading is a psychic reading about your love life. We admit that that's a cop-out answer, but people can overcomplicate things!

While some psychics focus on the method of reading, love psychics focus on one subject: love. You can ask a tarot card reader about your career prospects and expect an answer. If you ask a psychic for love about your career, you've come to the wrong place-- even if they do read tarot.

Unless of course, you have a career as a matchmaker. In which case, ask a love psychic to do a tarot love reading!

Online Love & Relationship Psychics

What Does a Love Psychic Do?

Love psychics have dedicated their psychic gifts to answering questions about love and relationships. Love is a complicated and intense subject, and it can be very easy to get lost in its complexity and not be able to find your way to solid ground. A love psychic can help you build a solid foundation for your relationships with others by helping you to heal your relationship with yourself, recognize anything within you that is subconsciously blocking your way forward, or reassuring you that you are worthy of love and that it is on its way to you.

Love psychics can also answer questions about current and ongoing relationships, giving you insight into the challenges and growth that are available to you in your relationship. Just like your car needs regular maintenance in order to drive smoothly, your relationship needs regular maintenance, and a love psychic can help you to maintain your connection and keep it strong.

Some love psychics can also answer questions regarding the feelings of your Person of Interest, commonly known as a POI. While it’s easier to work on yourself than to try to find out what’s in another’s mind, it might be useful so that you know where you stand in your relationships.

What is a Love Psychic's Job?

A love psychic’s job is to help you find answers to questions you may have about your love and relationships. They can highlight areas where you might be stuck, and give advice as to how to proceed, whether you are single or attached.

Love psychics can work in any method of psychic reading. You could speak to an astrologer who is trained in scanning birth charts and transit charts for indicators of love, as well as create a synastry chart between you and the object of your affection to assess your astrological compatibility, where you will find ease in your relationships, and where you might stumble onto challenges.

You might also speak to a tarot reader. A tarot love reading will help you see the bigger picture, clarify any questions you’ve been unable to answer on your own, and help point you in the right direction when you are feeling directionless.

If you have questions about the future, you can chat with fortune tellers who specialize in love questions. They can give you some idea of where your love life might be headed, and how to arrive at your desired destination when it comes to your relationships. Rather than highlighting a fixed fate, a love fortune teller can show you all of the possibilities you may be faced with, so that you can be empowered to choose the one that works best for you.

How to Prepare for Love Reading?

Preparing yourself for a reading can help you to gain the benefits of the love reading to an even greater degree.

First and foremost, you must go into your reading with an open mind, and let go of your attachments to any one outcome. It’s not a love psychic’s job to tell you what you want to hear; they will tell you the truth, as they see it, and that might not align with your desired goal. You should learn how to accept living in the space between what you desire and what transpires, so that you are able to accept any outcome, knowing that it is the best possible one, even if it is not what you set out to find.

It is also a good idea to prepare all of your questions before you enter the reading. This will help keep you on track and keep the reading from wandering off course, wasting your time and money. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to ask a psychic about love, check out our examples of questions for love psychics below. If you are asking about a POI, having the relevant information handy (their first name and birth info: date, time, and place of birth) will also help to expedite your reading.

Finally, be sure to research the love psychics on the psychic platform you have chosen, so that you will have a higher chance of a connection, and thus receiving the most relevant answers.

What to Expect From a Love Reading?

When you receive a love reading, you should expect to receive the truth, which may or may not be comfortable. Expect to answer a few questions about yourself, although be wary if there are too many questions for specifics; you should be receiving more answers than questions from a psychic. But they will need to know a little bit about you and your POI, if your question is pertaining to another person.

You might receive a lot of information that comes through the psychic channel quickly. Not all psychic platforms offer transcripts, especially of phone or video readings, so if you have chosen either of those reading methods, be sure to take notes throughout the reading so that you can refer back to them as events unfold. Check if the site you’ve chosen offers transcripts for live chat readings beforehand, so you can be sure to retain all of the information the psychic gives to you.

Expect to be asked to put some work into your relationships, with yourself and with other people, after speaking with a psychic. If you’re at a point in your life where you’re seeking answers from a psychic, you likely need help to heal some kind of attachment wound from your past. You should be eager to put the work in, rather than expecting things to happen to you, with no effort on your part.

What to Ask in A Love Psychic Reading Session?

Will I find my soul mate ever?

