California Psychics Review 2022

California Psychics
California Psychics
Remains one of the top leaders in the industry with a variety of readings and authentic Psychics.
Minimum of $1 Per Minute

California Psychics Full Pricing

  • Pricing range: $1.00-$13.00 + per minute
  • Hot Deals and Special Promotions for existing clients
  • $1.00/min introductory offer
  • Birthday Special Discount

Top Features

  • Most Trusted Psychics
  • Introductory Offer
  • Psychic Match Tool
  • Money-back guarantee

California Psychics In-Depth Review

Shanta Cameron
By:Shanta Cameron

California Psychics have been established since 1995 and have since serviced over 5 million clients throughout the years. With the most authentic Psychics on their platform and a user-friendly website, you can count on them for accurate answers and spiritual resources.

Their platform is clearly dedicated to both inspiring and healing by engaging with the public. Their free horoscopes and free video readings posted frequently on their Facebook page gives you insight into their brand and unmatched service. Everything from moderate rates to various unique Psychics allows California Psychics remain top ranking regarding Psychic Networks.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Genuine and Accurate Psychics
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Free Chat Transcripts
  • No Online Video Readings
  • No Readings via email

How Much Does California Psychics Cost?

Text and Call options are both charged based on the Psychic Advisor’s rate. Each Psychic's rate will be displayed where the Call or Chat buttons are so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be charged per minute.

Introductory rates and packages can be taken advantage of by new customers. Introductory rates starting as low as $1.00 per minute to connect with their most highly rated Psychics. All you have to do is create an account to take advantage of their introductory rates or select one of their packages.

There are levels or tiers relative to the packages available.

Here are the differences between each tier:

  • Popular - popular Psychics have proven abilities and strengths but they may or may not have as many years of experience on their platform as the other Psychics within the other two tier options. You can still be assured you’ll enjoy a confidential reading with a Popular Psychic who has special gifts and tools to provide you with an authentic Psychic reading.
  • Preferred - preferred Psychics more so have a developed reputation with their customers and the network for providing insightful Psychic guidance. Their expertise usually covers a wider range of the type of readings available such as matters in love, relationships, and careers.
  • Premium - premium Psychics are their most highly rated and experienced Psychics available. They'll share with you the most supportive insight you need to assist you in taking the next step forward in life with confidence and enthusiasm.

California Psychics Pricing

More details about package options:

Popular Package Rate

  • $1.00/per minute
  • Pay $20.00 for $100.00/100 minutes
  • Connect with first Popular Psychic for 20 minutes
  • Use remaining balance of $80.00 or 80 minutes after first 20 minute reading

Preferred Package Rate

  • $2.00/per minute
  • Pay $40.00 for $130.00/65 minutes
  • Connect with first Preferred Psychic for 20 minutes
  • Use remaining balance of $90.00 or 45 minutes after first 20 minute reading

Premium Package Rate

  • $4.00/per minute
  • Pay $80.00 for $170.00/42 minutes
  • Connect with first Preferred Psychic for 20 minutes
  • Use remaining balance of $90.00 or 22 minutes after first 20 minute reading

Top Payment Methods

We went over pricing to speak with a California Psychics, now let’s discuss how to fund the account. Once you create an account, you have the option to use a credit/debit card or connect your account with your PayPal to transfer as much funds you want. Acceptable credit or debit cards are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Is it possible to request a refund?

Absolutely! If you’re using California Psychics for the first-time and you are unsatisfied with your psychic reading, you may request a refund and they’ll refund your charges.

If you’re a well existing client and are disappointed with your chosen Psychic Advisor, you’re encouraged to hang up immediately. Call their customer service number and allow them match you with a different psychic.

