AskNow Psychics Review 2022

Innovative online psychic network giving access to diverse psychic readings from advanced psychic advisors.
15 Minutes for Only $10

AskNow Full Pricing

  • Top-rated Advisors for $4.99-$9.99 per minute
  • Elite Advisors $10-$12.99 per minute
  • Master Advisors $13.00+ per minute
  • + 5 free minutes - Elite or Master advisor

Top Features

  • Filters To Find the right advisors
  • Phone or chat readings
  • Psychics zodiac sign displayed for compatibility
  • 24/7 Customer Support In-Depth Review

Shanta Cameron
By:Shanta Cameron

AskNow has been one of the most trusted Psychic communities in the nation. Established in 2005, they've built a Psychic brand predicated on helping others to gain greater clarity, peace and spiritual awareness.

Useful features on are articles and videos available on their user-friendly website. Topics range from tips on reducing stress to discussing unexplained phenomena. Which proves that their community is even more committed to offering clarity to the public by more means than one.

Personally, what I appreciate most is that the zodiac sign of each Psychic Advisor is displayed on their profiles. The information provided and filters available are sufficient in giving you a sense of confidence to choose an AskNow Psychic to confide in.

  • Introductory rate $1 per minute
  • 5 Minutes Free with Elite Psychics
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Various Psychic Tiers
  • Satisfaction Policy
  • Live video readings unavailable
  • Limited payment options
  • Mobile app not available
  • Loyalty Program unavailable

How Much Does AskNow Cost?

As far as cost there are three Psychic tier categories regarding experience and price rates. The different tiers available are:

  • Top-rated advisors for $5.99-$9.99 per minute
  • Elite Advisors rated at $10-$11 per minute
  • Master Advisors rated at $12-13.99 per minute

There are three different introductory packages: 15 minutes for $10, 20 minutes for $20, and 30 minutes for $30. New clients also receive 5 free minutes with an Elite Psychic Advisor. So if you're considering getting a reading from AskNow, you're eligible to begin at a rate of $1.00 per minute. Once you choose your package, you’ll want to use your minutes, they expire in 30 days.

AskNow Pricing Packages

Top Payment Methods

We discussed price rates, now we’ll break down how to fund the account. There are 2 ways to fund an account, and the options are to use a major credit or debit card. Major debit and credit cards that are acceptable are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

All you have to do is login into your account or choose a Psychic that you would like to speak with. Once you click the ‘call’ or ‘chat’ button, you will automatically be prompted to set up your account.

You will be asked for your email, credit or debit card or billing information. You will be asked for the amount that you would like to fund your new AskNow account. Once it is funded you are good to connect with the Psychic you chose.


Is it possible to request a refund?

Yes! It is possible to receive a refund per their 100% Satisfaction Policy. The Satisfaction Policy states that if your first Psychic is not a good match, to end your call with them immediately and contact customer service. You will be credited for up to 5 minutes so you can find another advisor that is better suited for you.

The Most Popular Readings AskNow Offers

  • Love & Relationship Readings: Connect with a Love and Relationship Psychic and receive dating and marriage advice channeled from the spirit realm. Find out if your mate is faithful or a worthy soulmate. You may discover if you're truly ready and open for love or who your secret crush is with the Love and Relationship Readings
  • Money and Finance Reading:  So many of us can be overworked and underpaid or can be going through financial changes and challenges. So if you’re having any of these concerns you won’t regret getting a Money and Finance Reading from one of AskNow money advisors.

    An advisor in this department can offer a mindset and perspective for you to be more at peace with your financial situation or goals. Therefore loosening up any metaphysical resistance regarding cash flow. They can help you tap into ways to further build your sense of abundance, attracting more money and a sense of more stability in your life
  • Career and Goals: If you’re concerned about the career path you’re on, unhappy or unsure about what your goals should be; a Career and Goal Reading will be the perfect reading to choose. A Psychic from this department can help you narrow down on and focus on your personal aims in life.

    These readings help you actualize your skills, natural gifts, and personal interest so that you can be more successful and fulfilled in life regarding your work and career aspirations
  • Tarot Readers: Many Psychics connect with tarot cards as a tool to connect with and receive messages from the spirit realm. Here, you have no limit on what you would like to ask or discuss with a Tarot Reader.

    They can connect with the past, present and future energies of any situation. Love, career, money, spirituality, and relationships (business or personal) and much more can all be discussed during a Tarot Reading.
  • Spirit Guide Readings: In the Spirit Guide category, the Physics available are also mediums. If you choose this reading you may connect with an advisor who is clairvoyant, clairaudient or communicates telepathically with spirit guides (yours or theirs). If you are looking to connect with the unseen realm for a higher truth or enlightenment which can bring more peace of mind, choose a Spirit Guide Reading
  • Astrology Readings: A Psychic Astrologer on this platform can advise you on a slew of things regarding you or someone you are close to. Learn more about yourself, how you love, how you can make money, best career options or your purpose with an astrology reading.

