Purple Garden Review 2022

Purple Garden
Purple Garden
A Psychic network that’s dedicated to providing mobile Psychic Support and Live Video Readings.
Free $10 Credit On Your First Purchase

Purple Garden Full Pricing

  • 5% Cash Back
  • Pricing range: $.99-$14.99 Per Minute
  • Promo Codes
  • Referral Credit

Top Features

  • Experienced Readers
  • Introductory Video of All Advisors
  • Video, Phone, and Chat Readings
  • Detailed Psychic Profiles for Matching

Purple Garden In-Depth Review

Shanta Cameron
By:Shanta Cameron

PurpleGarden.co is a trusted Psychic network with various Psychic Advisors motivated to help and heal others. Their personal profiles are detailed in stating their specialty, experience, tools and spiritual associations. I appreciate the fact  that they also allow honest reviews to be seen by potential customers and as useful feedback for their advisors.

Being an easy application, with simplistic features and Live Video Readings; Purple Garden is the perfect platform to easily connect with a Psychic. Their innovative Psychic network is where anyone can gain friendly guidance and Psychic support regarding life, love, career, purpose and much more.

  • Live Video Readings
  • New User Credit
  • Detailed Psychic Profiles
  • Offers free transcripts
  • Customer Referral Program
  • No Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Customer Support by phone
  • No email readings
  • There is no call queue

How Much Does Purple Garden Cost?

When you create an account with Purple Garden, you must fund your account with at least $15.00.

Rates per minute to connect with a Psychic will cost .99 - $14.99 per minute.

Purple Garden offers clients a cashback program. Clients get 5% of their money spent credited back to their account. Once a client pays $10 or more, they become eligible to receive cashback credit towards their next reading. There is no upper limit to the amount of cashback a client may receive. Cashback credit expires after 6 months, so be sure to use it or lose it!

Purple Garden also offers VIP Clients the ability to earn free live readings from new psychics with the Tryout feature. Tryouts are similar to cashback, as you spend you also earn credits towards a free live reading. You can check your progress towards a free Tryout in the Purple Garden App. Once you’ve earned the credit, you get a free 5 minute live reading form an advisor offering Tryouts.

Top Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal


Refunds are eligible if there are any technical issues while connecting with an Advisor. If this is the case you must contact support. For any other issues you may notify support and they will initiate an investigation and get back to you via email within 24 hours.

The Most Popular Readings Purple Garden Offers

Purple Garden - Types of Reading

  • Psychic readings: Choose a Psychic reading to gain clarity or guidance on various life subjects. Including love, career and purpose
  • Tarot readings: Connect with a Psychic that uses Tarot cards as a tool to connect with spirit about any situation or concerns you may have
  • Relationship coaching: Here, there’s a focus on love and relationship Psychic readings. From dating advice to marriage and divorce, you can get the answers relating to these topics
  • Palm reading: Palm readers use their palm reading gifts to tell you about your past, present, future and life path
  • Astrology and horoscopes: Receive a birth chart reading from an Astrologer or learn more about what the stars have in store for your future with an astrology reading
  • Oracle guidance: Special Psychics under this category can guide you through any life circumstances and spiritual matters with Oracle guidance
  • Angel insights: With angel insight you can connect with a medium regarding loved ones that have passed on or your ancestors
  • Dream analysis: With dream analysis Psychics are able to help you decode and analyze dreams stemming from the subconscious mind

Cool Tools and Features with Purple Garden

  • Video call, Voice call and Live chat - these are the 3 options you have to connect with a Psychic of your choice, once you’ve set up an account. You can talk to them on the phone, message them for a live chat or communicate through live video
  • Filters to choose Psychic - in the top right hand corner you can click on the filter symbol to narrow your Psychics down to choose the best one for you. You have the options to filter Psychics by price, popularity, expertise and much more
  • Video Introductions - video introductions are available to view if you click on their profile picture. A short clip of the Psychic will play, explaining their expertise, gifts and skillset

How to Get Started with Purple Garden

Purple Garden makes it easy to set up an account using Apple, Facebook, Google, or an email address. To sign up with email, you will have to create a new password for your Purple Garden account. After you have logged in using your new username and password, you’ll be prompted to fund your account. You can fund your account using credit card, debit card or PayPal. Once you have an account and it’s funded, you’ll have full access on the web browser or app to browse and select a Psychic. Choose a Psychic by selecting categories or the filter button in the top Right hand corner of the home page. Once you choose a Psychic you can choose to live chat, voice call or video call your advisor. The connection will be made to the mobile number you added on your account when you set it up.