Many people feel that it is their purpose in life to find their soulmate. If you’ve been wondering about yours, a love psychic might have the answers you seek about where to look for them, when you might find them, and who they could be.

Is the person I am with currently my soulmate?

You may want to know that you are not spending time with a certain person in vain, if you’re on the search for a soulmate. If you’re unsure, a chat with a love psychic could help you clarify your relationship.

Can I trust my partner?

If you’ve had bad relationship experiences in the past, you might be wary of trusting a romantic partner. A love reading can help assuage - or confirm - your fears about your partner’s trustworthiness. Either way, you will be saving yourself some anxiety about the matter.

Am I ever going to get married?

For some, marriage is the ultimate goal of life, and they want to know whether it is in their future. Love readings about future marriages can confirm that you will eventually get married, or whether you will spend your life jumping from relationship to relationship.

How can I save my marriage?

If your relationship is on the rocks, a love psychic reading can be just what you need to keep things afloat. The love psychic can give you some much needed insight into how to save your marriage and overcome any challenges in your long term relationships.

Types of Love Psychic Readings

As mentioned before, love psychics use all kinds of psychic reading methods. Some of the most popular options for a love life psychic reading include:

  • Tarot Love Reading - Tarot is always a popular choice for psychic readings. Real love Tarot readings are no exception.

    When a psychic does a reading with love tarot cards, you are free to ask any question you want from your love reading tarot session. Many love psychics offer a free love tarot reading for new clients.
  • Astrological Birth Chart Analysis - sometimes a free psychic love reading will include a birth chart analysis. You probably know your sign, as in your sun sign, but do you know what signs your planets are in? You need to see your whole birth chart to analyze details like how you handle relationships and communication.
  • Numerological Compatibility Analysis - curious about what your life path number is? That information in your free love reading can show you which paths will lead to love.
  • Love Spells - Do you want to attract a partner, or make yourself more desirable to the people around you? Some love psychics also offer love spells in order to enhance your love life. Casting a love spell on yourself to attract love will have a greater chance of bringing what you desire to you than trying to cast a spell on someone else.
  • Angel Cards - Angel cards are oracle cards attuned to the wisdom of the angels, and often have the reading printed on them. They are often used as love reading cards and can be a great way to receive advice about love with a more spiritual flavor. 
  • Reiki - A reiki practitioner can move energy throughout your body in order to remove the blockages in any stuck chakras. In particular, you can get your heart or sacral chakra cleared in order to welcome love more easily into your life. This can be done online just as well as in person.

How to Choose the Best Relationship Psychic?

  • Choose Your Favorite Method of Psychic Love Reading
  • Peruse Profiles
  • Research Testimonials
  • Free Love Psychic Readings
  • Anonymity

Choose Your Favorite Method of Psychic Love Reading

Do you prefer speaking on the phone, chatting online, or a face-to-face video reading? Taking these factors into consideration is important when choosing the best online love psychic sites. While most sites offer phone and live chat, some don’t offer video readings; if this is what you want, it’s a good idea to check that the site offers it before you even begin looking for a psychic. This way you are sure to receive the reading in the method you desire.

Peruse Profiles

It’s very important to look through love psychic’s profiles before choosing. A good online psychic platform will feature profiles where the psychic can write a little about their experience and strengths as a psychic, as well as any caveats they might have to their readings, ie. Some readers don’t provide timelines, while some do. Getting an in-depth look at the psychic’s skills and abilities will help you make the best choice when choosing a love psychic.

Research Testimonials

Another way to determine the best love psychic websites is whether they provide access for the user to research testimonials for their love psychics. Reading other peoples' experiences with a particular love psychic will help you make your decision. Getting an idea of the average star rating of psychics on a particular platform will let you know whether or not the site you are looking at will have the best love psychics to answer your questions.

Free Love Psychic Readings

Who doesn’t want to receive a love psychic reading free? If you’re looking for a great deal while also looking for websites to receive love and relationship readings, keep in mind the sites that offer free minutes for your first reading. Not only will you be getting a great deal, but you’ll be getting a chance to try out a psychic service and see if you like it, risk free. Not every site offers free minutes, so make sure to check before committing to any one site.


One very important consideration when choosing a love psychic site is whether you will be able to ask questions anonymously. The best sites that offer love readings also keep your information protected and require all psychics to keep your personal information and the results of your reading strictly confidential. Your safety and privacy should be top priority when browsing any site, and a love psychic website should be no different.

