Best Fortune Teller Sites in 2022 for Online Fortune Telling

In an uncertain present, the future becomes even more uncertain. Many people reach out to fortune tellers online or in person in order to get a sense of what the future might have in store for them.

If you’re looking for the best fortune teller online, look no further. We’re here to give you the inside scoop on the top online fortune telling websites, as well as plenty of insight into why and how we chose these sites.

You’ll also find information on what a fortune teller does, what their abilities are, how to find the best fortune teller, and even how to get your fortune read for free.

Keep reading to find out all of this and more in our definitive guide to fortune telling and the top fortune telling websites online.

Top Best Online Fortune Teller Websites 2022

  1. Psychic Source – Best for Live and Free Readings – Special introductory offer: $1 a minute for your first 30 minutes, plus 3 free minutes! 
  2. Purple Garden – Best Mobile Fortune Telling – Enjoy 5% cashback on every reading! 
  3. AskNow – Most Trusted Online Fortune Teller and Best for Free Minutes – Get your first reading for $1 a minute and speak with Master and Elite psychics for FREE when you sign up!  
  4. Kasamba – Best for Love and Relationship - Free 3 minute chats with every new advisor, plus 70% off your first session! 
  5. Keen Psychics – Best Fortune Teeling Site for Spiritual Readings - Get 10 minutes for just $1.99 when you join! 
  6. Mysticsense – Best Fortune Teeling Mediums – Your first 5 minutes are always free when you join! 

The Best Online Fortune Teller Websites Review

Psychic Source - Best for Live Readings

Psychic Source Main Features


Source is one of the longest-running psychic platforms offering fortune telling in the world. They’ve been in business for over 30 years – that's longer than the internet has been in every home! As a long-established brand, Psychic Source knows that sometimes, a live reading with a fortune teller is all that will do. Luckily, they’re the best resource for live fortune teller readings out there.

Live Readings

Some fortune teller sites scale their live video readings so that they cost significantly more than phone calls or live chats, but Psychic Source does not. You can get a face-to-face reading with a fortune teller on Psychic Source from the comfort of your own home, without spending all the money or time traveling that consulting a fortune teller live can require.

The online fortune tellers available on Psychic Source all go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that users are speaking with the most accurate and trustworthy fortune tellers out there. Their dedication to bringing wonderful fortune teller readings to every user is obvious, and their success in doing so is obvious by seeing all of the satisfied customers and their reviews of their fortune telling experience on the site, as well as the longevity of the site itself. A platform that does not offer real fortune teller readings would not be popular and successful for more than 30 years if they didn’t bring the best in fortune telling sites to their users every day.

You can view the Code of Ethics and Manifesto that each fortune teller on Psychic Source is held to right on the website. Additionally, they have resources to help users understand and prevent scammers from preying on them – another testament to Psychic Source’s dedication to bringing the best fortune tellers online right to you.

What The Customers Say

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, but rather let’s look at some of the reviews left by over a million satisfied customers of Psychic Source.

One user said:

“Thank you!! Now I have a little peace of mind”

after their session with a fortune teller.

Another user states:

“They were direct, yet compassionate. Love how accurate they were too!!”

And finally, a satisfied skeptic said this about their session:

“Excellent. Excellent. Absolutely spot on and accurate!!! Highly credible and helpful. I am a genuine cynic, so not at all easily impressed.”

These reviews just go to show how a live reading with a fortune teller on Psychic Source could be the best choice you ever make.

Great Offers 

When you first try out Psychic Source, you’ll also see why they’re one of the best sites for receiving free readings. When you sign up you will receive readings at just $1 a minute, and each fortune telling reading you start out with includes 3 free minutes! You can even use your reduced and free minutes for a live video reading – an amazing deal! Check out Psychic Source and their wonderful array of online fortune tellers and see just why they’ve been one of the top names in fortune telling and psychic platforms for 3 decades.

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Psychic Source
As Low As $1.00 Per Minute

Purple Garden - Best Mobile Fortune Telling

Purple Garden Main Features


Based in California, Purple Garden has been helping match users with fortune tellers and other psychics for over 10 years. With over 10,000 happy customers, Purple Garden has distinguished itself as a titan of the online fortune telling community.

Fortune tellers on Purple Garden go through a screening process, including a video call sampling their fortune telling skills, so you can rest assured that when you sign on to their mobile app for a fortune reading, you are speaking to a true fortune teller.

Many of the online fortune tellers you will find on Purple Garden are certified in the craft with over 10 years of experience! All of this fortune telling talent is available to you on the go, for a fraction of what you would pay going to a fortune teller in person.

Expert Mobile Fortune Tellling

When you’re looking for a glimpse into the possible future, you don’t want to be confined to just your computer.

Purple Garden is there for you when you need to speak with a fortune teller on the go. Their mobile app connects you to the best online fortune tellers no matter where you are – as long as you have phone signal, you can speak to a fortune teller online with Purple Garden.

Purple Garden features experienced fortune tellers who are ready to bring their gift to you through phone, chat, and video readings. All psychics have an introductory video on their detailed profile page, so you can get to know them before choosing the best fortune teller for you.

