7 Symbolic Dream Meanings

Casey Luft-Runner
Casey Luft-Runner
Dreams - Magic Hands
Much can be revealed in the realm of dreams

Dreams are so mysterious. What do they mean? If you find yourself wondering during your waking hours, this guide can help you understand.

One of the most popular forms of psychic reading is dream interpretation. It’s easy to see why: when we dream our minds are able to experiment, process emotions, receive messages from spirit guides and passed loved ones, and even possibly glimpse into the future. If you’re curious about dream interpretation, keep reading.

1. Falling Dreams

One of the most common dreams is one of free falling. When you have this dream, it’s a sign that you need to let go of control. You’re trying too hard to dictate the flow of events instead of observing the natural unfolding of life.

If you frequently have this dream, identify the areas in your life where you can ease up control. As you ease your grasp on life, this dream often changes to one of flying or floating. If you’re already having flying or floating dreams, it’s a sign that you’re in balance with what you can and cannot control.

2. Out Of Control Car Dreams

This dream has the opposite meaning of falling dreams. If you find yourself dreaming about being stuck in a car with no steering wheel or on a train that is careening down a mountainside, that is a sign that you need to step up in your life. Your subconscious knows that things are spinning out of control and you need to step up at this moment.

Is this dream popping up in your head a lot? Time to assess your daily habits and addictive tendencies. Don’t strip yourself of your own power, it can steer your life off-course.

3. Being Chased Dreams

Much like the out of control car dreams, dreams about being chased mean you are avoiding something that needs to be addressed. These dreams tell you to slow down and pay attention. In the dream, are you being chased by a person, animal, or monster? That points to the nature of what needs to be addressed in your life. Being chased by people indicates you have a personal matter, an animal is a spiritual issue, and monsters tend to indicate issues with jobs and society.

4. Death Dreams

Rarely are dreams about your own death prophetic. Much like in tarot readings, death in dreams is less about literal dying and more about transformation. These dreams are very common around transitions like breakups, moving to a new city, or changes in jobs. Don’t fear the reaper in your dreams, it's making space for a new version of yourself.

5. Visitation Dreams

If you are visited by a deceased loved one in your dreams, congratulations! They’re watching over you and love you. Most online mediums agree that dreams are a window for our loved ones who have passed to make contact. If you seem to have recurring dreams of this person, take some time to honor them in your daily life. Maybe learn how to play their favorite song or cook their favorite meal.

6. Prophetic Dreams

Do you often get a sense of deja vu when you wake up? Do you have dreams that literally come true in real life? This is a sign that you have awakening psychic powers. Many fortune tellers experience future premonitions through dreams.

Most people have psychic abilities to some degree, and professionals like fortune tellers, love psychics, and online mediums are simply people who have trained those skills. If you’re curious about your own psychic abilities, a psychic reading can help you understand your abilities and how to develop them.

7. Steamy Dreams

Ooh la la! Sometimes dreams get very hot. Dreams of sexual or romantic encounters are quite common. Sometimes they are about a crush or celebrity, other times it’s totally awkward like a coworker or classmate you just don’t see in that light. If your steamy dreams are more like the latter example, don’t worry. Love psychics will tell you: not every sex dream means you actually have the hots for that person.

Instead, dreams of intimate encounters point to our desires. The desire is pretty clear with crushes and celebrities. With odd people like coworkers, think about the context in which you know that person and what they represent to you. For example, a dream about getting intimate with a coworker could mean you desire their abilities and skills.

Sweet Dreams!

We hope you gained insight from this list of common dreams and their meanings. Remember, while these are general symbols, everyone has personal symbols that have significance to them. If you have a recurring dream that keeps you scratching your head, a psychic reading can help you dive into your own psyche, and possibly awaken your own psychic powers.

When Hogwartz failed to send an owl to Casey at age 11, she decided to take her magical education into her own hands. Her main passion is tarot, but she has also studied astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. She currently works as an online tarot reader and astrologer. By channeling the power of the cards, Casey can illuminate the past, provide perspectives on the present, and divine paths for the future. Casey Luft-Runner is also a featured author for the Icebreakrs blog, a dating coach, and an aerial silk dance teacher. Casey Luft-Runner is a proud “jack of all trades".

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