Benefits of Reaching Out to an Online Love Psychic

  • An Abundance to Choose - it may not be possible to find the best love psychic if you stay local. With an online love psychic, you have an abundance of websites to choose from. You can even find a free love psychic online!
  • Better Deals - this comes hand in hand with more options: you get better deals. What could possibly be a better deal than free? Many psychics offer free love readings for people first trying the process. If you're curious about a free psychic love reading online, we can show you where to find a great free love psychic!
  • Detailed Reviews - I know what you’re thinking. “How do I know if I’m getting an accurate love reading from my free psychic love reading?” The answer is in reviews!
    At, we provide our clients with reviews of psychic websites. This way, you can find the site that has best love psychic for you.
  • Fall in Love With the Perfect Profile - We want you to find your soulmate, and part of that process is finding the perfect love psychic. When you choose a love psychic online, you can read profiles to find the best love psychic for you.

How Does It Work?

  1. Do some self-reflection to hone in on what you are seeking - before you seek out a psychic for love, it is best to understand why you are going. This way, you can get the most out of your free love tarot card reading. The more you understand yourself, the more detailed your accurate love reading can be.
  2. Go through our directory, and find a site that speaks to you - we’ve got a table at the top of the page with some great psychic love reading sites. Which one speaks to you? Let your heart guide you.
  3. Create an account with your chosen site - after you choose a site, you will need to make an account. Don’t forget to ask about specials for new clients. Some sites offer free love readings as a sign-on bonus.
  4. Select the best love psychic for you - we’ve recommended some of the best love psychics sites, now let your heart choose the best love psychic among their advisors.
  5. Decide how you want to communicate - are you more of a phone person or a text person? Maybe over the last years, you’ve gotten really into video calls. It doesn’t matter, the top psychic sites’ advisors can be reached through all channels.
  6. Confide in your new love psychic! - once you’ve picked a love psychic and you’re in your psychic reading for love, let your psychic take the lead. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

How Much Does a Love Reading Cost?

As we’ve discussed, love psychics are psychics who have decided to dedicate their talents and abilities to answering questions and giving advice and insight on matters of love and relationships. As such, they charge the same as a regular psychic reading.

The amount a love psychic charges depends on many different factors. There are love psychics on sites like AskNow who have been practicing their craft for many years, and as they progress in their experience on the site, are moved up to tiers that cost more per reading. Established psychics who have a regular client base usually charge higher rates, between $10 to $30+ an hour depending on the site, because they are especially in demand and experienced, and even certified, and thus their talents are charged accordingly.

There are also psychics who are just starting out, who charge a lower amount in order to draw more clients to them and gain more experience. These love psychics generally charge between $.99 and $9.99 per minute. However, even if someone charges lower than some other psychics, doesn’t mean that their abilities are any less strong or reliable. Remember, psychics reading on psychic networks have to pass a screening process in order to read for the site, so every psychic has a high level of ability. Lower cost love psychics allow their clients to receive the same level of psychic reading, while saving a little money.

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Free Love Readings

On most love psychic networks, you are also able to receive free love readings by taking advantage of their introductory offers. On sites like Mysticsense, you can get 5 free minutes for your first reading. For some questions, 5 minutes is enough to get the answers you need, so your entire reading would be free!

Other sites like Kasamba offer generous discounts on your first reading, and 3 free minutes on EVERY new psychic you try out, in order to get a feel for their reading style, so you don’t waste money speaking to someone who doesn’t connect well with you.

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Can I talk to an online love psychic anonymously?

Yes! Although you have to put your information into most of the psychic websites in order to be able to purchase minutes, the love psychics you speak to will not have access to that information, and usually will only have your first name at the time of the reading. Some psychic platforms will allow you to enter a pseudonym as your screenname on the website, and you don’t need to add a profile picture.

Some love psychics will require birth chart information as well as first names of yourself and any person of interest you might be asking about, but this information is kept strictly confidential between you and your love psychic. Even if you only provide a first name, the psychic will be able to connect to your energy through chatting with you. There’s no need to worry about your information being sold or shared throughout the psychic network; all information is kept strictly confidential.

Can psychics be wrong about relationships?

Some people might be skeptic of love psychics because of an experience where their prediction or reading of a relationship ended up not coming to pass. This can happen for a few reasons, but is not an indication that love psychics – or any type of psychic - aren’t accurate or skilled with psychic abilities.