Purple Garden Signup Form

How to Book a Reading?

Purple Garden offers live video calls, voice, and text chat readings. If a Psychic has a blue camera icon by their profile picture, they are available for live video. If they have a green chat icon, they are available for live text chat. If they have a purple phone icon, they are available for live voice calls.

You will need to have a user account to select the advisor that you would like to purchase from. You’ll then be prompted to select the duration of the call and purchase credits based on the advisor's per-minute rate. Once you place your order, you'll be connected with that advisor immediately, in real time!

How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic

Get to Know The Readers

What I really enjoy about Purple Garden is that all of their Psychics have introductory videos. These short videos display the reader’s work environment as they state their expertise and common tools they use while conducting a reading. It’s almost like you’ve already started a live video with them! To view introductory videos of Psychics, click on the white play symbol on the bottom right corner of their profile picture.

Purple Garden - Know The Psychic Readers

The short video will open up a new window and start to play.

Purple Garden - Know The Psychic Readers - Video

In addition to this they have a very extensive profile that goes into more detail stating their specialties, gifts and even their spiritual associations. These associations can be with organizations, energy healing certifications and spiritual initiations with angels and spirit guides etc. To view their profile click on their screen names.

How to Connect with a Reader

If you would like to connect with a reader you can by favoriting that reader. To add additional psychics to your favorites, simply click the heart button in the upper right-hand corner of the advisor’s profile.

Connect with Purple Garden Psychics  

Psychic advisors are automatically added to your favorite list once you’ve had a reading with them. If you have searched for an advisor and they don’t  show up in the results, this simply means this Psychic Advisor is currently unavailable for new orders. They may be completing orders at the time or taking a break when you want to reach them.

Advisors available times may vary so you can set notifications that will alert you when a certain advisor is online.

Here is how to set notifications for a specific reader:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the picture of the advisor you wish to be alerted to.
  3. Click on the icon of the bell symbol in the upper right hand corner of their profile.
  4. Select which options you would like to receive a notification for.
  5. Then click on ‘done’ in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

You will then be sent a push notification according to the selections you've made to be alerted when an advisor is online.

How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

You are able to leave feedback for each reader as long as you’ve connected with them for at least 5 minutes. I would imagine anything less than 5 minutes would not be sufficient time with them to give an accurate review. Purple Garden is unique when it comes to leaving reviews by posting honest reviews whether a user had a good or bad experience. This is very informative for potential new customers and for the reader’s themselves too, to use as constructive feedback.

Another way to leave feedback and suggestions, specifically for the platform is also an option. All you have to do is click on ‘menu’ then click on ‘Customer Support’. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a light bulb symbol next to the words ‘Give Feedback’. Click on it and here you will be able to vote on other suggestions, leave a suggestion yourself and ask questions about the platform.

Is Purple Garden Legit?

It’s pretty clear that through their introductory videos and reviews, that Purple Garden puts in a real effort to maintain a transparent and genuine network of Psychic Advisors. They don’t fake or make empty promises regarding accuracy of readings or that any readings will change your life.

Although they don’t make any promises, they definitely do screen their Psychic Advisors to meet Purple Garden’s standards. Their standards include the Psychic’s advisors having to prove their gifts, experience and professional background.

What have Purple Garden users had to say about their platform?

Most of the users highly rate the Psychics on Purple Garden at an average of 4.8 stars out of 5. Users usually claim the feeling of self assurance and ready to take on life as it comes. There seems to be a trend of newfound awareness and confidence after speaking to one of their gifted Psychics.

