What is Aura Reading? Here is All You Need To Know

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What color is your aura?

You’ve probably heard a bit about auras, but what are they, really? What does it mean to have a “pink aura”?

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. An aura reading is like a psychic vibe check. It tells you the energy you radiate.

Aura Colors

Most people want to know the color of their aura. This is the overall vibe you give off to the world.

All people radiate all frequencies of energy, but most people have one or two dominant colors. Your color can shift over time or depending on the situation. For example, actors can completely change aura colors during a scene.

Each color represents different qualities.


Reds are fiery, passionate, and outspoken. They are also quick to anger. Reds are both lovers and fighters.


Orange auras are quite sporty, energetic, and extroverted. It is not uncommon for entire sports teams to radiate orange, especially on the field.


Yellows just want to have fun. Children with yellow auras often love to play pretend, they have very intense imaginations. Yellows are often happy and full of energy, though they tend to lack focus.


Pinks are just as passionate as reds, but a little softer. They’re the romantics of the color spectrum. They’re also very in touch with their inner child, although they can be a bit naive.


Greens are as loving as pinks, but a bit quieter about it. They have a deep love of nature and often enjoy gardening and long walks through the woods. People with green auras tend to also love cooking, especially with home grown vegetables. People with green auras are often old souls.


Blues are deep feelers. They tend to be a bit more serious than the warmer colors, but they love deeply. People with blue auras often enjoy music, both listening to it and playing instruments.


People with indigo auras are quite unique. They tend to be extremely good at a select few things, while they struggle in other areas of life. It’s not uncommon for indigo people to be able to give an impromptu TED talk on a few certain subjects, but unable to make small talk.

If you suspect your child has an indigo aura, they will also likely benefit from social skills training such as acting. It is also not uncommon for people with indigo auras to fall somewhere on the autism spectrum.


Purple people are magical souls. They have deeply spiritual leanings. They tend to be highly sensitive and can often exhibit psychic powers.

What an Aura Reading Can Tell You

  • The color of your aura

That’s the first thing everyone wants to know. What color is my aura? When you get an aura reading, you can expect the psychic to tell you what color your aura is and what that means.

Do be aware that the color of your aura is not a fixed thing. Depending on your chakra balance and overall place in life, your aura color can shift.

  • The clarity of aura

It’s not just about color, it’s also about clarity. All colors have both positive and negative energies. A cloudy aura indicates the negative aspects of the color.

For example, people with clear pink auras are romantic and bubbly. People with clouded pink auras are possessive. Cloudy auras also suggests that you need more rest.

  • Holes in your aura

Auras can also be damaged. They can be damaged through traumatic events, mental illness, shame, etc. By assessing the overall health of the aura, your psychic can tell you what needs to heal.

Can I Get An Aura Reading Online?

This question comes up all the time: can psychics really read auras online? The answer is it depends on the psychic, but a lot of them can.

The reason is because your aura is your radiated energy. Most psychic empaths can visualize someone’s aura by hearing their voice. Your voice creates a vibration, that vibe is easy to feel for those who are tuned in.

But what about chat? You can’t really expect someone to be able to see an aura through chat, right? Wrong! A lot of psychics can easily visualize auras through chat contact.

It might seem a little weird, but think of it this way. You ever get a text from a friend, and because they punctuated it a certain way you knew they were upset? When you’re a psychic, you can pick up on vibes through text.

It’s also possible to send a picture to a psychic over email. Some psychics like to look at multiple pictures to see how your aura colors shift over time.

Where’s the Best Place To Get An Aura Reading Online?

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