The Most Popular Readings California Psychics Offers

  • Love Psychic Readings: You can count on a Love Psychic to guide you through any love relationship situation. If you’re curious to know if someone is your soulmate, cheating, or if you will find love soon; a Love Psychic Reading can address these topics.
  • Career Advice Readings: If you would like to connect your purpose with your work, change careers or work environment; a Career Advice Reading may be life changing. Changing or starting a new career path is a major decision. You’ll feel more support and confidence on your career path after receiving a Career Reading.
  • Life Path Psychic Reading: If you ever felt lost, confused or purposeless when it comes to your destiny, a Life Path Reading will be a great choice. The Life Path Psychic will be equipped to shed light onto your past experience and deep desires to help align you with your rightful path on your life journey.
  • Money Psychic Reading: If you desire deeper insight on improving finances, your financial outlook or preparing for any financial changes; you may want a Money Reading. You’ll have an opportunity to make the best decisions when going through any financial challenges or advice on how to create more monetary abundance.
  • Deceased Loved Ones Reading: For many of us it’s unimaginable to communicate with loved ones that are no longer with us in the physical realm. With this reading you will be able to connect with and get messages from people who have passed on. This is a beautiful way to discover a sense of closure and peace of mind.

Cool Tools and Features with California Psychics

  • Psychic Match Tool - this tool is very useful when you want to be matched with a Psychic that works well with you. While using this tool, you’ll be asked a short series of questions so that you can be matched well with a Psychic.
  • Free Mobile App - when you download the free California Psychic mobile app, you have the option to purchase readings on the go. Most of their tools and features will be available at your fingertips!
  • Staff Picks - this is a cool feature where you can discover Psychics that are hand picked by the staff members at California Psychics. The staff will have experienced readings with this list of Psychics and collectively agree that they give impressively accurate Psychic Readings.
  • Birth Chart Calculator - One of my personal favorite tools on the website is the Birth Chart Calculator. All you have to do is enter your birth information such as date, time and location and you’ll receive an email within 15 minutes. The email will have a downloadable PDF giving you a detailed overview of what the stars have in store for you based on your birth chart.
  • Free Tarot Card Pull - another one of my favorite features is the free daily tarot card pull. If you download the mobile app, you can pull a card from their animated Tarot deck! You will get an explanation of what the card means and advice for the day!

How to Get Started with California Psychics

Find A Psychic

  • Browse a list of Psychics
  • Learn more about them, their experience and expertise

Create An Account

  • Create a user name & password
  • Insert billing information
  • Fund your account using Debit card, Credit card or PayPal

California Psychic Signup Form

Connect With Your Chosen Psychic

  • Find a quiet place
  • Relax and be open

How to Book a Reading?

Booking A Call Reading

Once you set up your account and fund it, you are ready for a call with the Psychic you picked. The call will connect to the phone number you provided in your account. If for some reason your call didn’t get through or the psychic is busy, you can either join the psychic’s queue or receive a callback when they become available. You can also pick another psychic who is currently available. All you’ll have to do is click the ‘Call’ button to talk to your preferred Psychic advisor.

Booking A Chat Reading

Once you set up your account and fund it, you are ready to chat with the Psychic you picked. The chat will connect to the phone number you provided in your account. If for some reason your call didn’t get through or the psychic is busy, you can join the psychic’s queue for when they become available. You can also pick another psychic who is currently available to chat. Just click the ‘Chat’ button to start messaging your preferred Psychic.

How You Can Find a Compatible Psychic

Getting to Know The Readers

Start by reading the Psychic’s bio to learn about them and their specialty.

Get to know the psychic readers step 1

Here you can read testimonials and learn more about what tools they use for their readings or if they use any tools at all.
Get to know the psychic readers step 2

For example, if you would like to connect with a Psychic that uses crystals to channel energy, simply click on the menu, then Psychics, then click Psychic Tools. Here, a list of tools that Psychics commonly use will be displayed.

Get to know the psychic readers step 3

If you desire a Psychic that specifically uses crystals, then click Crystal Psychics. A new window will display a list of Psychics that uses crystals to channel their Psychic readings.

You also have an option to pick Psychics based on their style. Different style options include: inspirational, compassionate or straightforward. Just click on Psychics, then click Psychic Style.

Get to know the psychic readers step 4

How to Connect with a Reader

Other than requesting an immediate call or chat with a reader you can also schedule an appointment. You can easily schedule an appointment with a psychic online, or by calling their Customer Care team.