What The Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it; Purple Garden holds a 4.8/5 star review on Google search. With so many customers, and being in business for so long, this shows that the online fortune telling experience Purple Garden gives is appreciated by almost everyone who has tried it.

A mobile fortune telling app is useful in many ways. If you have already begun to enjoy readings with a fortune teller on Purple Garden, but are heading out on an upcoming trip for business or pleasure, you might feel cut off from receiving fortune telling advice.

However, as long as you have a network connection and the free app downloaded onto your mobile device, you can speak to a fortune teller on Purple Garden. Keep up to date with advice from any of the talented fortune tellers while you’re out of town.

If you’re still not convinced, why not take other user’s words for it?

One top-rated fortune teller received reviews calling them “accurate and amazing!and detailed and connected; would definitely recommend!”

Another online fortune teller advertising on Purple Garden received reviews stating they are “very accurate, and predictions always come to pass”, while a third fortune teller’s reviews says that they were “Very accurate, there were details that they should not have known, but they did!! They have powerful gifts and is good at communicating with them!!”

So, when you’re looking for an accurate online fortune teller, and need advice on the go, look no further than Purple Garden!

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Purple Garden
Free $10 Credit On Your First Purchase

AskNow - Most Trusted and Best For Free Minutes

AskNow Main Features


AskNow was founded in 2005, and since then has been trusted by users around the world to connect them with the best fortune teller possible for their questions. How do they do this? You can easily filter through the fortune tellers on AskNow in order to find the one who stands out to you. Every fortune teller on AskNow also has their zodiac sun sign displayed on their profile, for an extra level of compatibility for users who know their astrology. For those who don’t, each fortune teller has a detailed profile offering insight into their experience and reading style.

In order to keep their reputation as one of the most trusted and best online fortune telling platforms, AskNow utilizes a lengthy vetting process for each prospective online fortune teller. Fortune tellers must prove their skill and accuracy in a meeting with one of AskNow’s Psychic Managers, who also tests the fortune teller for their compassion, empathy, and aptitude for helping others. Not every online fortune teller is accepted, unless they meet AskNow’s rigorous standards. As each fortune teller gains experience and longevity within the site, they receive another evaluation and, if they pass, are moved up to the Master or Elite level of psychics and fortune telling.

Most Trustred Fortune Teller Online

When searching online, it is not uncommon to look for a free fortune telling. But finding a free fortune teller can sometimes mean that you aren’t receiving the best fortune telling you could be. After all, you get what you pay for, right?

Well, with AskNow, you can have the best of both worlds: a free fortune telling chat from some of the best fortune tellers online. AskNow is one of the most trusted brands for receiving online fortune telling, and every new user receives, alongside their generous introductory package, a free fortune telling reading from one of their Elite or Master fortune tellers. This is a great way to receive wisdom from the most top-rated and best fortune tellers in the business, without putting too much of a dent into your wallet.

What The Customers Say

Users have trusted AskNow as one of their fortune teller websites of choice for over 16 years.

A review of one top-rated future teller states: 

“This psychic is very good and accurate. Everything they said is true. 100% knew things I didn’t tell them.”

While one of the elite fortune tellers’ review said:

“Amazing reading. Spot on with many topics and individuals”

Finally, on the Master Level of fortune teller, a satisfied user left this review:

Very open-minded reader and commonly leave you with a positive mind set by the end of reading no matter your frame of mind."

With these endorsements from real users like you, you can see why AskNow is one of the most trusted fortune telling sites out there. When you’re looking for a trustworthy fortune teller, as well as a free fortune teller reading, look no further than AskNow. Their many years in the online fortune telling business, as well as great reviews from one of their thousands of happy customers, tells you all you need to know when it’s time to choose the best fortune teller online.

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15 Minutes for Only $10

Kasamba - Best for Love and Relationships

Kasamba Main Features


Kasamba is one of the best fortune teller websites you can find out there. They have what other fortune teller sites might not have, and that’s experience. Kasamba has been in business since 1999, bringing fortune telling advice to customers and receiving wonderful reviews all the while.

When you’re on the search for an online fortune teller, Kasamba is there for you. With over 3 million users served since their inception, and an average 4.7/5-star rating given to their fortune tellers sitewide, you can be sure to receive the best fortune telling about love and relationships when you use Kasamba. They make it easy to find the perfect match of fortune teller when you use their detailed categories and filters. You can even try out many different fortune tellers online by utilizing their Best Match Guarantee, which gives you 3 free minutes for every new fortune teller you start a live chat with on the site. You really can’t beat Kasamba’s generous offer; the opportunity to try out new fortune tellers for free before committing to a full reading is something that no other fortune telling website of this caliber offers.  

Kasamba is dedicated to hiring only the best psychics and fortune tellers to give clients readings on the site. Even their newest fortune telling advisors are experienced with giving users the answers that they are looking for and offering the best online fortune telling experience possible, with accurate results. Their millions of happy customers over the last 20+ years have left feedback on the fortune tellers websites, where each online fortune teller has their profile and feedback available to be viewed so that you may make an informed decision when choosing your fortune teller.

