When’s The Ideal Time To Contact My Psychic?

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How do you know when it's time to call in for a psychic reading? We’ve got answers.

Finding a great psychic is hard, but not impossible. Once you find someone you really click with, you'll want to call them all the time. The only problem is funds are limited. You'll want to call when the time is right.

Call your psychic when you have a burning question. Other great times are when you’re at a crossroads in life and when the site or app has a sale.

Let's take a look at how to know when is the right time to call.

You Feel A Burning Question

The best way to know when to call is to trust your gut. You know when there's a burning question that you want answers to. Maybe you want to ask if your lover is cheating. Maybe you want to ask if an ex is coming back. You know when there are things you want to know.

Now, we recommend that before you call you take a moment to actually write that question down. A lot of times people feel a question in their head, but it can be difficult to put it into words. When you take a moment to write things down, you can save money, especially if you prefer psychic readings over chat.

If you find that you cannot put your question into words but you still have this burning desire for a reading, a psychic can work with that. You can call in and say "I want a general reading," and the professional can take it from there. Typically your psychic will ask you for a general category like love, career, or spiritual path. After you make your selection, the psychic will begin the general reading.

You Suspect a Spirit is Trying to Connect With You

Sometimes you feel sensations and presences that don't feel like they're coming from you. If you suspect a deceased loved one is trying to make contact, you may want to call a medium. A medium can help you figure out exactly what your deceased loved one is trying to say. They can also facilitate a conversation between you and your loved one on the other side.

You’re At a Crossroads

Life is full of transitions. Breakups, new relationships, new jobs, and stagnation all feel destabilizing. These are good times to turn to trusted advisors who have your best interests at heart.

When your life is in a transition, you are most vulnerable to predatory people. A lot of people end up in bad relationships and toxic work environments because they didn’t have support at key moments in their lives. While it’s true that some psychics are fakes, we can tell you how to spot them and it’s much easier to end a relationship with a psychic than a psycho.

Here's a list of some of life's crossroads psychics can help with:

  • Dating around and entering a new relationship
  • The decision of ending your current relationship
  • Breakups
  • Job searching 
  • Career transitions
  • Decisions about where to move
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Death and grieving

There’s a Sale

Another great time to call is when there is a sale. A lot of psychic reading sites and apps have sales and promotions. It's good to keep a journal of questions you have and save them up for sale days.

If you have a question you think is going to lead to a long conversation, that's great to save for sale days. A lot of places like Purple Garden offer half price readings on certain days. Those are great for longer readings at a fraction of the price.

That said, not everyone can wait around for sales. In that case, you may want to choose a service like Psychic Source that offers reward points.

Bottom Line

It can be hard to know when to call your psychic. The best time to call your psychic is when you feel a burning question. It’s also good to call them when you’re at a major life transition, and when there’s a sale.

Sometimes people call a psychic, and when the psychic picks up, they have no idea what to say. If this is you, no worries. We recommend you wait a week to call your psychic again.

Many times the spirit guides have given us all the advice we need now. In that time, it’s best to focus on working with the advice you’ve been given, rather than asking for more. Don’t worry, your psychic will still be around next week.

We hope this article helps you know the perfect time to call your psychic for a reading.

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".

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