Reader Beware! These 5 Tarot Cards Spell Doom For Your Love Life

Love Crystal Ball with Tarot Cards
Sometimes love hurts. Tarot can help soften the blow.

We’ve already gone over which major arcana cards indicate love, but which cards mean you should run?

The main card you want to watch out for is the Devil. People are bad at doing their own love readings, so it’s best to get one from a professional.

It’s true, the best love psychics rarely ever read for themselves. This is because we are often clouded by our own desires. A professional love psychic has no attachments to your situation. Therefore, they can give you a much clearer reading than you can do yourself.

We also realize that reading for yourself is a common practice. If you see any of the following cards, you’ll want to get an outside perspective about your love life.

The Devil

This is the ultimate red flag card when it comes to love readings. If you see this card it is time to stop and call a love psychic.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the artwork of the Devil mirrors the art of The Lovers. This is not meant to be a subtle message.

When you see The Devil, you are likely in the presence of a shadow soulmate.

A shadow soulmate is someone with whom you share a soul connection, but it’s of a lower vibration. When shadow soulmates stay together, they become worse versions of themselves. Not all soul connections are meant to be nurtured.

The Tower

After The Devil comes The Tower. Again, the imagery of the card is not subtle: it shows a tower crashing down.

This card indicates the breaking of illusions. It shows jarring revelations and devastating breakups. If you’ve been suspecting that your partner has been hiding something from you, this card is saying it’s going to come to light.

Two Of Swords

This card indicates an uneasy peace. Unlike the Two of Cups that shows a peace that comes from harmony, the Two of Swords is a peace that comes from stalemate.

If you’re in a relationship and this card keeps coming up, it’s usually time to break up. Are you having the same stupid fights over and over? The Two of Swords is telling you that you need to stop blinding yourself to the situation and make a real choice.

Seven of Swords

Does this card come up for you a lot? It means you take on too many of your partner’s burdens.

This card depicts a man attempting to carry seven swords. He can only carry five, so he has to leave two swords behind. If you see this card, ask yourself: would this relationship happen if you weren’t making it happen?

Happy relationships happen when both parties are equally sharing emotional labor. Unequal effort leads to resentment. This card says it’s better to be single for a while.

Seven of Cups

Love psychics get this question all the time: is he cheating on me? While the Seven of Cups does not necessarily indicate cheating, it means he has a wandering eye.

The Seven of Cups is all about viewing options. If you’re single, this is a perfectly normal card to get. This card has the energy of someone swiping through Tinder.

But if you're in a relationship and you get this card, it means there’s a lack of commitment. Somebody who has this energy is not a suitable long-term partner. Even if they aren’t actively trying to cheat, they will if the opportunity presents itself.

I’ve Drawn One of These, What Now?

Ok so you’ve drawn one of these cards. Does that mean your love life is doomed? Maybe, maybe not.

As we’ve said before, people are bad at doing their own love readings. We are often clouded by our own attachments to the questions being asked.

Get a psychic reading from a professional if you want good advice. An outside observer is far more likely to give you insights that you simply can’t see for yourself.

Of course, in order to get a good love reading, you also have to ask good questions. Questions that give away your power tend to annoy your spirit guides.

The cards will tell you what you need to know, good or bad. By being aware of the cards telling us that we’re not in the right relationship, we can clear the path to find the one.

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".

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