Turn to Ksamba for Questions About Love

Love and relationships are probably the most popular psychic that fortune tellers online are asked about. It’s no wonder, with love being so complicated. Luckily, Kasamba has a wealth of advisors ready to tell a fortune related to love and relationships.

What the Customers Say

Some of the reviews for the best fortune tellers and love specialists read as follows:

“They are ALWAYS so right on...predictions are timely and easy to verify as the timelines are close.”

“AMAZING!!!! They are the REAL DEAL! OMG!!! Literally have goosebumps all over!!”

“My life is about to change for the better and they helped make that happen!”

These are just some of the glowing reviews given to the online fortune tellers found on Kasamba. Along with the proof given in these reviews, you can rest assured that Kasamba’s fortune tellers are legit. Each prospective fortune teller must pay a $50 registration fee to join, which helps to separate those who are serious and accurate fortune tellers from amateurs and scammers. The fortune tellers must adhere to Kasamba’s rules and regulations, which include confidentiality agreements and a dedication to speaking to users in the most compassionate, trustworthy manner. If you’re ever unhappy with a reading, you can request a full or partial refund within 7 days. Along with the Best Match guarantee and introductory offers, the value of Kasamba’s fortune telling services can’t be beat!

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Keen Psychics - Best Fortune Telling Site for Spiritual Readings

Keen Psychics Main Features


If you’re looking for the best fortune telling site for spiritual readings, Keen Psychics has you covered. With over 1600 advisors, you’re guaranteed to find a fortune teller you can trust when you decide on Keen Psychics as your fortune telling website of choice.

Founded by spiritual practitioners in 1999, Keen has been guiding users towards their spiritual life paths for over 20 years. With over 100,000 reviews, they are one of the most popular choices for fortune telling websites on the internet. They have fortune tellers who are adept at answering all kinds of life questions, whether they be pertaining to love, finance, or spirituality. The fortune tellers available on Keen Psychics come from all over the world, and there are online fortune tellers available at any time of day or night, to answer your questions as soon as they may come up.

Best Offers For Spritual Fortune Telling

When you join Keen Psychics, you’ll have access to their entire catalog of fortune tellers, and your first 10 minutes of any session will cost only $1.99. This is a wonderful way to try out the service and open your eyes to the wonderful world of fortune telling available to you on Keen Psychics. Some fortune teller readings on Keen can go up to $30 a minute, but with this promotion you can speak to them for so much less! After your 10 minutes are up, there are many fortune tellers online on Keen Psychics that charge a reasonable fee, so you can always be sure to receive a great fortune reading without breaking the bank.

Keen Psychics is a legit fortune telling website, as evidenced by their many, many years in business, and the many satisfied reviews given by customers. Aside from offering spiritual fortune telling, Keen has a large amount of articles about psychic abilities, fortune telling, and more, to empower their users with knowledge, even if they aren’t getting a reading right now. There is plenty to learn about spirituality and all that goes along with it on Keen.

What The Customers Say

As always, it’s the reviews that tell you a site is one of the best fortune teller websites you can find. One of the most recent fortune teller reviews said:

“They were very kind and helpful and saw and understood my situation perfectly. I felt blessed by our conversation.”

While another satisfied customer had this to say:

“Lovely reader, so honest and genuine. I found the conversation very supportive and meaningful.”

Finally, we have this review from a customer who received a fortune reading from a Keen Psychic:

“Always on point! Everything they told me happened.”

With endorsements like this, it’s no wonder that Keen Psychics is one of the top spots for those with questions to go to receive the best online fortune telling readings. Along with their generous introductory package, you can receive a refund of up to $25 on a reading if you were disappointed by the fortune teller. Keen Psychics’ dedication to bringing the best fortune telling to you is clear, and makes it a great choice for spiritual questions and guidance of all kinds.

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Keen Psychics
10 Mins for $1.99

Mysticsense - Best Fortune Telling Mediums

Mysticsense Main Features


While there are many established brands offering fortune telling on their services, there’s always room for newcomers. Enter Mysticsense, one of the most exciting new psychic platforms offering online fortune telling out there. They’ve only been in business since 2020, but they’ve already made a huge impact on the world of online fortune tellers.

You can speak with mediums who are able to bring messages of fortune telling to you from beyond the material plane. With the spirits and ancestors making their voices heard through fortune teller mediums with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, you know you have a spiritual team on your side throughout your life; all you have to do is reach out to one of the best fortune tellers available on Mysticsense and receive your fortune reading.

Mysticsense has a huge amount of filtering options so that you can receive the exact reading you need in your situation. Choose from over 600 psychics well-versed in specialties like soulmates, finding new love, financial matters, and life path and destiny. You can choose from different reading styles, such as direct, compassionate, expressive, wise, and thoughtful. These are immensely helpful when speaking to a fortune teller because you can choose the tone of your own reading before you even begin!