To schedule an appointment online go to the Psychic Detail Page and click on the schedule tab, where you'll find available appointments listed.

Choose your preferred day and time for an appointment, and follow the steps.  You’ll be asked to enter the phone number to receive the call on or by choosing to call in at your appointment time.

How to Leave Feedback for An Advisor

After connecting with a psychic by phone or chat you can go into your My Account page and click on Readings tab. All of your past readings will be listed and there is an option to leave a review. In addition to leaving a review you can also leave a star rating from 1-5.

Another option to leave feedback is, return to a Psychic’s profile page after you’ve finished your reading with them to write a testimonial via a link you will find on their profile.

Is California Psychics Legit?

California Psychics has built and maintained an authentic psychic business and community since 1995. Their over 450 gifted psychics have counseled people around the world on love, family, career, and life! They measure their success by the quality of the psychics they have, not by quantity. only 2 in 100 pass their rigorous screening process. It’s obvious that they take their responsibility and service to the public very seriously.

At, their motto is to provide you with "A positive guide to your future." They believe that you should leave each reading feeling uplifted, enlightened and empowered to conquer whatever life may bring your way.

 They accomplish this by seeking out the most qualified and gifted psychics throughout the country. Ensuring that all of their readers are caring and compassionate with a strong desire to help others. They do this by conducting continuous evaluations and monitoring customer feedback. They also have a top-notch Customer Service team available 24/7, which sets them above and apart from all other Psychic services.

What have California Psychics users had to say about their platform?

Most of the Psychic Readers on the California Psychic Platform maintain an above 4 star rating. Their testimonials from their customers reveal that they are in awe of their talents, accuracy and advice.

To view users' testimonials, simply click on a Psychics’ profile and scroll down to Testimonials.

California Psychics Mobile App

Does California Psychics have a downloadable Mobile App available?


The mobile app has many of the same features as their website. With some of its most appreciated features such as, Auto-recharge to fund your account while receiving a live reading and daily Horoscopes.

California Psychic App

Get the California Psychics Mobile App for free! You can download it on the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

How to Access Help and Support

You can easily access their support team by simply going to their menu and clicking on ‘Contact Us’ From there, you will see a list of neighboring and international numbers for both customer care and Psychic Reader lines.

On the ‘Contact Us’ page you also have the option to send customer care a message if you have any questions or comments.

If you scroll down further on the ‘Contact Us’ page you will also see the link to FAQs. If you click on the FAQs you will find various frequently asked questions ranging about Psychics, to how to get started and much more.

Bottom Line

In conclusion to my review I can see why California Psychics has been in business for nearly 2 decades to date. They provide some of the most genuine, compassionate and uniquely gifted Psychics in the country. With more than 450 intuitively talented Psychics to choose from. Their useful tools and features are unmatched by any other psychic platform and are accessible through their mobile app.

Their online platform makes it simple to get acquainted with their Psychic’s skill set and personality before a reading so that making an informed decision is easy before choosing one.

While searching through their Psychics many of their profile pictures will have a play symbol which indicates if you click on their profile picture/video you can view a short video of them. Usually the video of them briefly states what they specialize in. This way you can catch a vibe before choosing one as well.

This gives you a sense of how transparent the Psychics and the platform itself is, all the while remaining professional and confidential. This is a platform that is well trusted, creative, informative and inspirational.


Are California Psychics Authentic?

Their Psychics are handpicked by their Psychic Management Department, which conducts screening and tests for each one of them for accuracy. The Psychics are also well screened for professionalism, compassion and the desire to help others. Only 2 out of 100 who apply make it through their screening process.

What else can I learn about California Psychics?

California Psychics began by conducting Psychic Readings for the public regarding love, relationships, finances, and self-awareness. Since the beginning, their talented Psychic community have successfully counseled individuals around the globe! To speak to one of their more than 450 intuitive Psychics is made simple and stress free!

Can psychics read well via chat?

Yes, their psychics can definitely give accurate readings via chat. Psychics can connect with you according to the energy you reveal while chatting and typing your messages. They may ask you minor identification information to help them connect with your energy  such as your date of birth or name.