    All you need is your persons’ or your own time of birth, birth date and birth location to get started. Understand deeper what’s best for you and who or why someone else is compatible or incompatible with your energy

Cool Tools and Features with AskNow

  • Phone and Live Chat Readings - the option to connect with an Advisor is available through phone or chat. If you don't feel like talking you can message a Psychic advisor instead
  • Filters - this tool is available to use so that you can narrow down your search to find the best Psychic. Availability, reading type, price and reading categories are the options to filter Psychics and choose one best for you
  • Psychics’ Zodiac Sign Display - each and every Psychic on the AskNow network has their zodiac sign displayed on their profile. So if you’re into zodiac signs, you can also use this information to choose a Psychic that you’re more likely to be compatible with.
  • How to Videos - the video section is a helpful resource to help you get started on their website. They provide insight on further information about their AskNow Psychics and Psychics in general.
  • Articles - in their article section you can learn so much more about a variety of topics. Spirituality, lifestyle, advice and much more information can be found on their website in their articles.

How to Get Started with

AskNow Signup form  

  1. Choose a Psychic from the home page listing, or click on the 'Psychics" tab and browse by using the filter: Advisor Type, Categories or Price ect.
  2. Once you’ve decided on a Psychic advisor, click the “Call” button if you’d like to talk to them on the phone, or the “Chat” button if you want to communicate via online chat.
  3. If you’re a first-time user on the platform, you’ll need to set up an account and fund it before being connected to the Psychic you chose.
  4. After you create a username, password and set up your email, you will need to fund your account. (Major debit and Credit cards are acceptable forms of payment to fund your account).
  5. Once you’ve entered your billing information you’ve completed the steps to setting up your account and then will be redirected to the Psychic you would like to talk or chat with.
  6. Once back on the Psychics page you can click on the ‘Call’ or ‘Chat’ button to connect with them.
  7. Another way to connect is you can also call their customer service number and enter your chosen Psychic’s extension number listed on their profile under their username.
  8. If the Psychic Advisor you decided to choose is unavailable, you can schedule a callback for their next availability. You also have the option to schedule an appointment at a specific time and day. All advisors have a calendar on their profile displaying the future dates and times that they are available to connect with you.

How to Book a Reading?

Once you’ve created an account and funded it there are two ways to book a reading with an advisor from AskNow.

  1. Call their Psychic line and use the Psychic you chose extension number to connect.
  2. Use their online platform to connect through Phone or Chat.

If your chosen advisor is unavailable on their Psychic line or through their website, you may select the ‘Call Back’ option. This allows the connection between you and your chosen Psychic to happen as soon as they are available.

Another way you can book a reading if they are unavailable or if you would like a set time or date to speak with them is to schedule an appointment. This can be accomplished by going to your Psychic Advisors profile and checking out their calendar that’s displayed in the top right of their profile.

Choose a date and time frame for when you would like to connect with them. You will then receive an email confirmation and reminder for your scheduled phone call or live chat.

How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic

  1. On the Home Page click on ‘Psychics’.
     AskNow - find a psychic - step 1
  2. Next, Click on Filter to Narrow Your Search.
     AskNow - find a psychic - step 2  
  3. Choose which filters you want to apply to refine your search.
     AskNow - find a psychic - step 3
  4. The Psychics listed next will be in alignment with your specific search.
     AskNow - find a psychic - step 4
  5. Click on an Advisors picture or username which will take you to their profile. Click ‘Call’ or ‘Chat’ to connect with them right away. You can also schedule an appointment with them as well.
     AskNow - find a psychic - step 5

Get to Know The Readers

What I like most about the AskNow platform and what I find so unique is that the zodiac signs of each advisor are displayed on their profiles. If you’re into zodiac signs and are familiar with the zodiac personality types, this makes it easier to get a feel for who they are or what they may be like.

Another way to get to know them more regarding their skills and expertise is to simply view their bio on their profile. Each Psychic shares details about their own journey and how they enjoy helping others. For further understanding of their natural gifts and style, you can also read the reviews and ratings. Previous clients they’ve connected with leave testimonials below their introductory bios.

How to Connect with a Reader

 The three main ways you can connect with a reader is by using their personal extension after dialing into their Psychic line, by clicking on ‘Call’ and with the ‘Chat’ on their website.

If you enjoyed your experience and would like to connect with that advisor again, you can add them to your favorite’s list. Once you have an account you will see the option to favorite any advisor by going to their profile.

How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

At the end of each reading that you have with an Advisor, should you wish to rate that Psychic, you'll be given an option to do so. You’re able to leave a star rating and leave a written review on your experience with them.

Is AskNow Legit?

AskNow has built and maintained a genuine psychic network community for over 16 years. They are one of the most trusted psychic brands online to date. Their Psychics are uniquely gifted with various backgrounds, education and expertise.