Mysticsense advisors and fortune tellers are subject to a thorough checking process and must adhere to Mysticsense’s strict standards when it comes to offering readings. They don’t accept every fortune teller or psychic who applies to be a reader on the platform, which goes to show that their standards are very high. They are also committed to bringing a large variety of reading types to their service. Online fortune tellers can be found alongside tarot readers, astrologers, and more. This dedication to user experience, along with their extra features like horoscopes and articles, make Mysticsense one of the best places to find a fortune teller online.

Best Offers For Fortune Telling Mediums

First time users of Mysticsense get their first 5 minutes of readings free, in case you are looking for free fortune telling. After the 5 minutes, you can still enjoy some of the lowest per-minute prices to be found in the industry. You won’t have to pay more than $9.99 a minute in order to receive the best fortune telling online.

What The Customers Say

Mysticsense may be new, but it has already brought in thousands of reviews from customers who have raved about their experience with fortune telling mediums on the site.

One user says their fortune teller wasFast, accurate, and picked up on the situation quick” while another raves that the fortune teller they spoke to was “excellent, very accurate without having to say much.” Finally, a satisfied user stated that the fortune teller gave a “very detailed and fast response.”

As you can see from these reviews, just because Mysticsense is new, doesn’t mean it can’t deliver all of what you would expect from the best online fortune telling websites.

If you’re looking for fortune telling messages given by talented mediums and messages from beyond, give Mysticsense a try!

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How We Rank the Best Fortune Telling Websites

We have strict standards when it comes to ranking the best fortune telling websites. Let’s take a look at what we look for when searching for the best fortune tellers online to bring to you. 

  • Specialties/Methods - There are many different methods of psychic reading available. When we’re looking at sites to rank, we take a look at how many different specialties and methods each site offers. Besides the main categories of psychic, tarot reader, medium, astrologer, and fortune teller, there are many subcategories. The best fortune telling websites give you many options to choose from in order to bring you the exact reading you’re looking for. 
  • Communication Methods Besides an in-person reading with a fortune teller, there are methods of communication that can work to your advantage with an online fortune teller. Instead of leaving home or spending lots of money, you can speak to a fortune teller online using the phone, live chat, or even live video chats, which brings the fortune teller to you. This allows you to experience online fortune tellers and their wisdom from around the world. We look for sites that offer more than just a standard phone reading, although these are popular as well. Sites with video readings are especially popular and well-received, as they contain the visual element so many need when receiving a fortune telling online. 
  • Prices Obviously, price is a huge factor for you, and it is for us, too. We rank the best fortune telling sites by taking per minute prices into account, and only those who offer the very best value in fortune telling in exchange for the price make it high onto the list. There are options for each user depending on how much you are comfortable spending for an online fortune teller.  
  • Promos – Every fortune telling site we rank offers special introductory promotions to new users. We think it’s important that a fortune telling website offers promotions to their users, because it shows a dedication to user experience as well as an incentive for users who might be skeptical to try out the service without investing too much into it.  
  • Satisfaction Guarantees – Customer satisfaction is everything to us, so when choosing the best fortune telling sites, we make sure that it’s everything to them, as well. Ranked sites guarantee satisfaction to their users by carefully choosing fortune tellers who have demonstrated an ability to give accurate, reliable readings in a compassionate, empathetic manner. Many fortune telling sites continually evaluate their fortune tellers for their adherence to this standard. Additionally, most of the sites offer full refunds for users who are not happy with their fortune telling experience.  
  • Customer Reviews – Part of customer satisfaction can be quantified by looking at reviews left by customers after they have had their fortune teller readings. We choose the best fortune teller websites by noting whether or not they give access to user reviews. This is an integral part of choosing the best fortune teller for your needs, and is available on every fortune telling site we endorse.

The Advantages of Getting a Fortune Telling Online

It might seem strange to seek out who is the best fortune teller online. Wouldn’t it make more sense to seek out someone in person? Wouldn’t that provide for a better read?

It’s true, some fortune tellers strongly prefer to work in person. However, many also choose to work online. There are many advantages to seeking out the best fortune teller online.

  • Options - When you seek a fortune teller online, you expand your options tenfold. It is unlikely that you are going to find the best fortune teller within driving distance of your home. Don’t settle for a sub-par fortune teller just because they happen to be close to you in location.

    With online fortune telling, you have a huge expanse of fortune tellers to speak with at your fingertips. You might meet someone from halfway around the world who nevertheless connects to your energy perfectly, who you would have never met if you stuck to receiving fortune teller readings in person.
  • Multiple Contact Methods - When you get a fortune teller reading online, you have the ability to choose from multiple contact methods, depending on what makes you more comfortable. Some days you might want to see your fortune teller face to face, and some you might simply want a live text chat online. Whatever you wish, you can get from an online fortune teller, whereas an in-person session can only be held one way. Multiple contact methods put you in charge of your own experience.
  • More Frequent Sessions – You might have a great connection with a fortune teller in person, but because they are few and far between to be found in brick and mortar shops, you might not be able to speak with them as frequently as you would like. The beauty of a session with an online fortune teller is that you can speak to them with much more frequency than you might with an in-person fortune teller. You fit them into your schedule, and not the other way around.
  • Greater Range in Prices - For most people, psychic services are a luxury. We understand that, and we’ve got contacts for hundreds of great fortune tellers. You can find the best fortune teller online, who fits in your price range.