In some cases, there will be no connection between you and the psychic you choose to speak with. This is totally normal, and why we recommend doing as much research as possible and following your gut when searching for an online love psychic. If you’re not connecting, they’ll have a harder time giving accurate information.

Additionally, any information that a love psychic gives pertaining to your relationships is contingent on you or your POI making the right moves. If you do nothing to bring about the circumstances your psychic predicted, there’s a chance that nothing will happen.

Finally, every person has free will. If your POI was interested in the relationship at the time, the psychic might pick up on that, but at any time they are free to have a change of heart. This doesn’t mean the psychic was wrong, it’s just that human relationships and emotions are complicated and ever-evolving.

Can a love psychic tell if someone loves you?

One of the most popular questions that love psychics receive, by far, is whether or not someone has feelings for the querent. Since it is not common in our culture to outright declare feelings, a lot of it is left up to guesswork. Rather than directly asking, many people prefer to find out through other means, namely, consulting a psychic.

The answer depends on the love psychic you are consulting with. Some work best when helping you sort out your own feelings and emotions. Some are able to pick up on the psychic signs someone loves you and are able to sense the intentions of another person, but if that person isn’t directly consulting them, it might be harder for a psychic to pick up on that energy. It is always best to keep a line of communication open and to declare your own intentions to the object of your desire, to eliminate guesswork. If you’re not comfortable directly communicating with a potential partner, or getting mixed signals from them, it could be a sign that the relationship is not meant to be.

How to determine if a love psychic is trustworthy?

Since love is such a sensitive subject, it’s only natural that you would want the most trustworthy love psychic possible – and by trustworthy, you probably mean accurate. When you visit any of the sites we mention here, you can be sure that you are speaking to a real love psychic and not a scammer, because of their in-depth process for allowing psychics to read on the platform. But finding out if they’re going to connect with you and give you an accurate reading requires some research on your part.

Make sure to browse the profiles of all love psychics thoroughly, reading their descriptions. You will feel naturally drawn to some, and these are the ones you are most likely to establish a connection with. You should also take a look at the reviews left by former clients in order to gain a sense of their trustworthiness. Follow your gut feeling and you will find a trustworthy and accurate love psychic in no time.

What is the difference between online and offline love reading?

You might be wondering, “if there are love psychics near me, is it better to consult with them instead?” In truth, the only difference between online and offline love reading, as far as experience goes, is that one is live in person, and one is online, through phone, chat, or video. There’s no real difference in quality of the reading, and in fact, if your options are limited, the “love psychic near me” route might not garner the results you are hoping for, simply because you will be choosing from a much smaller pool of psychics in your area than if you searched online.

Love psychics in your area might also charge much more for their services than an online psychic, because they have to maintain and pay rent for an office space to conduct their readings within, while online love psychics don’t have this consideration. You can receive a quality love reading online from a much wider array of psychics, with more chance of a psychic connection leading you to the answers you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

When you need advice about love, you don’t want to entrust just anybody with your vulnerable information. Luckily, there are love psychics out there who can give you peace of mind for all of your love questions, whether it be about a divorce or breakup, finding new love, learning about your soulmate or twin flame, and much, much more!

But all psychic platforms aren’t created equally, which is why we’ve taken the time to have experts in the field of psychic reading search out every detail of the many networks offering love and relationship readings, and choose the very best according to their exacting standards.

We want to make sure that you are empowered with knowledge when choosing a love psychic, and also that you are getting the best possible deals out there, including free love psychic readings. By reading this guide, and getting to know our favorite psychic websites, you are committing to bringing yourself the very best psychic advice about love out there. Love psychics work in many different ways, including tarot readers, astrologers, and even mediums and fortune tellers. The sites we recommend all come highly recommended, not only from our experts but also the real people like you who have used them to get answers.

Taking the time to research everything you need to know prior to a reading not only helps to manifest the best possible love life in the future, but can save you money as well. By preparing your questions beforehand and getting organized, as well as seeking out the best deals according to your situation, you’re taking a very powerful and important step in the right direction. Talented, trustworthy, reliable, and accurate psychics await you, ready to give you the advice you need to elevate yourself and bring the romance you’ve always dreamed of to fruition. We wish you the very best luck in all of your love relationships!

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".

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