Only a small fraction that apply to be on the AskNow platform are approved and accepted by their Master Psychic Manager and recruiting staff. The Psychics go through rigorous testing, scrutiny and psychic or tarot evaluation before they are allowed to be put in a position to help guide others on their platform. Psychic Readers are also tested for their level of compassion, empathy and their desire to help others.

As AskNow Psychics are trained and developing on the platform, they may gain more experience, positive reviews and positive rapport with their customers. When this happens, they are evaluated again and move up in their psychic tier category.

The next level up is the Elite Advisor and Master Advisor. To speak with these Psychics may cost more but is worth trying because they are acknowledged by the platform to give the most accurate and thorough readings.

What have AskNow users had to say about their platform?

Most of the Psychic Readers on the AskNow network continuously receive great ratings and reviews. The average rating is about 4.9 because most of them continuously receive 5 stars.

Many of their clients leave testimonials that reflect how gifted and wise their advisors are. They claim to feel more at peace and their expectations are exceeded after connecting with them. Not only that but their customers also admit to continuously coming back to the platform to speak with their favorite advisors. Some users do just to check in or to gain insight on a particular situation.

AskNow Mobile App

Does AskNow have a downloadable Mobile App available?

Yes! Mobile App

You can download the mobile app from your phone on iOS Apple Devices from the App Store and It’s also absolutely free!


Review Psychics:

  • View Psychics profiles to clearly understand their abilities, experience, gifted skills and zodiac sign
  • View the amount of readings each Psychic has had to the current date
  • Use the filter to choose Psychics based on category, availability and price
  • View any new or old messages sent between you and your trusted advisors
  • Heart and save your favorite advisors

Obtain Psychic Readings:

  • View your favorite advisors availability for phone calls
  • Avoid pricey packages using the pay-as-you-go per minute feature
  • Get a 5 Minute Free Reading!

Customizable Dashboard:

  • Easily customize your dashboard with your zodiac sign and receive daily horoscopes
  • Receive daily lucky numbers based on numerology
  • Get insightful articles on spirituality and the spiritual community

How to access help and support

If you have any concerns, comments or issues; you can contact their customer support. There are two ways to get intouch with their customer care.

One way is to call their customer service number or you can email them. This information can be found to contact them by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking ‘contact’. Their customer service is available 24/7 so you can call any day or any time at your convenience.

Also, if you don’t want to talk to anyone and think you have a general question, you can click on the ‘FAQ’ at the very bottom of their website. Here you will find commonly asked questions that may assist you with your inquiry or concern.

Bottom Line

All and all, AskNow is a simplistic, innovative online Psychic network that you can depend on to obtain greater peace, enlightenment, compassion and service. Their Psychics are more than determined to assist those who may be going through a challenging time or would like clarity in some aspect of their lives.

AskNow even highlights around 15 of their top Psychics on their platform to choose from. Which further ensures that their customers or potential customers can be more confident when choosing the best Psychics to obtain an accurate and fulfilling reading.

Their tools, features, articles, videos and AskNow horoscopes really does give the assumption that they are more than just a Psychic Network. There's a sense that they really want to help others gain a sense of peace, inner strength, faith and confidence in an ever changing world.

Everything from their expert Psychic Advisors to their 24/7 customer care, makes AskNow a legit source and brand to depend on. With introductory offers and no hidden fees, you can count on them to be fair regarding their services and prices.


What is the Best Way to Find a Psychic on AskNow?

They advise you to choose a Psychic advisor that you are most energetically attracted to first and foremost. It’s also helpful to know that Psychics in each category is listed based on highest to lowest ranking. There are also rankings by previous users displayed on each Advisors profile with detailed comments and testimonials to help you make your decision.

Are Your Psychics Really Gifted?

Yes, they are really psychic! All of their Psychics are thoroughly screened, scrutinized and tested for their psychic abilities. These Psychics are also handpicked by their Master Psychic Manager. Only a small fraction of those who apply to be on this platform to help others are successful in the process and accepted.

Do I Have to Use All of My Minutes at Once?

No, you do not. The minutes you purchase may be used at any time on any day and in any increments.

What if I Have Questions About My Account?

If you have any questions or concerns about your account, you’re free to call their customer service number or email customer care directly.

Shanta ‘Cosmic Cam’ Cameron has studied and applied the science of Astrology and Metaphysical knowledge for over 12 years. As a Certified Astrologer and Soul Coach she’s devoted to bringing clarity, healing and peace of mind to those who request her assistance. She’s often been called a Psychic and her associates have wondered if she performs automatic writing. Her strong intuitive faculties and connection to spirit assist her in drawing very accurate Astrology Readings and Horoscopes while suggesting both practical and spiritual advice. In her spare time, she enjoys conversations with loved ones, cuddling with her dog Grace and obtaining occult knowledge.