    If you’re not quite certain about fortune telling, ask about special offers! Some fortune tellers offer special deals for new clients. It never hurts to ask!
  • Credentials - It’s the big question that comes up any time you mention fortune telling. How do you know your fortune teller is not a fake? Here at, we provide websites information with data based on research, knowledge, and experience of the experts so you can find the best fortune teller.

    We choose sites based on their high standards for hiring fortune tellers to give readings online. Each site makes sure to carefully vet prospective fortune tellers for their accuracy and care toward their clients. We also understand the importance of first-hand experience, which is why we choose fortune telling websites that offer customer reviews.

    The fortune teller websites listed all have lots of reviews and testimonials from happy clients. Don’t pick a quack, we’ve got your back!
  • Click With the Right Profile - You’re not just looking for a fortune teller, you’re looking for the right fortune teller. When you just walk into a fortune teller’s office, you don’t get a lot of information about them!

    You can choose from readers who offer many different specialties, who use many different divination tools in their fortune telling, and who read in a variety of styles. You can customize your fortune telling experience to fit exactly what you require and desire, something that is lacking with an in person fortune teller.

    At, we grant users access to the best fortune teller sites. You can browse through detailed profiles to get a feel for the best fortune teller for you.

How To Choose The Best Online Fortune Teller Sites

  1. Set Your Goals for the Session
    Before you start you select a site to find your best fortune teller, you need to define your goals. If you go to a fortune teller without any goal in mind, they cannot help you.

    Obviously, something is calling you to a fortune teller. What is it? Are you looking for help with your love life? Do you need direction in the next step in your career?

    Once you know what you want from your fortune telling session, it's easy to find the right website. That way, you can find the best fortune teller online for you.
  2. Select Your Preferred Fortune Telling Service
    As mentioned before, the best fortune tellers use all kinds of psychic reading methods. Which one appeals to you?

    Would you like to have your cards read? Maybe you're a bit curious about the details of your complete birth chart. Maybe you're dying to know what your life path number is.

    No matter what your preferred psychic reading method is, we have referrals to the best fortune tellers who can help.
  3. Compare Profiles

    One of the best parts of finding a fortune teller online is you can see a full profile of these professionals. Fortuner telling is an intimate service, you want to choose somebody right for you.

    At, we have access to plenty of fortune telling websites. Browse through hundreds of profiles if you want. When you see one that speaks to you, you know that's the best fortune teller for you.
  4. Read Reviews

    This is another great advantage of our online directory of the best fortune tellers. You can read reviews!

    One of the biggest fears of fortune teller clients is getting scammed. At we understand your concerns. That's why we provide reviews for our listed websites.

    Curious about what other people are saying? Read through testimonials of previous clients. This way, you can both avoid scammers and find someone who can help you specifically.

Fortune Teller Near Me

fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball  

There are many ways to find fortune tellers online, but did you know that you can find them in ways you might not have expected? It’s all about the keywords.

“Fortune tellers near me” is a popular keyword because most people who aren’t familiar with fortune telling or how fulfilling an online fortune teller reading can be think that they are just confined to those readers who are working close to their location. However, searching “fortune teller near me” or “fortune telling near me” can also connect you with one of the best online fortune telling websites we list here.

Although the fortune tellers you find online might not be physically near you, with the help of the internet they can still be near, energetically. There is no difference in the quality of fortune telling between in person and online; that is, you will get the same reading from an online fortune teller as an in person one, and because of universal energy transference, nothing will be “lost in translation.” This brings a whole plethora of fortune tellers to you, and you don’t even have to leave your couch!

It is possible, but unlikely, that the best fortune teller for your situation is located in the same city as you. You might not even live near any fortune tellers, and if you wanted a reading, you’d have to pay the expense of travel as well as the fortune teller’s fees, which can get very expensive. Fortune tellers use a lot of energy and skill when giving readings, so they deserve to be paid, but there is a middle ground that can be reached by choosing a fortune teller online rather than in person, where you are supporting a talented reader and still keeping your budget in mind.

The brands we review show up in these “fortune telling near me” searches because they are so frequently visited and popular with users. There also simply might not be enough fortune tellers available in a single area to find on Google. Once you know which sites to look for, you can also search for them online and see for yourself. No matter which keywords you try, it is likely that you will see the sites we review and list here, and that’s because they continuously provide the same quality and experience of fortune teller as anybody you could visit in person, but for a fraction of the price, with a wider audience, and a greater level of experience.

As you can see, searching “fortune tellers near me” can bring you some places you didn’t expect, such as to fortune tellers who are far away. But don’t let that discourage you from receiving the best fortune telling session you could hope for; try an online fortune teller before you commit to an in person one and see for yourself what great results you can achieve!

What Is Fortune Telling?

Fortune telling is the art of divining information about someone’s life. So what exactly does that mean? Fortuner tellers make predictions.

A fortune teller is someone with clairvoyance. They use their abilities to predict outcomes to certain scenarios.