Purple Garden Mobile App

Does Purple Garden have a downloadable Mobile App available?


Purple Garden App

There is a mobile app available for Purple Garden users to purchase orders on the go. The app is downloadable on iOS Apple App Store and Google Play.

Purple Garden is primarily an app-based Psychic network service. While users are able to access Purple Garden Psychics on their website, the app has been their focal point and  is predominantly designed to connect advisors and users easily through text chat, phone calls, and video chat via their app.

What are some of the Purple Garden App Features?

Similar to the website, the Purple Garden app is very simple; it displays users' profiles and prices.  For access to the psychic profiles on the app, you must first log in to your account.  You get to browse the psychic profiles and select the one you're most drawn to.

The mobile app will have the same filter feature as the website, allowing you to customize your Psychic search based on category, price, and reading type. When and if the Psychic Advisor is available, simply click the button to immediately connect with them in real time.

How to Access Help and Support

If you need to help address any concerns regarding issues with your reading or the platform you can find answers in the listed FAQs articles. If you are unsuccessful here you may want to leave a message by filling out the contact form which will be available when you click on ‘Contact Support’ at the bottom of the Contact Support Page.

You will be prompted to leave a message and options to attach any screen shot documents or images that will help you better express your issue. You may then see suggested FAQs related to your concern or issue. If none of the suggested questions and answers are relevant then you can skip this part.

You’ll be asked to enter your email and you can then send your message to support. Purple Garden states that they will get back to you as soon as possible which usually is within 24 hours.

Bottom Line

Purple Garden is the top mobile Psychic Network in the world with the most unique psychics and simplistic platform. Their app is designed to simply connect you with a Psychic advisor that can guide and possibly help heal you through many life challenges or concerns. Their app has a focus on providing Live Video Readings as most of their readers offer this service to connect with them in a more personalized way. This gives the user a feeling of meeting the reader in person because they have the live reading option, making the reading a more fulfilling experience.

With cashback, promo codes and referral rewards, Purple Garden gives you an opportunity to save and get much more out of your readings. They make promotions and loyalty rewards available to existing customers to show their appreciation. Overall Purple Garden is a well trusted app and website that can offer expert guidance and peace of mind.


What is the ‘Cashback’ program? How does it work?

The Cashback program is the way Purple Garden rewards their loyal customers. You’ll receive 5% back on all purchases. There’s no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn on this platform.  Once you’ve accumulated $10 + cash back, you’ll be eligible to redeem that cashback credit to use for any reading that you choose!

Can I Listen to My Live Voice Reading Again?

Yes! You can listen to any previous live voice readings that you ordered under your account. There is a copy of each live voice order saved in your account to revisit any time you wish.

  1. Click on My Orders in the menu section (Menu is the three horizontal lines on top left of your screen).
  2. Tap on the order you wish to review.
  3. Click on the previous order you want to hear to listen to it from the beginning.

How Do I Know If These Are Authentic Psychics?

They screen advisor applicants to assure that they meet Purple Garden's quality standards. This screening includes a video test reading, resume of qualifications such as certification, and prior related work accomplishments.

What is a ‘Tryout’ credit?

Their Tryout feature is a great option to try out new advisors that you’ve never connected with before. Tryouts allow VIP clients to earn a free live reading. You can earn this credit gradually as you spend, in a similar process to their cashback feature. You can check the progress of your earned Tryout credit in the Purple Garden app menu.

Shanta ‘Cosmic Cam’ Cameron has studied and applied the science of Astrology and Metaphysical knowledge for over 12 years. As a Certified Astrologer and Soul Coach she’s devoted to bringing clarity, healing and peace of mind to those who request her assistance. She’s often been called a Psychic and her associates have wondered if she performs automatic writing. Her strong intuitive faculties and connection to spirit assist her in drawing very accurate Astrology Readings and Horoscopes while suggesting both practical and spiritual advice. In her spare time, she enjoys conversations with loved ones, cuddling with her dog Grace and obtaining occult knowledge.