All fortune tellers are psychics, but not all psychics are fortune tellers. Both psychics and fortune tellers have special clairvoyant talents, but not all psychics use their talents the same way.

Some psychics are not comfortable discussing the future. If you want a psychic who will use their gifts to tell you about the future, you need a fortune teller.

Fortune Telling

How Does Fortune Telling Work?

  1. Determine Your Goals - sit down and meditate for a second about why you want to see a fortune teller. Once you determine what you want, the process of selection becomes a lot easier.
  2. Browse and Compare Sites - at, we’ve got a plethora of fortune telling websites to choose from. Take your time to find a site that fits your needs.
  3. Open an Account In Your Chosen Site - once you find a site that speaks to your soul, you’ll need to make an account for the site.

    * Don’t Forget to Check For First-Time Deals! - Many of the best fortune tellers and other psychic specialists offer deals for first-time customers. Don’t forget, it never hurts to ask!
  4. Search for Fortune Teller - nows the fun part: finding a fortune teller. Our best advice is to look for the profile that really speaks to you. Your intuition is a great guide.
  5. Choose a Preferred Method of Communication - which do you prefer, talking on the phone, or online chat? Or maybe you prefer to speak over video. Whatever your preferred method of communication is, we can help you find that fortune teller.

Once you’ve booked your session, relax! You’ve done all the hard work to find a fortune teller, enjoy your session.

What Do Fortune Tellers Do?

You may have the image in your head of a mysterious woman gazing into a crystal ball, that’s not far off. Many of the best fortune tellers use crystallomancy, aka crystal gazing, to make predictions, but that’s not the only psychic reading method they use.

Other psychic reading methods a fortune teller might use include:

  • Tarot – Tarot is an extremely popular divination method that most people can use from home. Fortune tellers read the symbolism in the cards to give you a glimpse into all of the futures that might be possible in your timeline.
  • Astrology – Also up there in popularity with Tarot is Astrology. Astrology is special for fortune telling because it can help the fortune teller give their predictions within accurate timelines. It’s natural to want to know *when* your prediction will come true, and Astrology is the best method for this.
  • Numerology – Numerology is an ancient practice where the mystical relationship between numbers in a date or name is found and predictions are made based on these numbers. A fortune teller using numerology can find your Life Path number and guide you through what that Life Path might mean for you in the future.
  • Palm Reading – Another ancient method of fortune telling and divination, Palm Reading looks at the lines in your palm to determine your personality and events that may arise in your future. You can receive multiple palm readings because the lines on your palm change as you age, and as possible events of the future fluctuate based on your actions.
  • Pendulum Reading – If you’re looking for a yes or no answer to a situation, a pendulum reading might be your best option. Pendulums – often a crystal point on a chain, but they can range from coins to charms – are held above a mat or the fortune teller’s palm, and the direction or manner that they swing gives you the answer.
  • Fire Gazing – Although less well known, fire gazing is a powerful divination tool used in fortune telling. Focusing on the fire puts the fortune teller into a trance state, where they can tap into their innate powers much easier, bringing back explanations of your future that they see in the fire.
  • Chinese Fortune Telling - If you’re looking for an experience unique to Westerners, you can find a Chinese fortune teller. They work in many different ways, including well known ones such as numerology and palmistry. They also use the I Ching, one of the most ancient divination techniques, involving reading the combinations that bunches of yarrow sticks fall and deducing fortunes from the patterns.
  • Angel Numbers - Angel numbers aren’t much different from numerology. If you keep seeing the same repeating sequence of numbers, it might be a message from your angels; a fortune teller can help you deduce what these messages mean.
  • Love and Relationship Readings – Of course love and relationships are important to many people seeking out fortune tellers online. A love reading with a fortune teller can help you know what to expect from relationships in the future, or what type of person your soulmate might be.
  • Dream Interpretations – Your subconscious speaks to you through the symbolism in your dreams. Some people have prophetic dreams and might not know it. Speaking to a fortune teller gifted in dream interpretation can help untangle the meaning behind this dream symbolism to prepare you for the future.
  • Ancient Runes – Runes are an ancient Nordic method of divination that are gaining popularity. Each Rune is a carved piece of wood or stone that is etched with a symbol. When the runes are thrown, the specific pattern they land in can give you a message or prediction about the past, present, or future, depending on your question.
  • Face Reading – Facial fortune telling consists of a fortune teller analyzing your facial features and bringing forth predictions about your life path.

What Abilities Do Fortune Tellers Have?

Obviously, fortune tellers have unique abilities that they have honed and developed over the course of their lifetime. These abilities are instrumental in helping the fortune teller to bring forth messages about your possible futures.

Some abilities are inherent to all people and can be developed over time, while others manifest only in certain individuals from childhood. The prevalence of these abilities in their early years is usually what leads them to seek out fortune telling and psychic reading as a career or service they provide, rather than what some might consider more traditional vocations.

These types of abilities have been manifesting in humans since antiquity, and are the reason that fortune telling has been popular since civilization began, and fortune tellers have remained such a part of society; though for some years, in some locations, they had to retreat to the shadows because of arbitrary religious laws. Now that there is a resurgence in the popularity of fortune telling, you can easily find somebody who has manifested these powers and can use them to help answer your questions about the future.

  • Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance means “clear sight” and is an ability where the fortune teller receives visions or images – usually in their mind’s eye, rather than actually physically in front of them – to offer predictions about the future. Often these visions come in the form of metaphors rather than literally seeing the events as they unfold, though some claim this ability as well.
  • Clairaudience – Clairaudience means “clear hearing” and works along the same lines as clairvoyance, except that the fortune teller hears the predictions in words, rather than receiving them in visions. This is how fortune telling reading works for those whose inner thoughts are expressed as a “voice” in their head, rather than images and concepts that can be seen. A string of words is heard that the fortune teller then interprets for their client.
  • Extrasensory Perception – Extransensory perception, or “ESP” is also known as a 6th sense. It is information that a fortune teller or psychic receives without using any of the recognized physical senses, but rather sensed with the mind. It can be hard to quantify extrasensory perception, especially because it includes perceptions like telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairaudience; these all are based on the 5 senses, yet they are perceived differently – directly to the mind, without any clear source of the information.
  • Telepathy – Telepathy is the ability that most people think that psychics or fortune tellers have: the ability to read minds. It is unknown whether it is possible to fully read someone’s thoughts as they occur, since there are so many different ways that thoughts present themselves, but some claim to possess this ability and can accurately tell what someone is thinking by reading facial and body language cues. Telepathy is not often used in fortune telling, since it doesn’t give information about the future but rather what the reader is sensing from their querent at the moment, but nonetheless it is associated with fortune telling and psychic reading.
  • Precognition – Precognition is a very valuable ability for a fortune teller to have, as it is one of the only abilities where future events can actually be gleaned. Precognition manifests in various forms, usually through the two other ‘clair’ abilities: clairsentience, clear feeling, and claircognizance, clear knowing. The fortune teller with this ability simply “knows” or “feels” what is going to happen next, and often it comes to fruition. If a fortune teller advertises their precognitive abilities, it would be wise to use their services, because this is the closest to seeing into the future as fortune tellers’ abilities get.
  • Mediumship – Mediums have the ability to channel messages from realms other than the material one that we currently live in. Sometimes they have a relationship with a spirit guide in the spirit world who translates messages from other beings to them, and sometimes they themselves sense and interpret these messages. While some mediums use their powers to bring messages from the dead, others can tap in to visions of the future seen by those existing on the spirit realm, where linear time does not exist. Since the future is not fixed, the medium is able to channel these messages into possible futures based on where the querent is in their life at the moment the question is asked.

How Much Does a Fortune Teller Cost?

There are many different price ranges for fortune tellers, depending on the experience and ability of who you choose to visit.

Fortune tellers online are often in charge of setting their own prices, and this is usually based on their following, the length of time they have been giving readings, their rate of accuracy and success in giving real predictions of the future, and how much time they take to give readings.

You can find a fortune teller at any price point. Readings can range from just .99 cents a minute to $30 a minute for those who are very in demand and possess a proven psychic ability. Anybody can afford a fortune teller because there are so many different price ranges.

Don’t think that just because a fortune teller doesn’t charge as much as another, that their abilities are any less powerful. Some fortune tellers understand that users are on a budget, or just give readings for fun in addition to other ventures, and don’t need to survive off of the earnings they make fortune telling. They could also benefit from their lower prices by giving more readings, which makes up the difference between their earnings and that of a fortune teller who charges more.

Can I Speak to Fortune Teller for Free?

an elderly palm reader reading a woman

Rather than spending their hard earned money on fortune tellers’ services, many people go in search of free fortune telling online. In today’s world, anything that you can get for free is deemed valuable, even if it might mean getting a subpar fortune reading.

The bottom line here is that you get what you pay for. Fortune telling is a skill just like any other that requires practice and time of the fortune teller. While many will advertise their fortune telling services on social media in an effort to get more experience, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find a true quality reading from a free fortune teller.

Fortune tellers throughout all of history have charged for their services. You can’t even get a reading from an animatronic fortune teller booth without coughing up a few coins. In the old days, a few coins were all that was needed, or some other goods or service in exchange for a fortune telling. It was very, very rare to receive a fortune told for free. The people who told fortunes in the old days – mostly women – could find themselves in precarious positions where they are excluded from society with no other means of making a living. By crossing the fortune teller’s palm with silver, you were helping them to eke out a living for themselves despite being ostracized and looked down upon by those who felt that their practice was ungodly or demonic, while still visiting them to have their fortune told.

In the same way, those who advertise their fortune telling services might be trying to earn their living, same as you, and thus charge for their services in order to afford basic necessities.

When you try to look for free fortune tellers, you are doing yourself a disservice as well as a disservice to those taking the time to give you a reading. Fortune tellers deserve to be paid, and paid well, just like anybody offering their special services and abilities, whether they be in person or online. Just because what they offer in exchange for money is intangible, doesn’t mean that their earnings should be intangible as well. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. Simply take the time to seek out fortune telling deals online and you might find that you are getting the best of the best fortune readings without spending more than you are comfortable with.

Don’t give up hope for a free reading, though! Many of the sites we review here do offer free minutes as well as deeply discounted offers for new users. Some even have promotional deals for longtime members that can save them a lot of money in the long run, while still offering real quality fortune telling for those in search of answers.

Fortune Teller Apps

In today’s technological world, fortune telling doesn’t have to be done in person. It doesn’t have to be done by calling the number you see on the screen during daytime or late night television. It doesn’t even have to be done from your computer. That’s right, you can now receive a reading from a fortune teller right on your mobile device.

 You can find a free fortune teller app for almost every one of the psychic platforms we review! Alongside Purple Garden, which is a mobile app with some functionality on a web browser if you choose to use it, you can get the fortune telling experience with the push of a button by downloading the apps for these platforms:


Psychic Source


Keen Psychics

As of right now, Mysticsense doesn’t have a mobile app, but you can use their website just as easily from the web browser on your phone, which still takes the fortune telling experience and makes it mobile, with no loss of functionality or features.

All of these apps are absolutely free to download. Just enter your account information to be taken to your profile and speak with all of the same fortune tellers you can find on the web browser.

Fortune Telling Articles

Take a look at related articles to fortune telling:


How Can You Tell If An Online Fortune Telling Expert Is Genuine?

The best way to tell if an online fortune telling expert is genuine is by noting the policy for accepting readers on the platform you are using. For instance, some psychic platforms that fortune tellers advertise on require the fortune teller to complete a number of readings to their staff, as well as show proven accuracy and reliability alongside a dedication to the customer experience. Many of these services have been around for a decade or more, so you can be sure that the managers in charge of accepting applicants has the experience to tell a genuine fortune teller from a scammer.

Another way to determine if an online fortune teller is genuine is by looking through the reviews on their profile page. If they have many satisfied customers giving their stamp of approval and claiming the accuracy of the fortune teller’s predictions, you know you have a genuine fortune teller on hand.

What are the things to Know Before Talking to a Fortune Teller Online?

Obviously, you should know the question you want answered before you talk to a fortune teller online. The more specific, the better; this way the accuracy of the predictions have more of an impact and are more measurable.

You should also know that you might get different results than the fortune teller predicted, because the future is not completely fixed. A fortune teller can give predictions of possible future outcomes, and it is up to you to take the actions required to bring those outcomes to fruition. If what the fortune teller told you doesn’t come to pass, you might need to wait a little longer (unless they gave timeframes) or it is possible that you or someone else involved made a choice that rendered their prediction moot.

What is a person who predicts the future?

A person who predicts the future can be known by many names. Some simply believe that a psychic is someone who can predict the future, while others believe that a psychic’s strengths lie more in sensing things going on in the present.

A fortune teller can be someone who predicts the future, or tells you about any possible future fortunes coming your way. This definition really depends on who is defining it; there are many different answers. Sometimes psychic and fortune teller are terms that are used interchangeably to mean someone who predicts the future.

What Is the best way to contact an Online fortune teller?

The best way to contact an online fortune teller is by doing a lot of research beforehand, like reading reviews guides on sites such as this one, and following the affiliate links to be sure that you are getting the best possible introductory specials and prices.

When you have chosen the psychic services platform you wish to use, you have many ways of contacting the online fortune teller from there, depending on what that individual platform offers. It’s up to you what method of contact makes you the most comfortable, whether it be a phone call, a live chat, or a video call. You can also contact some fortune tellers to schedule services ahead of time.

What questions to ask to get the most accurate answer?

The best way to get the most accurate answer is to ask questions pertaining to yourself and your own future and actions, rather than those of another. Many use fortune tellers, psychics, and the like, in order to get an idea of another person’s motivations, intentions, or future actions. This can sometimes work, but since the person isn’t aware of the future they supposedly will be a part of, they might not take the proper actions to ensure it comes to fruition.

By keeping your questions centered on yourself, you can be in control of your own destiny by taking the necessary course of action required to bring the possible future into being; or to prevent it from happening.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in giving you all the information you needed to know about fortune tellers, online fortune telling, and the best online fortune telling sites. We scrutinized every detail of these sites in order to bring you the best information, the best prices, the best deals, and the best fortune tellers to you.

When you take the time to do your own research before finding a fortune teller, you telegraph to the universe that you are ready and willing to receive the information you need to know in order to make the best choices for a better future.

If your goal is to manifest the best possible reality for your future self, then a visit with an online fortune teller can be a very useful tool in helping to manifest that goal. Fortune tellers offer predictions of possible futures, and then give you the agency to decide your own destiny by moving toward or away from that future. Visiting a fortune teller does not leave you confined to a fixed fate, but rather opens up the possibility for you to be a conscious co-creator of your destiny, alongside the universe.

We hope that by giving you all the information and tools you need to find the best fortune teller online at the best price, we have helped guide you towards the destiny that will be best for you and that you will find yourself living a life you thought you only could live in your dreams.

We fully stand behind every service we list here, and think you won’t be disappointed by taking a chance on yourself and finding the perfect fortune teller to help you create the best possible future.

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".